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Map Editor Update

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:56 am
by Naraku
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Years old yet all the same I can think of a few upgrades/mods for the map editor I'd like to see & many of them are listed here by the most wise & visionary Ricklionhart.
Dustin with the upcoming steam release & other upgrades are there any plans to update/upgrade the mapeditor with any of the proposed ideas/mods posted here?

& What is up with deleting a continent?


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Re: Map Editor Update

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:30 pm
by dustin
That post was Ricklionhart's plan for creating a new map editor. I don't think it ever reached completion.

If there are things you'd like to see happen to the built-in Lux map editor, feel free to state them, and I would be better able to respond.

Re: Map Editor Update

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:14 am
by Naraku
Below is a list of the proposed changes that Rick had either suggested as feasible or working to include them in his 1/2 finished update to the map editor. I will make a few notes on what I'd like to see included or babel a bit about the current limitations/flaws of the map editor. Thanks.
Background > Open a background file (becomes Theme and also background template for editor)
> (option: transparency level) Wish list item #1 - It would be easier to assign the theme folders & images the same name in the map editor rather than the current method of having to create them individually. >
(option: select graphics mode xor,blend,mask,copy etc) (for better seeing)
Draw Countries
> Rect Tool
> (option: keep it a square not a rectangle)
> Circle Tool
> (option: keep it a circle not an oval)
> Regular Polygon Tool
> (option: number of sides)
> Freehand Polygon Tool - Wishlist item #2- This ability to zoom in and more easily smooth out the dots connecting the id form would be extremely helpful & useful when creating new maps.
> (option: snap to neighboring country's existing points if close)
Edit Countries
> Select Tool (for adding points, deleting existing points, dragging points and moving whole countries) (also useful for option-key cloning of a country, cope/paste countries, etc)
> (option: Combine all selected polygons into one country)
> Army Boxes Tool (for setting position of army boxes in a country) (auto centre to middle) (option to move all country's boxes at once) -Wish
> Arrowpoint (set the point in the country the arrows point to instead of using the mathematical centre, useful for multi-polygon and C-shaped countries) - [size=150]Wishlist item #3 - being able to align or center the red arrows would be very useful or help me to clarify certain connections on some of my public & private maps.[/size]

> Two Way
> One Way - Wish list item #4 - One way connections are a lot of fun in my opinion. I just really wish they were a lot easier to add to maps than they currently are. Is there anyway this can be added as a tool for map makers rather than an arcane read through many threads to figure out?
> (option: show only the currently selected country's links)
> (option: change place where arrows point to in the map editor only)
> List of Continents (to set names, colours and bonuses, and to add countries to a continent quickly)
> New Continent
> Delete Continent - Wish list #5 - Deleting continents again are a chore at the moment. If there was an easier way to just erase or nullify a misplaced or unwated continent tag/label I think it would be useful for mapmakers of the future to have.
> (option: Move continent labels)
> (option: Long and short labels)
> Country Names
> (option: Generate random names option)

Paint Tools
> Extra Lines
> Paintbrush, Paint Bucket, etc
> Stamps of common features such as mountains, trees, villages etc? - Wish list #6- If this is similar to the castle generator then I think that would be a fun/cool option to have for future mapmakers to be able to populate randomly their themes or maps.
Info and Save
> Version
> Army Pictures option - LLAMAS!!!!! I DEMAND THE LLAMA ARMY ICONS!!! I should think with the advent of the Lluminated Llama Order's recruitment efforts you would at least include the LLama themed army icons! If you have any sort of soul you will not stand in the way of progress & FREE THE LLAMAS!!!!!

> Save Map (in correct location, also creates theme folder and saves the background there) <------ THIS THING HERE!!!

> Submit to MapLab? (probably not a good idea, too many half-finished/untested maps would be submitted) <---- If there was a double yes system for this option like it asks you twice to confirm you want to send the map then I think this would be a good way to upload new maps.

> Zoom out and in - FIX THE ZOOM glitch in the map editor please. I've many a time thought to myself i'll zoom in on a section & fix the dot edges. Match them all up perfectly only to have the map be the wrong size or slightly off on the alignment to the theme after the zoom & save. Please for the sanity of Lincoln lover everywhere fix this!

I'm also hoping to include support for the <extrainfo> tags that the AEL maps contain in all other maps too, this would basically allow you to set specific opponent names, colours, bot behavior etc in the starting scenario on top of the options you can currently do... open the AEL maps in a text editor and look at the <extrainfo> tags for more idea. The catch is that these require Dustin to make changes to Lux itself to take notice of the tags, which he may not have time to do. Cross your fingers though, it'd add a lot to starting scenarios if we COULD have them useable... <----- Is this just for the AEL map editor or is he talking about these tags also existing in the current lux map editor?
These are just a few of the things I wish the map editor could be upgrade/fixed with. I'm sure you have your own ideas as well Lord Quasar on what tweaks or fixes you'd like to see in the mapeditor maybe? LF? Behemoth? Any other mapmakers? Chime in or add on to what you think would help to improve or make a better Lux Delux Map Editor please! :llama

Re: Map Editor Update

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:06 am
by Naraku
Do Dustin& or "maplab" still exist or answer pm's & Or emails? Still waiting for 4 months for Mbauer to release the last map I submitted to the maplab. I know it's easier to keep it forgotten in a file extension somewhere than to Rate it 1 star after it's released. Did you get the last email not an optimus prime impersonator?

Will there ever be any updates or improve ments to the map editor!? Or is the plan to drive the mapmakers to madness with all the "features "& "quirks" of its current incarnation?

Any other mapmakers having problems with maplab or the editor?

/me watches the glow of Luxtopia shimmer shine & fade...

Re: Map Editor Update

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:04 pm
by dustin
you can always email me at and I will get it.

August is generally a slow month. It's summertime.