Luxtoberfest award ceremony chat log

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Luxtoberfest award ceremony chat log

Post by dustin » Mon Nov 01, 2004 10:22 pm

For those that couldn't make it out, here is the chat log from the Luxtoberfest award ceremony. I cleaned it up a bit replacing the emote chars with -- and removing IP addresses. I had a lot of fun doing it. There will definitely be a next time.

::: Here is the chat :::

dustin: OK boys and girls
-- Few thinks we should get on with the awards before we all die --
dustin: it's 9 o'clock
-- the tide has always like Pi --
-- dustin rings the award gong --
the tide: liked
the tide: shhh
dustin: So the prizes shall start
-- furball watches the tide snuggling with Pi --
Flex: the master is trying to speak!
-- mbauer stands at attention --
furball: oops sorry
the tide: crap, I have none
dustin: first come the highest ranked during Luxtoberfest
dustin: if you looked you could have seen the winners to this
-- the tide sobs --
furball: WOO HOO
dustin: since they are on the website
-- Pi is hungry, starting to crave a lux win --
<< Mendel has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, Mendel has guest status until the next game starts >>
<< C Skrilla has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, C Skrilla has guest status until the next game starts >>
ulfy: thanks for reminding us to stay up late, dust in
dustin: honerable mentions go to nap, Pi, and dustin
Flex: lol
furball: lol
Mendel: hi all
-- vonibot claps --
dustin: 3rd place is Loki
furball: WOO HOO
dustin: 2nd place is ewagner
<< Mendel has exited >>
-- mbauer joins vonibot in clapping --
furball: WOO HOO
dustin: the first winner of the night is...
-- the tide hisses --
Rigent: I'm nowhere near being a contender
dustin: FURBALL!!!!
-- levlspiro whistles --
furball: WOOO HOOO
ulfy: WHEW
<< Loki has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, Loki has guest status until the next game starts >>
Flex: NICE!
Rigent: yay
-- furball bows --
-- the tide throws his beer at fur --
ewagner: yeah fur!!!
dustin: congrats fur
mbauer: congrats furball
-- vonibot shouts out a BRACVO --
-- Pi stands and claps --
-- Few claps --
dustin: congrats Loki
Loki: sorry I'm late
vonibot: oh, BRAVO
levlspiro: bravo!
Loki: ta
C Skrilla: congratz
dustin: you came 2nd
-- michelle kisses furball --
-- mbauer slaps furball on the back on his way to the podium --
Flex: whoa
dustin: was just announced
-- furball looks sheepishly at the floor --
mbauer: speech speechh speech
dustin: speach?
-- the tide congratulates fur --
dustin: make it quick
furball: well
ulfy: congrats furball, Loki, dust in
furball: i would like to thank
furball: all those
mbauer: oh sorry speach not speech
furball: sorry bastards
furball: that fell under
the tide: lol
furball: my sword
mbauer: lol
-- vonibot thinks about how long the Oscars drag on... --
dustin: all 3 of them are here
Loki: takk skal du ha, alle sammen
dustin: congrats to all 3 of you
furball: lol
dustin: and the rest too
furball: thanks dustin
Pi: det var saa lidt
-- Few looks shifty-eyed at furball --
furball: heheh
dustin: OK
-- the tide slaps few --
-- dustin hits the award gong again --
Few: lol
-- mbauer stands at attention --
-- furball pays attention --
dustin: Second awards are the Most Strategic players
ulfy: may I remind you of the blinking 13
-- the tide skoffs --
Pi: thank you very much
mbauer: lol
Pi: I don't know who to thank first
dustin: those who have maintained a consistent high ranking over the last 16 weeks of play
Pi: the list is so long
<< C Skrilla has exited >>
Pi: )
-- furball holds his breath --
dustin: I wrote a script to tabulate this
furball: ooh
-- Pi is goofy --
Loki: oooh,!
dustin: honerable mentions go to Logan, Pi, and Natya
furball: woo hoo
Loki: here here!
ewagner: great players all
-- furball claps --
levlspiro: (polite applause)
mbauer: hear hear
-- ulfy claps --
dustin: 3rd place is gibralter monkey
furball: oh yeah
levlspiro: woo hoo!
-- mbauer golf claps --
-- furball claps --
Pi: gib monk!
pls: definitely
ewagner: another great - GB
dustin: 2nd place is levlspiro
dustin: congrats lev
-- vonibot claps --
furball: woo hoo
levlspiro: holy crap
mbauer: yeah levl
Pi: )
pls: congrats
-- furball claps --
ewagner: yeah!
Few: nice
Loki: works for me
dustin: 1rst place goes to...
dustin: the big furry dude
dustin: sasquatch
-- furball demands a recount --
furball: no wait
levlspiro: woo-hoo!
Pi: Sasquatch!!!
furball: me?
vonibot: YAHOOO!
<< sasquatch has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, sasquatch has guest status until the next game starts >>
furball: WOO HOO
mbauer: yay!
dustin: congrats sas
Flex: haha
Rigent: Sassy
the tide: lol
levlspiro: just in time!
furball: speech?
ewagner: congrats sas!
vonibot: SAS!
levlspiro: what an entrance!~
mbauer: his ears were bruning
ulfy: congrats
Pi: you just won Sasquatch!
sasquatch: ok, we can start now
mbauer: burning
dustin: I just announced you won the most strategic player
levlspiro: lol
furball: woo hoo
sasquatch: ?
pls: good job, sas
dustin: congrats
-- furball demands a recount --
dustin: you are first
vonibot: lol--way to go SAS!
mbauer: congrats sas
sasquatch: ty!
Pi: Congrats SasQ!
Loki: better strategery than a US president
Tyler Granger: rs, come on rs
-- furball wants to check the script --
vonibot: someone saving this log?
-- ulfy shakes sas --
dustin: full results are available at
furball: cool
sasquatch: i am amazed at my strategy too
dustin: lol
Few: its not that hard, our president sucks right now
the tide: lol
furball: lol
dustin: michelle and hunter were also in the top 10
furball: oh yeah
levlspiro: woo-hoo!
furball: woo hoo
hunter: woo hoo
michelle: cool
-- furball slaps the tide's hand away --
pls: hoo woo
bulldog: anything for 113 place
the tide: lol
levlspiro: will michelle dance for us?
-- ulfy believes michelle always has the best strategy --
dustin: a friedn;y congrats
furball: woo hoo
-- Pi wants to see michelle dance --
sasquatch: furry won the big #1
dustin: yes
Pi: sasq, sasq
michelle: sing a junty tune and I will
furball: the furs RULE!!!
dustin: lol
-- mbauer plays the fiddle --
ulfy: dust in, did U adjust for multiple handles?
-- Pi starts the wave --
sasquatch: hair is cool!
furball: devolution rules!!
-- levlspiro hoists furball on his shoulders --
dustin: no adjustment
-- vonibot contemplates being 60th --
dustin: each nick judged on its own
-- furball bangs his head on the ceiling --
ulfy: that's why
-- mbauer breacks out the banjo --
mbauer: breaks
dustin: if you missed a week or more it hurts the seed ranking a lot though
sasquatch: hey, i like the strategic stats thingy!
-- furball sighs --
dustin: ha
ulfy: yep
dustin: OK
ulfy: it's the curse of the flashing 13
-- dustin hits the award gong for the third time --
ulfy: ouch
-- mbauer stands at attention --
<< jwd has joined ( >>
<< There is a game in progress, jwd has guest status until the next game starts >>
Loki: mbauer!! Yes
sasquatch: lev, monkey, & i have great games too
Pi: hi jwd
-- furball rubs his ears --
dustin: the next award is for Outstanding Plugin Design
furball: oh yeah
sasquatch: shhh
jwd: hello all
jwd: :-)
Few: ouch i dont like my seed...
ulfy: Preach
Few: lol
-- michelle rubs furballa ears --
jwd: what'd I miss?
furball: thanks baby
furball: shhh
levlspiro: shhhh!
dustin: honerable mention goes to Eric Nusbaum
jwd: ah
dustin: for the Chaos map
furball: woo Nick
the tide: shut it jwd
furball: woo Chaos
bulldog: rub my ear
Few: 111 Few 85.9 82, 25, 33, 34
-- Rigent wants to remind peeps that he was 21st or so then dropped in rankings like a stone to like 100 --
jwd: ?
Loki: weird and wacky
ulfy: jwd: dust in tells us the story about the blinking 13
dustin: 3rd place goes to Flex
Few: so my weight is so high cuz i didnt play the first 12 weeks?
furball: 3rd?
mbauer: yay Flex!
furball: hmm
dustin: for the Treasure Island map
Pi: Yay flex
Flex: sweet
vonibot: alright Flex
dustin: congrats
levlspiro: nice
-- Flex bows --
pls: good job, Flex
-- furball demands a recount --
the tide: congrats flex
dustin: 2nd place goes to Kevin Skoglund
-- Flex ductapes furballs mouth shut --
-- vonibot looks around --
vonibot: who?
the tide: congrats Kev
Pi: who?
vonibot: lol
dustin: for the Iraq and Germ warfare maps
Pi: who are these people
-- furball wecks wor wanging wads --
dustin: I don't know if he plays with a nick
Rigent: your mom
Pi: have they ever played lux before?
Few: i have...
Pi: my mom plays lux
Pi: she is so sneaky
dustin: first place (big surprise) goes to the incredible mbauer
jwd: *bangs head on desk*
mbauer: Thank you very much
vonibot: omg--she isn't....
Flex: haha
levlspiro: WOO HOO
furball: YAY mbauer
the tide: hey hey
Flex: go mb!
mbauer: woo hoo
pls: excellent!
michelle: ayaya
dustin: for the Castle Lux and Lux Hell maps
Pi: Good job mbauer
levlspiro: best maps!
the tide: go mb
furball: oh yeah
michelle: wooo hooo
Pi: who is mbauer?
vonibot: ...PK is she!
jwd: Congrats mb
Flex: haha
-- furball pats mbauer on the back --
levlspiro: wwIIeurope!
dustin: congrats mb
dustin: keep up the good work
furball: definitely
-- mbauer thanks all in the room --
vonibot: excellent mbauer
michelle: good job mb
furball: speech speech
levlspiro: speech!
mbauer: dedictes his prize to preacherman
jwd: big congrats MB
mbauer: dedicates
furball: nice
Flex: good job
hunter: congrats mb
Loki: you are the lux God
ulfy: mbauer!
dustin: also honerable mention to el toro for the Lux Hell theme
-- vonibot music starts to play --
levlspiro: better speech! better speech!
bulldog: good luck and good night to all
furball: woo hoo el toro
sasquatch: cya voni!
Pi: Yeah, what about Preach?
vonibot: EL TORO
jwd: Go Cubs!
vonibot: lol
levlspiro: congrats el toro!
sasquatch: where's preacherman?
<< bulldog has exited >>
Loki: when do we choose our goodies?
ulfy: El toro, that theme is awesome!
furball: yep
vonibot: still here Sas
Pi: It's just not right with out Preacherman
vonibot: I agree, PI
dustin: preach nor toro is here
Pi: Pls, it is your turn
-- ulfy is hoping for the Luxvemberfest --
Pi: you are blinking
mbauer: lol
furball: lol
Pi: what the f*ck, did we crash?
jwd: lol
Pi: Dustin,
Pi: fix this fricking game
Pi: )
Few: yay go MB, i love the ww2 europe and castle lux maps... they are freaking amazing....
mbauer: thank you
dustin: what's the problem?
-- Rigent think shiny trophy goto most smartingest up player --
Pi: blinking 13
furball: dont worry about it
dustin: yeah, that is a bad bug
the tide: noy here
dustin: unfixable
<< Nap has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, Nap has guest status until the next game starts >>
Pi: just joking
dustin: hi nap
Pi: finally, Nap is her
furball: hola Nap
Pi: here
Nap: hey all
dustin: you got an honerable mention earlier
Nap: thanks :)
Loki: Nap is him or her?
dustin: for Luxtoberfest high ranked player
mbauer: what about lifetime achievement
dustin: congrats
furball: and the nappiest player
Pi: Nap er en dame
ulfy: Nap!
dustin: OK
Nap: heh
-- dustin slam-bams the award gond, BABY! --
dustin: ha
Nap: Nap er en dame??
the tide: congrats nap, I've never heard of you
dustin: award gong
furball: you need larger font types
-- mbauer stands at attention --
Nap: hvorfor ser du det?
dustin: the last prize is for Most Sportsmanlike Player
furball: oh yeah
the tide: lol
Loki: jeg vet ikke
mbauer: oh yeah
jwd: :-)
furball: this i GOT TO HEAR
dustin: this was pretty increbible
-- vonibot coughs --
furball: uh oh
Pi: na, jeg vist ikke du forstar
dustin: over 20 different people recieved votes
Pi: )
Flex: wow
furball: lol
mbauer: woa
jwd: :-)
Nap: lol
dustin: congrats to all
Loki: pothead!!
the tide: lol'
mbauer: lol
jwd: 20 people here...
-- furball wonders if he got a vote --
Nap: pothead!
-- ewagner chuckles --
sasquatch: drum roll......
ulfy: lol
Flex: did everyone vote for themselves :^)
furball: lol
Nap: I did
Loki: I know I did!!
Flex: lol
Nap: 6 times
jwd: from Chicago Nap?
jwd: :-)
dustin: honerable mentions go to el toro, mbauer, gibralter monkey, sasquatch and shopi
mbauer: no way
mbauer: wow
levlspiro: woo-hoo!
furball: cool
Nap: lolm no Florida
dustin: congrats
sasquatch: good people there
pls: excellent!
jwd: cool
Pi: yeas gib, el, mb, sas and shopi
the tide: cool, congrats
furball: interesting
jwd: congrats
ewagner: congrats all!
-- ulfy throws his hat --
furball: yep
vonibot: good people
the tide: do we have a best bastard award
furball: LOL
Pi: lol
-- Loki belches --
jwd: lol
Rigent: way to be sportstastic
dustin: third place goes to michelle
-- furball votes for the tide --
levlspiro: WOO HOO
dustin: congrats michelle
pls: COOL!
vonibot: Yay!
furball: woo hoo michelle
mbauer: YAY michelle
Pi: yeah michelle!
hunter: congrats
Tyler Granger: Good Job
Flex: woohoo
jwd: congrats Michelle
the tide: congrats michelle
-- furball blows her a kiss --
-- mbauer gives michelle a kiss --
Few: yay, grats
dustin: thanks for being so awesome
furball: oh yeah
-- ulfy kisses michelle --
Rigent: she killed me earlir tonight- wa!
michelle: thanks
the tide: lol
-- dustin kisses michelle too --
levlspiro: she kills me with kindness
michelle: awwwwww
Rigent: that's what I meant.. er
furball: lol
Rigent: yes
Nap: man, everyone is so kissy tonite
levlspiro: it's the champagne
dustin: 2nd place goes to Pi
mbauer: yeah back off I'm her date
furball: keep dreaming Nap
furball: wow Pi
dustin: congrats Pi
hunter: good job Pi
michelle: good
pls: good job, Pi!
Flex: nice pi!
vonibot: Way to go PI!
the tide: hey, congrats Pi
levlspiro: woo-hoo Pi
jwd: congrats Pi!
-- Pi is embarrassed --
furball: woo hoo
mbauer: YAY Pi
the tide: well deserved
ulfy: Pi!
Few: nice :D
Pi: )
michelle: congrats PI
Loki: 3.14 . . .
furball: you THE MAN
mbauer: very well deserved
sasquatch: mmmm, pie
Pi: ty
furball: lol
Pi: )
michelle: pumpkin
mbauer: apple
Nap: pecan
sasquatch: pecan with ice cream
-- furball pushes sasquatch away from the pi --
Loki: lemon meringue!
Flex: cherry
ulfy: Pi, if you'd get your numbers straight, you'd make No 1
Pi: lol
vonibot: lol
mbauer: just round to the nearest tenth
sasquatch: is voni the upset #1?
Pi: lol
dustin: The first place most sportsmanlike player award goes to Preacherman
vonibot: yeah right
furball: ahh
mbauer: woo hoo
Loki: the suspenders are killing me
Pi: Yeah, preacherman
Flex: knew it lol
sasquatch: yay!
dustin: in absentia
levlspiro: woo-hoo!
Flex: nice preacher
furball: indeed
vonibot: way to go PREACHERMAN!
jwd: yay
pls: preach! preach!
mbauer: the lux god
Pi: Voted for preach
the tide: hoorah
Flex: who knew that was coming???
michelle: good
Rigent: soapbox, figures
dustin: muchos congatulations preach
Few: haha awesome :P
-- Pi should have voted for himself, maybe he would have won --
Pi: jk
Pi: )
sasquatch: no fair he has god on his side
Pi: lol
mbauer: lol
jwd: lol
vonibot: lol
ulfy: and the Nefs
Few: lol
furball: but which god? hmmmm
dustin: many other people here got votes also
mbauer: he's a cheater!
Pi: NEF!
dustin: all of you are what make Lux so great
dustin: thanks to all
vonibot: awwww
Rigent: awwww
Flex: thank you
ewagner: thanks dustin!
the tide: well, this has been great Dustin, I think we all apreciate you doing this
vonibot: thanks dustin
-- furball furball despairs at ever being voted for --
-- mbauer kisses dustin --
levlspiro: than YOU dustin!
hunter: thanks dustin
Pi: Dirtiest mouth award goes to
Nap: this game rocks!!!!!
michelle: good game dustin
-- Loki sniffs --
-- ulfy wipes water from his eyes --
furball: congrats Dustin
furball: lol
jwd: thanks Dustin
Few: yay, go dustin!
sasquatch: ty dustin
vonibot: lol pi
Pi: )
pls: definitely thanks, Dustin
Pi: Yeah, Dustin
Nap: dustin dustin dustin
Pi: great job on Lux
mbauer: well done Dustin
Pi: so fun
Pi: I don't play online games
jwd: Dustin for Pres!
dustin: heh, thanks
-- furball counts the number of ass kissers in the room --
jwd: :-)
Nap: lol
Pi: this is my one and only
ulfy: dust in, will you answer questions now?
-- levlspiro goes for another bourbon --
jwd: lol
dustin: please write me in on your ballots tomorrow
-- Rigent runs around in circles and falls in a heap stone cold drunk --
Nap: u cant count that high furry
dustin: ask away ulfy
Few: i choose this game over my numerous 3D games for computer AND
-- furball includes Nap --
-- the tide threatens fur with an electric razor --
sasquatch: sorry for soiling the red carpet on the way in
ulfy: I was wondering about copyright issues
-- furball notes the tide forgot to plug it in --
dustin: heh
Pi: lol sasq
Flex: jesus sasquatch
Nap: heres a hint furry, after 2 comes 3!
mbauer: oh no cot copyright
mbauer: not
Pi: sasq, number one or two?
ulfy: the game somehow reminds me of FRISK, a game I saw long ago
-- the tide grabs the straight plug needed --
-- furball suggest Nap takes a nap --
sasquatch: it's only 1 foot deep
-- vonibot is sad to all this Lux-love end --
dustin: the word Risk when written in the red Hasbro typeface is copyrighted
the tide: it has too
vonibot: see
the tide: we're all at war
ulfy: ok, thanks for the answer, dust in
Pi: the War is OVer
dustin: and that is the sum as far as I can tell
-- furball offers the tide a bar of soap --
Pi: The War is OVer
the tide: this is our peace conference
vonibot: night all
michelle: thanks dustin
jwd: :-)
<< Natya has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, Natya has guest status until the next game starts >>
vonibot: its been fun
Pi: night voni
dustin: break out the peace pipe
jwd: Natya!
sasquatch: natya...
<< vonibot has exited >>
dustin: hey natya
mbauer: hi natya
Flex: hi natya
furball: hey natya
Natya: heavens. what a crowd.
levlspiro: I can fill the peace pipe...
ulfy: dust in, will you post this chat?
Natya: hi all.
Nap: hey natya
dustin: I will post the log
Natya: what is going on in here?
Natya: 21 people?
-- furball offers lev some rolling papers --
Flex: lol
ulfy: hi Natya
Flex: party
levlspiro: drunken chaos!
hunter: night all, thanks dustin
michelle: FUR
Nap: luxtoberfest awards
dustin: Natya, you got an honerable mention for most strategic player
Loki: did you bring the grog
dustin: congrats
furball: seeya Hunter
<< hunter has exited >>
jwd: Rum for eveyone!
mbauer: there's still 1 prize left
Pi: night hunter
mbauer: isn't there
furball: what prize?
ulfy: I'll start a Classic!
Rigent: goodies
Flex: yeah, that one prize
dustin: full details at
Flex: that sick ass poster!!!
mbauer: lifetime achievement
sasquatch: cogeniality?
dustin: oh yeah, the poster
Pi: so Dustin, who gets the 30" apple LCD
furball: lol
dustin: Door prize time
Flex: haha
jwd: oooooooo
Loki: how are the prizes distributed
levlspiro: best in-game wit!
Rigent: most improved and then unproved player?
dustin: send me a personal message with what prize you want
-- ulfy has started a game --
dustin: and I will work it out
furball: send me an e-mail and i determine if you are worthy
dustin: wait
Loki: Whirled Peas
Flex: i want the 30" monitor
dustin: last prize:
Flex: lol
dustin: Here is the trivia question.....
furball: ooh
levlspiro: ooh, ooh
Natya: Ottawa.
Flex: hmm
Rigent: the answer is 47
furball: lool
dustin: What was Lux named after?
Loki: green 5
ulfy: 42
Flex: shit
mbauer: lincoln
Pi: Luxemburg
furball: Luxembourg
Natya: Dish soap.
Rigent: Luxemberg
jwd: doh!
ulfy: a greek goddes
levlspiro: Alex Trebec!
ulfy: s
pls: a Japaneze player
sasquatch: your room mate?
pls: japanese
mbauer: a girl in your class
furball: the tide's mother
dustin: CORRECT
Loki: Superman's nemesis
jwd: lol
levlspiro: Alice Trebec?
dustin: mbauer
jwd: LOL
mbauer: woo hoo
dustin: a girl in one of my classes
Flex: nice!
furball: booo
Flex: he cheated!
mbauer: yay!
<< bullrider has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, bullrider has guest status until the next game starts >>
furball: lol
Loki: yo mamma
Rigent: Liscenced Ubiquitous Slaying
levlspiro: jesus, who'd name their kid "lux"?
Pi: did you lux her?
Rigent: xlaying
dustin: the answer was posted in the forum a while ago
ulfy: that was truely a TRIVIA question
furball: lol lev
pls: saw it, forgot it
furball: hmm ...
Nap: her name is really Lux?
jwd: remembered once I saw it
-- the tide reminds fur to watch his mouth --
furball: was she the tide's mother?
bullrider: Hi everybody. Looks like all my friends are here
mbauer: that is one wierd name
Rigent: there need to be more X-words out there
dustin: I never actually spoke with her
Natya: (someone needs to tell me why we've been seeded. in parentheses, so I know you're talking to me.)
Rigent: with cooky powers
mbauer: was she cute like michelle
-- ulfy is waiting for players to join --
furball: i think she was the tide's mother
dustin: I just knew her name cause the prof was reading out names when giving back tests
Rigent: one tough motha
levlspiro: (so we can grow as Lux players)
the tide: fur
Nap: and u wanted her?
mbauer: does she know about all of this I wonder
the tide: WTF
furball: was her name "Lux"?
sasquatch: she is out there... we must find the mother of the game!
dustin: (because I was coming up with other prize categories)
ulfy: So Lux, did that cream help your little 'problem' go away?
Nap: y didnt u talk to her?
Natya: yes, but dustin... the girl in your class is named after dish soap... so by the transitive property... whoever answered "dish soap" should also win. Scrolling up...
dustin: (and the current ranking system is prone to wild shifts)
Natya: hey1
<< KIN has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, KIN has guest status until the next game starts >>
Natya: it was ME!
the tide: you can talk shit fur, but I'd watch what you're saying here
Pi: hi Kin
dustin: natya, if you can prove that she was named after soap then I will agree
-- furball watches what he is typing --
furball: does that count?
Natya: Ok, I'll ge the documentation notarized and I'll FedEx it to you, Distin.
the tide: i'm serious
dustin: please play nice everyone
-- Pi uses Lux soap from Denmark --
-- Rigent types the wrong thing again intentionally --
-- levlspiro goes for another bourbon --
-- Pi thinks Lux is a universal brand --
Few: i like cheese....
dustin: I like brie cheese
Nap: google it
dustin: but not so many others
KIN: hi all
dustin: hi kin
KIN: what's going on here...big crowd
Rigent: hippies
KIN: playing or just chatting
dustin: lol
mbauer: goat cheese is really gross
Pi: All 30 of us are playing
dustin: it was the Luxtoberfest award ceremony
KIN: oh. Who won?
Flex: human cheese is the worst
Pi: Dustin
Rigent: goat cheese is yummy, I like crazy goat too
dustin: lots of people
Pi: he won a 30" apple LCD
KIN: and more importantly, what did you serve to eat?
jwd: :-)
furball: lol
ulfy: well, thanks and good night
dustin: preacherman won a bunch, Pi won a bunch, mbauer won a bunch
mbauer: night ulfy
dustin: sasquatch won
furball: night
dustin: lots more
KIN: ever have drunken goat cheese? Ym mmy
Natya: Ok, I'm starting a 555 WW2 europe game for those who are interested.
<< furball has exited >>
Natya: Adios all.
levlspiro: yes!
Tyler Granger: Thank you for this fun social. GG's in the future. Bye..........
levlspiro: g'night all
levlspiro: cheers
Flex: good night all!
dustin: cheers
sasquatch: gg dustin
Rigent: yay
dustin: gg
jwd: g'night all
Flex: thank you dustin
<< Natya has exited >>
ulfy: remember the OTHER GAME
<< levlspiro has exited >>
jwd: congrats to all
Pi: Good night!
Flex: you rock!
Rigent: LAST CALL!
<< Tyler Granger has exited >>
<< sasquatch has exited >>
ulfy: CU
<< Loki has exited >>
Pi: Awww
dustin: later
jwd: thanks again Dustin
Pi: Next year, eh?
Flex: adios
-- michelle kisses all goodnight --
jwd: ciao
ulfy: save the chat
<< bullrider has exited >>
<< KIN has exited >>
jwd: cya Michelle
Pi: or quarterly perhaps
<< ulfy has exited >>
dustin: lol
ewagner: thanks dustin!
Pi: it was fun
ewagner: later all
mbauer: bye and thank you all and thank you dustin
<< jwd has exited >>
Pi: quarterly would be great
dustin: congrats ewagner
<< ewagner has exited >>
jimski: thx Dustin
<< Flex has exited >>
<< mbauer has exited >>
Pi: yeah, now I get to play
<< jimski has exited >>
michelle: thanks dustin good show
<< the tide has exited >>
dustin: yeah, probably not another contest till after christmass
Pi: COol,
Pi: I'm off too
dustin: ok
dustin: cya
Pi: bye you !
<< michelle has exited >>
<< Andy has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, Andy has guest status until the next game starts >>
<< Pi has exited >>
<< Nap has exited >>
pls: users
<< Andy has exited >>
dustin: hehe
Connected users:
dustin (host)
pls -
Rigent -
Few -
Rigent: You can never tell awkward silences in chatscrolls
<< Westavian has joined () >>
<< There is a game in progress, Westavian has guest status until the next game starts >>
dustin: down to 4
dustin: no, that's one great thing about them
Rigent: true
dustin: hi westavian
Westavian: hey
pls: hi, westy
dustin: you guys want to play a game?
Rigent: time to rebuild my squelched ranking!

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el toro
Met Dustin
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Post by el toro » Tue Nov 02, 2004 10:37 am

thanks for posting this, dustin.
sorry i wasn't there.

luxers rock.

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Post by sasquatch » Tue Nov 02, 2004 11:13 am

hey El Toro,
Where the hell where you? Correct me if I am wrong (I am sure someone will), but I don't believe anyone said "shaddup" at anytime during the awards ceremony. You were missed, red bullish one.

Best Regards,

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Post by Preacherman » Tue Nov 02, 2004 12:05 pm

Thanks for posting the log Dustin, it looked like a hoot. Too bad Europeans were excluded, moving it a mere 2 hours forward next time would have allowed more participation I think, at least from most of us over here - I would still have to check with Kef's mum if midnight would be too late for him, but I am sure I could convince her.

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Lux Creator
Lux Creator
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Post by dustin » Tue Nov 02, 2004 2:38 pm

Yes, I apologize for the timing. Moving it earlier in the day would have been bad for people on the north american west coast who work. Next time such a thing is done it will be held earlier on a weekend day so that more of the world can participate. Live and learn.

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Post by Kef » Tue Nov 02, 2004 4:15 pm

it would be 1AM here actually...

but o well

no, I was still up @ 1AM, then I set my alarm clock on my iPod to 2.40AM to wake up in time, but I bloody slept through it.

live and learn, next time I'll use something louder

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gibraltar monkey
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Post by gibraltar monkey » Fri Nov 05, 2004 12:15 am

so sorry i missed it, it looked like a lot of fun- you are all hilarious!

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Post by Pi » Fri Nov 05, 2004 1:00 am

Yeah, the weekend would be great. I would even wake up in the middle of the night.

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Post by ulfy » Fri Nov 05, 2004 2:32 pm

Kef wrote:no, I was still up @ 1AM, then I set my alarm clock on my iPod to 2.40AM to wake up in time, but I bloody slept through it.
was up, was there, at 3AM. It was great!