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HOF 2016 - C-Rex

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:48 pm
by GFips
Congratulations on being inducted into the 2016 Lux Hall of Fame! :smt054
C-Rex's player page

▉ dustin: a #1 seed
▉ dustin: 19 awards in various Luxtoberfests
▉ dustin: including 2 most entertaining awards
▉ dustin: and a best forum influence
▉ dustin: his forum activities surely play a role in his induction
▉ dustin: ... C-Rex
▉ dustin: :)
▉ dustin: Lux has a long history of clownish behaviour
▉ dustin: I was probably asking for it when I named the company Sillysoft

Congrats C-Rex! He was clown of the year 2008! (when i started luxing)
Put your red nose on and come back if you read this :-) It was always a pleasure with you around!