New feature requests

Game of universal domination. New dice available free upon request.
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New feature requests

Post by ddzero » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:24 am


I have playing Lux for a long time (2004) but have never been active in the forums until now. First I would like to thank the developers and Sillysoft for creating a great game! There are many Risk variants, but nothing else even comes close to the extensibility with maps and AI that Lux has.

There are however certain features that I think could improve the game, some with rather minor effort whereas some might require modification of AI behaviour as well?. I'll just list the suggestions below in no particular order:
  • 1) Variable number of dice sides between two and nine. This changes the statistical cost of attacking so that in the extreme case of two sides it will cost about five times more to conquer than to defend a country. More dice sides than six will on the other side reward an aggressive play style.
  • 2) Optional setting that continent part of bonuses must be placed within the originating continent. This would mirror the real world where a rich power that can produce much army material (soldiers and equipment) still has to actually transport it to the war zone where it is needed.
  • 3) "Fog of war" - optionally only show the forces of neighbouring contries to your own. The rest of the enemies strengh are hidden until you occupy a neighbouring country. This makes it possibly to hide your true strength behind the front and much more risky to attack.
  • 4) limited forwarding of armies when attacking - with this feature an agressor would have to wait until next move to continue the campaign. It would make it impossible to conquer a continent in one move, providing a more real life situation.
  • 5) Statistics - It would be nice to have graphs of all players strength over time. It could also be interesting together with the "fog of war" setting so that you know how strong an opponent is, you just can't be sure where its troops are located. There are a number of statistics that would be fun to have aside from just strength:

    - earnings over time to see an upward/downward trend
    - exposure ratio (number of countries compared to the number of borders to defend)
    - units lost over time
    - wins/losses per player

    The data could optionally just be printed to a file or STDERR so that graphs can be made externally. I reckon that it would then be rather minor effort to just optionally print (CSV, JSON or whatever) the statistics after each round ?
These were just a few ideas I had, please do let me know what you think!

Best regards


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Re: New feature requests

Post by GFips » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:44 pm

Hi Martin,

welcome in the forums and thanks for sharing your thoughts and feature requests here. Nice to see that you still enjoy the game.
Some statistics for online-games you can already find on the players page (/i <player> in chat).

Your suggestion number 3 sounds great to me and it would add an additional tactical aspect. Maybe this would be an intersting experiment for next Luxtoberfest (the yearly major tournament event here in Lux), although I have no clue how much effort it would take for sillysoft to implement this.

I hope to see you also in some online games :-)
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Re: New feature requests

Post by dustin » Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:31 pm

With regards to #4, check out our other game Lux Alliance, which includes a version of that gameplay model :)

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