2009 Lux Awards Winners - Maps

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2009 Lux Awards Winners - Maps

Post by dustin » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:51 am

2009 Lux Awards Map Winners

Best Map of 2009: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/THE HOT GATES">THE HOT GATES</a> by Behemoth
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/THE HOT GATES">Image</a>

Best Fantasy Realm Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Nuclear Lux">Nuclear Lux</a> by Mark Bauer
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Nuclear Lux">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Plateaus">Plateaus</a> and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Reapers Wrath">Reapers Wrath</a>.

Best Geographic - Asia / Pacific Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Western Asia">Western Asia</a> by Salaam
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Western Asia">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Japan mini">Japan mini</a>, <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Alexander's Conquests">Alexander's Conquests</a>, and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Kievan Rus">Kievan Rus</a>.

Best Geographic - Europe Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Thirteenth Century Europe">Thirteenth Century Europe</a> by Lupus Ferox and William Wallace
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Thirteenth Century Europe">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Europe mini">Europe mini</a>, <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Seeds of Empire">Seeds of Empire</a> and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Renaissance Italy">Renaissance Italy</a>.

Best Geographic - North America Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Caribbean Turmoil">Caribbean Turmoil</a> by Lupus Ferox
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Caribbean Turmoil">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/USA mini">USA mini</a>, <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Manatus">Manatus</a>.

Best Geographic - Other Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Antarctica">Antarctica</a> by Enokrad
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Antarctic ... umb500.jpg[/img]</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Alexanders Conquests Mini">Alexanders Conquests Mini</a>, <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Middle East - Israel">Middle East - Israel</a> and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Siege of Tyre">Siege of Tyre</a>.

Best Geometric Shapes Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Lux Bowl 2009">Lux Bowl 2009</a> by SnyperEye
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Lux Bowl 2009">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Hold the Gates">Hold the Gates</a>, <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Nuclear Lux">Nuclear Lux</a> and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Solar System">Solar System</a>.

Best Historical Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Alexanders Conquests Mini">Alexanders Conquests Mini</a> by Enokrad
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Alexanders Conquests Mini">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/THE HOT GATES">THE HOT GATES</a>, <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/SIEGE OF TYRE">SIEGE OF TYRE</a>, and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Manatus">Manatus</a>.

Best Space Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Solar System">Solar System</a> by Mark Bauer
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Solar System">Image</a>
Honerable mentions for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Hold the Gates">Hold the Gates</a> and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Earth vs Mars">Earth vs Mars</a>.

Best World Map: <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/World War Lux">World War Lux</a> by Nimrod7
<a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/World War Lux">Image</a>
Honerable mention for <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/BIG TROUBLE">BIG TROUBLE</a> and <a href="http://sillysoft.net/lux/maps/Classic Part Trois">Classic Part Trois</a>.

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Post by nimrod7 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:42 am

I just want to give a big Thanks to all of you. Three of my maps were in the running and one of them actually won!!! This is my most prized award to date. Thanks again.

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Post by mbauer » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:35 am

A big congrats to all the winners! Well deserved all around.

This was a fantastic year for maps.