TOURNEY :: Oct 12 - 15 :: Castles

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TOURNEY :: Oct 12 - 15 :: Castles

Post by paranoiarodeo » Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:31 pm

A little swapperoo on the tourney schedule. This weekend we'll be enjoying the glory of Lux castle maps. The smaller maps will be hosted with 45m game limits, and will appear twice as often in the random order, whereas the larger maps will have 60m, 75m, and 90m limits, depending on size and historical game lengths. Remember: You don't need to play until the end of the allotted time. You can begin killing much earlier, and probably should. Kill, kill, kill, as jwd would do.

(I have chosen very generous RAW multipliers for the larger maps, so your time investment will pay off in the end.)

Londinium HD / 5, 10, 15 / 10% / 24s / 45m
Castle Lux Mini / 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 / 10% / 24s / 45m
Castle Lux MP / 5, 10, 15 / 10% / 30s / 45m
Castle Lux IP / 5, 10, 15 / 10% / 30s / 45m
Castle Lux HD / 5, 10, 15 / 20% / 33s / 60m
SIEGE OF TYRE / 5, 10, 15 / 15% / 33s / 60m
Siege Lux / 5, 10, 15 / 20% / 36s / 75m
Castle Lux - The Last King / 5, 10, 15 / 20% / 36s / 75m
Castle Lux-Merchants / 5, 10, 15 / 20% / 36s / 75m
Castle Lux SI / 5, 10, 15 / 30% / 40s / 90m
Kings & Castles - Scotland / 5, 10, 15 / 15% / 40s / 90m
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Post by WhirlPlaid » Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:26 pm

Here we are again....

First: a mighty large thank you to para for hosting another great tourney! I played many games on both Saturday and Sunday and witnessed nothing but excellent gaming from all involved. I believe a huge contributing factor is the RAW formula that places emphasis on winning. Playing for place just doesn't reap the same rewards. Knowing that first place is where the RAW gains are forces people to play smarter and with less emotion.

Second: Congratulation to glu for his stellar Castle performance. You beat me consistently on day to day Lux gaming and looking at the final totals shows that para's RAW formula is spot on.

And sam! 84.8% Dude. !! you rawk.

Finally.... I really learned a lot this tourney. I made some big changes to my game and hope they will carry over to future Luxing.

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Post by Samuel99 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:50 pm

Congrats to both of you guys.I should have know by sunday night that my first place ws not gonna hold.Someone was gonna play much more games then me.It have been a fun tournment even with the 1hour and more games on some of the toughest Castle maps.

I agree with you Whirl,Luxtoberfest is doing great with the new RAW formula.For me its the best Luxtoberfest ive took part so far.For me Luxtoberfest remembers me why I love this game.Playing good maps with different settings with the best players that this game brings us.......
It reveal all the potential that this game have.

Again this weekend the fact that I cant play much show me that I dont have much chances at winning in this game.....I play mostly for fun now and fun Im having since the beginning of Luxtoberfest.

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Post by glu » Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:57 pm

heyy guys..!The tournament was very exciting until the last moment and the end is open..Whirl could win but my last game was a lucky turtle,hehe...nice job Whirly and Sam..Para excellent job in setting up and coordination of the tournament..

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Post by Llama LluxaLlot » Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:24 pm

W A Y T O G O !

I had fun watching. I might have played one. I might not have. I might just think I played one.

IN any case

w00t! Congrats to the winners!

:beers :smt109

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Post by paranoiarodeo » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:20 am