Luxtoberfest II Award Ceremony Chat Log

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Luxtoberfest II Award Ceremony Chat Log

Post by dustin » Sun Oct 30, 2005 8:48 pm

Here's the chat log from the Luxtoberfest II award ceremony for anyone who missed it. I edited out a bunch of "xyz has joined, has guest status" lines to clean it up.


▉ dustin: OK, hopefully this won't screw anything up.....
paranoiarodeo: !!
hoodie: wow!
paranoiarodeo: Nice ...
Mouldy Dog: lol
Sidhe: NICE!
hoodie: cool!
Boa: lol
pale kate: what is this?
One Big Wave: huh?
MinorKing: wow
jwd: Cool
MinorKing: nice
Gav: cool
Xanadu: Wow
Mach: What's this?
MinorKing: very cool
FOTTUTO BASTARDO: how is possible to play ?
∞ hoodie plays with the command-u ∞
paranoiarodeo: Tanks and cannon upon the ocean ... how nice ... Wink
Boa: lol fottuto
Mouldy Dog: can i be on the ship
Smedz: is this battleships ?
BarStar: i love it
Mouldy Dog: ship's dog
MinorKing: this is AWSP<E
BarStar: first second third
MinorKing: AWSOME even
▉ dustin: NOTICE: if it doesn't ask you to install the theme from the net then you may have to fully Quit lux and rejoin
One Big Wave: lol
BarStar: you rock big d
Mach: OK. brb.
pls: excellent
▉ dustin: the awards will start in 2 minutes
Gav: do we have to instal this?
▉ dustin: you don't have to, it just looks nice
FOTTUTO BASTARDO: what is luxtober fest ?
Boa: no theme
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: lol
Mach: Son of a...
pale kate: quit even if you see it?
General Zod: I've just seen a giant squid
jelly: I think luxxy might take this game
Gav: hi wave
▉ dustin: Luxtoberfest is the yearly Lux awards
Mach: It's not telling me to install a theme...
pale kate: i see the map... but should i quit since it didn't ask?
▉ dustin: yes
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: i see dead people
pale kate: ok d
Xanadu: Hey wow
▉ dustin: If it doesn't ask to install then quit lux and rejoin
Xanadu: That is very cool
Mach: I'll try again, then.
jwd: very cool D
hoodie: oh wow
hoodie: even cooler!
▉ dustin: if you want to see the graphics that go along
Sidhe: ahhhh! Well done dustin
Gav: wow, now thats cool
One Big Wave: didnt ask me to install the theme
Mach: Ah. There we go.
jelly: can you actually play this map?
pale kate: ahh
One Big Wave: <----still doesnt see it
Mouldy Dog: whers the ship gone
pale kate: wb
▉ dustin: this map could be played by 3 people, but it wouldn't be much fun Wink
pls: Is there more than the award ceremonies billboard +Luxtoberfest graphic?
jelly: 1,000,000 armies
∞ pale kate waves to oneeyedpurplepeopleeater ∞
Smedz: thats all i have
pale kate: wb
hoodie: hey, I found theme music
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: cool
pale kate: wb
hoodie: ... adabah.wav
▉ dustin: also, you must have the 'Check for updates online'checkbox ON in the preferences window
▉ dustin: but it doesn't really matter
▉ dustin: the theme is just some eye-candy
hoodie: lol
jelly: haha, hoodie
hoodie: Smile
▉ dustin: you can see it here: ... ground.jpg
Mouldy Dog: its very bright
BarStar: where is my table?
pale kate: wb m
▉ dustin: table 69 is right up front
One Big Wave: uh dustin, i have that button checked and its not doing anything
BarStar: this rocks dudstin
BarStar: oh thanks
jwd: Smile
jwd: told ya
Mach: Were there ribbons for the Tournament of Champignons (mushrooms)?
pale kate: hi boa
Smedz: all i have is a billboard is that right
▉ dustin: OK, so now the award ceremonies shall commence...
BarStar: i'm gonna pee myself
▉ dustin: The first category is Best Map
BarStar: i don't hear a gavel
∞ pale kate passes dustin a bullhorn ∞
Mouldy Dog: hear hear
Sidhe: good luck bar
General K: me claps
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater pushes bar over so he pisses on himself ∞
BarStar: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo wanders off for some wine ∞
pale kate: lol
▉ dustin: OK, sorry
▉ dustin: Honerable mentions go to:
hoodie: ./mute dustin
General K: lol
∞ Mouldy Dog barks at general k ∞
BarStar: what about a starting speach?
BarStar: keynote!???
▉ dustin: OK, starting speach
BarStar: come one
One Big Wave: <<You>>
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says speach ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog cant give speeches ∞
BarStar: i'll keynote
BarStar: like steve jobs
Mach: What note do you need?
General K: lol
jwd: YEA
▉ dustin: I, for one, have been amazed at the amount of high-quality maps that the Lux community has produced
Gav: ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Mouldy Dog: where
▉ dustin: As the creator of Lux, I haven't really made ANY maps myself
Mouldy Dog: lol
BarStar: lol
BarStar: no shit
Nietzsche: lol
▉ dustin: I've helped out a bit, but EVERY map was made by a player, for fun
∞ BarStar whispers ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: down in front you tall bastard
jwd: lol
One Big Wave: lol
BarStar: the map editor did it
▉ dustin: THANK YOU very much to all the map makers
BarStar: so that is you
jelly: golf clap
▉ dustin: you are a big part of what makes Lux great
Gav: welldone map makers
BarStar: ahhhh
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater ask what is a map maker ∞
pale kate: LOL
hoodie: crank it up, mappers!
▉ dustin: I'm happy with how the Map Of The Week has started out this week
General K: lol
Mouldy Dog: moof
jwd: claps
General Zod: big up to da mappers!
∞ pale kate hands oneeyedpurplepeopleater his lag crank ∞
BarStar: shhhhhish everyone
▉ dustin: I've been hosting Booze a lot, and lots of people have been playing
BarStar: dustin is talking
jelly: boozers
▉ dustin: We have a great line-up of future MOTW selections
Mouldy Dog: who?
∞ One Big Wave throws a muzzle to barstar ∞
▉ dustin: and I hope to see you all out there battling it out
▉ dustin: now...
▉ dustin: without further ado...
▉ dustin: BEST MAP
▉ dustin: honerable mentions go to
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater goo ohhh ∞
Boa: this is so cool ...were all lucky to be part of it
Mouldy Dog: sssssssssssss
General Zod: speech
maxweinstein: why is dustin in charge?
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says shut up boa ∞
BarStar: shish
▉ dustin: Vietnam by mbauer, Pirateers by BarStar, and WWII Tanks Russian front by Barstar
Mouldy Dog: no idea
BarStar: dustin is talking
▉ dustin: honerable mentions that
Gav: welldone
hoodie: woohoo!
jwd: claps claps claps
Sidhe: *claps*
BarStar: wow
jelly: barstar, congrats
∞ pale kate claps ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ BarStar bows ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog barks ∞
jwd: clapsclapsclaps
∞ General K claps ∞
∞ BarStar waves to crowd ∞
∞ One Big Wave looks for smart truck ∞
∞ Gav claps ∞
∞ Boa sssss ∞
General K: lol
∞ General Zod claps for the maps ∞
maxweinstein: clap
∞ pls says huzzah! ∞
▉ dustin: 3rd place goes to Classic Part Deux by Preacherman and AJ Bertenshaw
∞ Nietzsche knocks on table ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds ∞
hoodie: woohoo!
▉ dustin: a solid map
∞ Xanadu jumps up and toasts to the maps ∞
Gav: welldone
jwd: claps
BarStar: nice
Mach: Classic Part Deux? That's new?
jelly: good map, part duex
Mach: OK.
Sidhe: good job
∞ BarStar claps ∞
▉ dustin: nothing too different, but I enjoy playing a lot
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater does nothing ∞
paranoiarodeo: Deux should be played more often ... always good fun ...
▉ dustin: Deux has captured about 20% of online play games in the last little while
jelly: second
∞ Smedz hosts deux all the time and everyone moans ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog moos ∞
General K: lol
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater 20% freaks hey ∞
Gav: 79% for classis
∞ Boa Sssss ∞
▉ dustin: Second place goes to WWII Tanks - Afrika corp by BarStar
∞ jwd claps ∞
Mach: w00t!
BarStar: WOW
Sidhe: yay!
▉ dustin: an excellent map, that I enjoy a lot
Gav: welldone bar
jwd: w00t
∞ jwd claps ∞
Boa: very cool
∞ Mach tosses Bar a cold one. ∞
∞ Sidhe kisses bar ∞
BarStar: wow
Mouldy Dog: woof
One Big Wave: cool map
BarStar: i'm blushing
∞ hoodie claps ∞
∞ General K claps ∞
∞ pale kate claps for barstar ∞
Gav: lol
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater voted for bar...couph wanker ∞
maxweinstein: maxweinstein claps
∞ General Zod gives thanks for the tanks ∞
maxweinstein: haha
pale kate: lol
BarStar: so much love
∞ jwd loves tanks ∞
▉ dustin: First prize for this year's BEST MAP award goes to.....
maxweinstein: numerb 1
pale kate: <-- wonders what oneeyedpurplepeopleeaters eat
∞ jwd voted for Russian ∞
∞ Mach gives a drumroll. ∞
▉ dustin: Castle Lux 2 - The Battle For Bamburgh by Mark Bauer !!!!
hoodie: woohoo!
∞ jwd claps ∞
Sidhe: YAYA MB
BarStar: WOO HOO
jwd: COOL
Jabberwicky: yaaaaaaa
One Big Wave: smart truck
BarStar: my mentor
paranoiarodeo: mb strikes again !
∞ pale kate pushes oneeyedpurplepeopleeater to collect his prize ∞
Smedz: is mb here ?
michelle: hear here
∞ Mach gets out the Lux Marching Band. ∞
BarStar: i'm so proud
Xanadu: yipppeee
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater eats the drum on a rol ∞
hoodie: is mb here?
Sidhe: he is away
∞ jelly gives a round of applause ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog runs round in a circle ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo looks around ∞
Mach: Strike it up, guys!
pale kate: lol
BarStar: 2 years in a row!
Smedz: st00pid mb
∞ jwd claps ∞
BarStar: nice MB!
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ pale kate claps ∞
∞ BarStar stands and claps! ∞
∞ Sidhe claps ∞
jwd: Congrats to all
▉ dustin: yes, that's 2 years in a row for mbauer best map
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater jumps up and down ∞
∞ One Big Wave thinks that the purple thing is really a smart truck ∞
▉ dustin: and they were both Castle Luxes
∞ jwd standing O ∞
∞ Boa everybodies got the clap ∞
BarStar: standing O
▉ dustin: well done MB
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater i luv that guy ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo considers starting a bonfire in mb's honor ∞
▉ dustin: wherever you are...
pale kate: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo gasps ∞
pale kate: smack!
One Big Wave: why mute mb?
▉ dustin: Now, we move allow to the BEST AI award
One Big Wave: lol
▉ dustin: there aren't nearly as many AIs as maps
maxweinstein: why is dusitin in charge
Gav: is oneeye mb???
maxweinstein: whose dustin
paranoiarodeo: Muting during the Closing Ceremonies ?! Blasphemy !
jelly: dustin made this silly game
▉ dustin: but the ones that have come out are all of erxcellent quality
∞ General Zod waits with baited breath ∞
Gav: lol obw
∞ pale kate mutes paranoidrodeo ∞
maxweinstein: ooo
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater laughs ∞
pale kate: not really : )
∞ Nietzsche glances at the bouncers ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog begins to chew eliselli's trainer ∞
∞ hoodie asks dustin for a group mute function Smile ∞
One Big Wave: lol
∞ elisaelli kicks him off gently ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions go to Brainiac and Boscoe (a write-in vote)
jelly: let's give dustin the floor
∞ One Big Wave gives para an 18 year single malt ∞
michelle: lol dsutin
▉ dustin: third place goes to Killbot, who wasn't actually eligable for this award, but so many people voted for it that I'll take it
General K: quiet guys... respect pls
∞ paranoiarodeo sips quietly and thankfully ∞
∞ BarStar takes off shoe...bangs on table....DUSTIN IS TALIKIN! ∞
General Zod: speak up dustin - can hardly hear you in the UK
pale kate: lol
▉ dustin: and let me say - I have some more plans for Killbot in the future
∞ pale kate claps for killbot ∞
▉ dustin: he is going to continue to kick more and more ass...
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater takes the shoe and throws it away ∞
michelle: cool
∞ Smedz votes for a killdustin bot ∞
∞ General K hates killbot ∞
Mach: lol
One Big Wave: lol
jelly: boo, killbot should take it down a notch
paranoiarodeo: doppeldustin ?
maxweinstein: haha
▉ dustin: First place for the BEST AI award goes to Nefarious from Preacherman
Gav: ./boot killbot
Mach: Yay Nef!
Sidhe: naturally
paranoiarodeo: No doubt ...
Gav: welldone preacher
▉ dustin: who appears to have skipped out on the awards ONCE AGAIN
Boa: sexy too
General Zod: quality bot that
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ hoodie claps ∞
One Big Wave: wow, i never would have guessed
▉ dustin: what a deadbeat...
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ pale kate claps ∞
Mach: The ONLY bot who teams with me.
Mach: ;p
michelle: lol
▉ dustin: but a great guy also
paranoiarodeo: Preacherman, king of AI and bad attendance ...
∞ Sidhe claps ∞
jwd: LOL
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
Gav: lol para
pale kate: lol
BarStar: lol
∞ General Zod applauds violently ∞
pale kate: lol, gen-z
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
hoodie: lol GZ
▉ dustin: I know for a fact that preach is still improving Nef, so you can look forward to that as well
Smedz: hi Muskie
Sidhe: hey muskie!
hoodie: hiya musk
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says muskie is late again ∞
∞ pale kate thinks gen-z is having a seizure and calls 911 ∞
Muskie: hello to all
paranoiarodeo: Comma man !
pale kate: hiya muskie
∞ Sidhe buys nef a drink ∞
Gav: best host has got to be smedz
▉ dustin: I look forward to the day when an AI gets seeded....
Nietzsche: hi
∞ Mouldy Dog runs off to get his nafarious stuffed toy with squeaker ∞
▉ dustin: OK, moving along
jelly: boo, seeded nef
∞ hoodie kills the bot ∞
paranoiarodeo: That would be quite cool dustin ...
hoodie: oops
▉ dustin: the next award to do is BEST HOST
General Zod: thanks nurse kate bit I'm ok
General Zod: but*
pale kate: lol
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says nothing on the seeding of bots ∞
▉ dustin: The hosts are another aspect of what makes Lux so awesome
▉ dustin: and I would like to thank all of you for it
jelly: here here
BarStar: hear here
jwd: Hear here
maxweinstein: here there
▉ dustin: LOTS of different people got votes for the best host
∞ General Zod toasts the hosts ∞
Nietzsche: hello mum!
Mouldy Dog: lol niet
∞ One Big Wave didnt know it that zod was a poet ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater toast all the hosts...not bar though ∞
pale kate: lol
Sidhe: lol
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: hehe
▉ dustin: honerable mentions go to Sidhe, black pope, and preacherman (from the past)
General K: .
jwd: ./ mute oneeye
Mouldy Dog: yay
Sidhe: wow!
BarStar: who's preacherman?
jwd: lol
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: wow preach
Gav: welldone sids
∞ pale kate claps and gooses sidhe ∞
∞ One Big Wave applauds ∞
Mouldy Dog: black pope coolguy
Smedz: i heard sidhe left is that true ?
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
▉ dustin: third place for Best Host goes to that scrangy mut...
∞ jwd claps ∞
▉ dustin: Mouldy Dog!!!
∞ jwd claps ∞
BarStar: LOL
Mouldy Dog: yay
∞ Sidhe squeals ∞
∞ BarStar claps ∞
Gav: welldone MD
∞ Smedz claps loudly ∞
▉ dustin: congrats mouldy
hoodie: woohoo MD
Smedz: i voted for him
∞ pale kate bounces for sidhe ∞
hoodie: !!!!!
∞ paranoiarodeo pours Mouldy a bowl of scotch ∞
Mouldy Dog: thank you all
General Zod: way to go partner
∞ Sidhe bounces too ∞
∞ hoodie gives MD a mouldy milk bone ∞
∞ jwd enjoys the bouncing ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo tosses a meaty bone in for good measure ∞
Mach: Well done, Mouldy.
maxweinstein: second....
∞ pale kate unbuttons sidhe's top several buttons for when she takes a bow ∞
▉ dustin: second place for BEST HOST goes to your friend, my friend....
Boa: congrats dog
Boa: woof
▉ dustin: Smedz !!!!
Gav: welldone smedz
∞ Mouldy Dog runs off to get more doggie treats for everyone ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo hopes not to be distracted by such bouncing ∞
Smedz: woohoo
Mach: Huzzah, Smedz!
One Big Wave: nice smedz
Gav: shouldve won it buddy
Sidhe: yay smedz!!!
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
hoodie: woohoooooooo S!
paranoiarodeo: Smedz !
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater yeh ∞
▉ dustin: congrats Smedz
∞ pale kate claps for smedz ∞
Boa: good one ian
Sidhe: good job sweetie
BarStar: lol
Smedz: cheers
BarStar: woo hoo
jwd: congrats smedz
∞ hoodie claps with a scottish accent ∞
Mouldy Dog: well done smedles
General Zod: top man smedz
pale kate: lol, hoods
One Big Wave: how did smedz not get first?
Sidhe: lol
Nietzsche: well done
▉ dustin: and the First Place for BEST HOST award goes to.....
jwd: lol
▉ dustin: BarStar !!!
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
Mach: BAR!!!!
Smedz: good choice
∞ jwd claps ∞
hoodie: wooohoo!
Sidhe: YAY!!!!
BarStar: OH YEA!
One Big Wave: nice bar
jwd: BAR!!!!!!
▉ dustin: and YEA!!!
∞ jelly stands and claps ∞
Gav: welldone bar
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater goes boo ∞
BarStar: wow
∞ pale kate claps for barstar! ∞
∞ Mach applauds thunderously. ∞
BarStar: thanks
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater rigged ∞
pls: huzzah
Gav: never seen bar host lol
BarStar: i was worried
Mouldy Dog: woof
jwd: lol
Muskie: congrads BARSTAR
Smedz: well done Bar
∞ Mach douses Bar in cheesebeer. ∞
▉ dustin: it was pretty close between the top 3
Smedz: if i had to lose id want it to be you
General Zod: was that a split decision!
Sidhe: nice one bar baby
∞ jwd moves that cat. gets retired ∞
∞ BarStar stands and waves to crowd! ∞
paranoiarodeo: Was there any doubt? The man has a radio station!
▉ dustin: Bar just eeked it out
jelly: speech
pale kate: lol
BarStar: i'ts the players that make the host!
Mouldy Dog: yeah
pale kate: para is a good host as well
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders how long Bar has been saving that line ∞
Smedz: did you use the florida counting tools ?
▉ dustin: here are some quotes sent in along with voted for BarStar for best host
▉ dustin: dude he has radio and beer!
pale kate: and muskie
▉ dustin: "Barstar.. = Best Host. Ever. Period. Category should be retired."
BarStar: amen
pale kate: oh... wave even : )
General Zod: I really want to see those chads dustin
▉ dustin: "Really miss playing in Bar's games... I seem to play more when he's around hosting."
BarStar: LOL
BarStar: JWD
One Big Wave: funny kate
paranoiarodeo: That's sweet of you to say, kate ... but these fellows blazed the trail ...
BarStar: you guys are the BAR!
▉ dustin: thanks to ALL of you hosts out there
▉ dustin: keep it up
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater cant remember saying that ∞
BarStar: i agree
jwd: Smile
Muskie: ty pk
▉ dustin: and start hosting some MOTW action
∞ paranoiarodeo hearts the hosts ∞
∞ pale kate claps for all the hosts ∞
jwd: Congrats all
∞ hoodie thanks the hosts ∞
Smedz: pleasure
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ Gav claps for all hosts ∞
BarStar: i'd like to say all host rule
Mouldy Dog: mooof
▉ dustin: moving along....
BarStar: just for hosting
Mach: To the hosts!
jwd: lol
hoodie: toast the hosts!
jwd: The HOSTS!
Sidhe: thanks anyone who voted for me
▉ dustin: we come to Most Entertaining Player
Sidhe: (pay you later)
paranoiarodeo: Uh oh ...
pale kate: D
BarStar: oh boy
One Big Wave: BABY HITLER!!!!!
jwd: roflol
Nietzsche: john 4:16
BarStar: smaug!
hoodie: rotfl
paranoiarodeo: 3
▉ dustin: this is quite an eclectic category.....
paranoiarodeo: 3:16
jwd: SMAUG
pale kate: LOL
Sidhe: lol
jwd: lol
pale kate: Orlando
Sidhe: T
jwd: lol
BarStar: i forgot about that dude
BarStar: shit
∞ paranoiarodeo rushes off to find a few nurses ∞
pale kate: aww
Sidhe: hehe
▉ dustin: there is a 3-way tie for third place
Gav: wow
Sidhe: lol
paranoiarodeo: Egads!
jwd: cool
Mach: Hmm!
General Zod: gasp
Mouldy Dog: woof
▉ dustin: between el toro, SET, and mini meani mussolini
pale kate: LOL
∞ hoodie claps ∞
BarStar: LOL
One Big Wave: ROFLMAO
Mouldy Dog: lol
michelle: lol
Smedz: MMM
BarStar: toro!
hoodie: lol mmm
Gav: welldone el toro, set and MMM
Smedz: rofl
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Muskie: lmao
jwd: congrats /me claps
Gav: lol
Nietzsche: lol
∞ jelly claps ∞
Sidhe: lol
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ pale kate claps ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: THAT'S quite a group of three ...
∞ Sidhe claps ∞
Nietzsche: nice trio
pale kate: oh yeah
Sidhe: they play off each other
∞ BarStar yells And YEA! ∞
Muskie: wide range
paranoiarodeo: Lock the doors and give them a few bottles ... oh my ...
General Zod: absolutely nothing between them
▉ dustin: second place goes to the cutie in the front: pale kate!!!
pale kate: hiya uauri
Smedz: hi aurinko
pale kate: aww
Mach: Huzzah, kate!
Sidhe: awww
jelly: congrats kate
Gav: welldone pk
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
BarStar: woo hoo light katy!
General Zod: she got it
∞ Sidhe gooses kate ∞
jwd: Congrats PK
∞ hoodie claps ∞
∞ BarStar stands up ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: wow ho pk
∞ pale kate rushes up to collect but trips over the cord ∞
Maxtah: KATEE !!
hoodie: huzzah!
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ BarStar moons katy ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo sips kate's pomegranate martini ∞
∞ jwd stands ∞
BarStar: atta girl
∞ jwd claps ∞
Muskie: congrads PK Smile
∞ jwd claps ∞
▉ dustin: and the Most Entertaining Player award goes to the babe right beside her: Sidhe !!!!!!!
∞ Smedz points out to kate, that it wasnt a cord ∞
hoodie: whoohoo!
Mach: SIDHE!
Mouldy Dog: yay nursey
Gav: welldone sids
Sidhe: OMG!
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: sidhe
jwd: YEA!
BarStar: SID!!!!!!!!
pale kate: aww!
Sidhe: lol
∞ jelly claps for sidhe ∞
hoodie: congrats, Sidhe!
∞ pale kate claps wildly ∞
Nietzsche: well done
BarStar: you go girl!
aurinko: hi kate & congrats Smile
jwd: CONGRATS Sidhe!
Mouldy Dog: woof
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
Muskie: wohoo ,, congrads SIDHE
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
▉ dustin: thanks for keeping us entertained guys
∞ paranoiarodeo lights a cigar ∞
∞ BarStar claps ∞
jwd: cool
∞ BarStar stands up ∞
∞ Smedz gives sidhe the clap ∞
∞ Sidhe wipes tear from eye ∞
pls: thunderous applause for the ladies
Gav: MMM third place lol
∞ General Zod stands up to salute the Lux Ladies ∞
∞ BarStar claps in a circle ∞
pale kate: LOL
One Big Wave: lol smedz
paranoiarodeo: Luxworld wouldn't be the same with Sidhe or any of the other winners ...
∞ hoodie stands and claps ∞
∞ General K wonder what para is planning to do with the cigar? ∞
Sidhe: PK and I teamed in this category
pale kate: hehehe
∞ paranoiarodeo ignores General K ... for now ... ∞
Mach: Teamers. ;p
Nietzsche: lol
Mouldy Dog: lol
General K: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo votes for both ∞
paranoiarodeo: *voted
paranoiarodeo: Damned tenses; good thing AR isn't here ...
▉ dustin: OK, moving along we come to the Most Sportsmanlike Player
General Zod: the kind of teaming that keeps us dreaming.....
Mach: ...
One Big Wave: BABY H ITLER !!!!!!
▉ dustin: these are the people that asshats everywhere are judged against
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: lol
∞ jwd couldn't decide.. sent 2 names to D ∞
▉ dustin: the people who keep their cool against all odds
BarStar: dustin go all caps dude
BarStar: i'm losin you
Mouldy Dog: not me then
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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 29, 2006 6:04 pm

pale kate: <-- not in this one for sure
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater dont think thats me ∞
General Zod: OBW?
Sidhe: me neither
Smedz: no chance for me
One Big Wave: lol
pale kate: LOL
∞ paranoiarodeo waits for his award ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions go to SET, gibralter monkey, Fane, and el toro
jwd: lol
paranoiarodeo: Oh wait ...
One Big Wave: always keep my cool
jwd: coll
pale kate: aww
Sidhe: GIB???
∞ Mach claps. ∞
jwd: *cool
Gav: welldone you lot
∞ pale kate claps ∞
∞ hoodie claps ∞
One Big Wave: GM???
∞ jwd claps ∞
Sidhe: who voted for GIB?
∞ paranoiarodeo sits next to Smedz for this one ∞
∞ jelly claps ∞
BarStar: set most sportsman
hoodie: lol Sidhe
pale kate: lol, sids
BarStar: LOL
▉ dustin: third place for most sportsmanlike player goes to jonnie
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater holds grudges ∞
Mach: jOnNiE!
BarStar: wow
BarStar: cool
Sidhe: lol
▉ dustin: I can't do his capatilization right
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: go jonnie
∞ Mach claps ∞
∞ hoodie claps for j! ∞
paranoiarodeo: .dee !?!?
Mouldy Dog: well done jonnie
∞ pale kate claps for jonnie ∞
Sidhe: cool jonnie
paranoiarodeo: jOnNiE !
Gav: jonnie??? wow
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: clap
∞ jwd claps/me claps ∞
Mach: The ONE is capitalized.
∞ jwd claps ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: good one jonnie
▉ dustin: second place goes to magpie
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds for MONKEY BOY ∞
Mach: Huzzah, mag!
pale kate: awesome
Sidhe: mags
Gav: welldone mags
∞ hoodie claps for maggs! ∞
▉ dustin: congrats mags
Mouldy Dog: yay
Smedz: well deserved
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater were is that bastard? ∞
Sidhe: ggod job
∞ jwd claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: mags is always have fun with the new ones ...
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: hehehe
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: Fish in a barrel ...
jwd: Smile
∞ pale kate pours mags some coffee so he can be sober enough to collect his prizes ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater goes up to get the award ∞
▉ dustin: And the Most Sportsmanlike Player award goes to....
Muskie: gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
▉ dustin: pale kate !!!
Gav: welldone PK
Mach: KATE!
pale kate: WHAT?
∞ hoodie claps for pk ∞
paranoiarodeo: Indeed!
Mouldy Dog: woooooof
▉ dustin: hurrah for pk
jwd: YES
Smedz: well done Kate
Sidhe: PK!!!!
∞ General K claps ∞
pale kate: HOLY SHIT
pls: woo-hoo!
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ Mach strikes up the band. ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
hoodie: lol
Nietzsche: well done
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ pale kate passes out ∞
Sidhe: really?
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: Truly deserving !
jwd: Congrats PK
Sidhe: Good girl
jwd: cool
∞ jwd claps ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: well done pk
Muskie: PK Smile
aurinko: well done kate !!
∞ paranoiarodeo grumbles about her "trying to like me" ∞
jwd: W00T!
Sidhe: you have them all fooled hon
jwd: Very Happy
Muskie: bears win
∞ pale kate rushes up to collect her prize before the votes are recounted ∞
jwd: lol
jwd: roflol
▉ dustin: thanks for being such great sportsmen (and women) all of you
pale kate: thanks guys and gals!
∞ Gav see's pk holding her crotch, must have pee'd herself ∞
pale kate: LOL
∞ Mouldy Dog bites kate onthe way past ∞
▉ dustin: it's what keeps online Lux sane
∞ paranoiarodeo throws a confetti grenade onstage ∞
pale kate: <- says... "yay"
paranoiarodeo: How does she do it ?
▉ dustin: now, moving along we come to the Rookie of the Year award
∞ BarStar claps ∞
General Zod: you're so sporting it hurts PK - congratulations
∞ Sidhe buys pk another round ∞
pale kate: aww
∞ Mach TENSES. ∞
Nietzsche: is this live?
pale kate: thanks gen-z
pale kate: so sweet
General Zod: example to us all
Mouldy Dog: its on cnn live now
∞ jwd offers the lovly lady luxers roses, rum, and raw ∞
▉ dustin: as it turns out, almost everyone in Luxdom is a 'rookie'
paranoiarodeo: Indeed.
∞ pale kate returns to m and sidhe's tabl4e ∞
∞ hoodie turns on cnn ∞
jwd: lol
▉ dustin: in that you have been around for less then 1 year
Mouldy Dog: lol
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater sips his rum ∞
∞ Muskie swims over by jwd and PK ∞
▉ dustin: as such, there were less votes for this category
aurinko: are here anyone who is not a rookie ? Smile
hoodie: I see you on TV, MD!
∞ Sidhe and the order a lapdance from hoodie ∞
∞ pale kate makes space ∞
∞ Mach hovers an inch above the ground. ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo pours another glass of scotch ∞
Mouldy Dog: moof
∞ jwd offers longfish some rum ∞
hoodie: lol S
▉ dustin: there is a 6-way tie for second place
pale kate: wow
paranoiarodeo: OMG ...
Muskie: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,ty
One Big Wave: lol
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: wow
hoodie: lol
∞ Gav tells para to drink from the bottle ∞
jwd: lol
Mouldy Dog: hello mum
michelle: six ways
∞ paranoiarodeo removes the cork ∞
One Big Wave: ommmmmmmmmmmmmitsnotabouttheawardsommmmmmmmmmmmmmm
jwd: kinky
Gav: lol
Nietzsche: lol
Sidhe: m perks up
▉ dustin: That would be: pale kate, sidhe, SET, paranoiarodeo, AquaRegia, and bennok
∞ Smedz smacks obw with a duck ∞
Gav: welldone all
pale kate: awww
Sidhe: lol
Mach: Good show.
∞ hoodie claps superloud ∞
Sidhe: me?
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: well done
∞ Mach claps. ∞
paranoiarodeo: Quite an assortment there ... !
General K: lol
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ pale kate takes sidhe's hand and bows ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: not bad
▉ dustin: The UNDISPUTED Rookie of the Year goes to.....
Mouldy Dog: woohoo
▉ dustin: magpie !!!!!
paranoiarodeo: Indeed ... never any doubt !
Mach: Wha?
Smedz: well done mags
Gav: welldone mags
pale kate: YAY!
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater bows ∞
One Big Wave: wooooohoooooo
∞ hoodie claps for maggs ∞
Mach: Well done.
pls: yesss!
∞ Mach sighs. ∞
jwd: magski is a rookie?
▉ dustin: everyone's a rookie
hoodie: lol
▉ dustin: lol
Nietzsche: well done...
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds his dear friend and closest competitor ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater jumps up and down ∞
∞ jwd is confused ∞
Sidhe: good mags
Mouldy Dog: good one mags
Nietzsche: is he sober?
∞ jwd claps anyway ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ pale kate claps for magpie and pushes him forward ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: wow ho
∞ BarStar claps anyay also ∞
∞ Mach wonders if Bar remembered back to January. ∞
paranoiarodeo: SPEECH !
Mouldy Dog: is he still awwake
jwd: lol
∞ Mouldy Dog nudges magpies arm ∞
▉ dustin: i think he's the oneeyed purple guy
∞ BarStar remembers everything jwd ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders if magpie will slur his words Wink ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says magpie is in the girls toilet with someone ∞
jwd: ?
pale kate: really, d?
pale kate: that must be MB
▉ dustin: anyway, moving on we come to the Most Strategic Players
▉ dustin: aka Lifetime Achievement
Mouldy Dog: wheres m
Sidhe: not mb
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: ohh
Sidhe: no dill smell
pale kate: hmmm
Nietzsche: ??
pale kate: wow
∞ BarStar says the purple people eater is SMAUG! ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: lol
pale kate: toro or mags i guess
BarStar: or shock
Nietzsche: not on my screen
jwd: SMAUGY and those st00pid chimps lol
jwd: Wink
paranoiarodeo: I could have sworn SET was an old schooler ...
Sidhe: I think dustin would know
▉ dustin: honerable mentions formost strategic go to: michelle, preacherman, sasquatch, and bennok
michelle: set is
∞ jwd claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: bennok ?!
∞ jwd claps ∞
Gav: welldone all
∞ jwd claps ∞
jwd: cool
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
jwd: congrats all
∞ jelly claps ∞
Sidhe: good job M
michelle: he has been longer than a yr
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders why SET was in the ROTY and bennok in lifetime achievement ∞
Sidhe: well deserved hon
∞ pale kate claps and adjusts michelle's cleavage for a picture ∞
▉ dustin: I dunno, sombody voted for him
michelle: lol
▉ dustin: anyway, third place for most strategic player goes to furball !!!!
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater gets a photo of pk ∞
jwd: lol
paranoiarodeo: FURBALL !
Gav: wheres he gone
paranoiarodeo: My old nemesis ...
jwd: YEA Fur!
Mach: Huzzah to fur!
Nietzsche: who?
pale kate: YAY
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: well done fur
▉ dustin: he lives on in our memories, if nothing else
General K: LMAO
∞ paranoiarodeo cries out for fur's absense ∞
Muskie: congrads fur
Sidhe: where is furball?
jwd: congrats furball, whereever you are
paranoiarodeo: *absence
∞ One Big Wave still has fursicles ∞
▉ dustin: although I spotted him with my own eyes at this year's Luxtoberfest
Mouldy Dog: same here
Gav: WHAT?
jwd: yep
∞ pale kate holds up her emtpy basket ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says couph furball ∞
▉ dustin: so he's probably in an alleyway nearby
Gav: wow wicked
∞ Sidhe waits for fur to come home with her laundry ∞
▉ dustin: second place for most strategic player goes to magpie !!!!
Gav: welldone mags
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: magpie !!
∞ pale kate claps for mags ∞
∞ General K claps ∞
jwd: cool
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater says him again!!!! ∞
▉ dustin: and in the same year he got the rookie award too
michelle: good
∞ hoodie claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: Another award for the fellow from down under !
Sidhe: good mags
jwd: congrats Mags
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater boos ∞
aurinko: congrats
Mouldy Dog: hes still asleep
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: ty ty ty
paranoiarodeo: Must be ready for retirement, mags! Wink
∞ Mach sighs and claps. ∞
▉ dustin: the winner of the Most Strategic Player award goes to......
hoodie: ... adabah.wav
▉ dustin: .......
▉ dustin: SET !!!!
∞ pale kate cheers wildly ∞
Gav: welldone SET
Sidhe: YES!!!
∞ Mach claps. ∞
One Big Wave: woooohooooo SET
michelle: nice
∞ jwd claps/me claps/me claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
pls: good jo
∞ jwd claps ∞
hoodie: woohooo!
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds ∞
∞ pale kate claps ∞
∞ jelly claps ∞
Sidhe: where is SET?
pls: b
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: set the champion
Nietzsche: well done
jwd: lol
∞ Muskie bows to SET ∞
aurinko: nice SET
paranoiarodeo: How dare SET avoid this ?
hoodie: big up yo'self, SET
pale kate: LOL
Mouldy Dog: mags will need a bigger monitor to show off his medals
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater laughs ∞
▉ dustin: So that was all the voted awards
pale kate: lol
▉ dustin: there are also some statiscical awards
∞ hoodie claps for the winners ∞
jwd: congrats to all
∞ BarStar heads to john ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog chases tail in excitement ∞
▉ dustin: Luxtoberfest Rankings Award goes to paranoiarodeo
∞ Muskie claps for da winners ∞
Sidhe: good job all
BarStar: to have a smoke
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
General K: MD lol
∞ paranoiarodeo rubs his eyes ∞
Mach: Well done, para.
Sidhe: Nice para
▉ dustin: who captured the top spot EVERY week during Luxtoberfest
General Zod: is Set not being here all part of his master stategy?
▉ dustin: congrats para
∞ pale kate claps for para ∞
paranoiarodeo: Oh my ... !
paranoiarodeo: Thank god for stats ...
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: well done para
Mouldy Dog: lol
∞ Sidhe pours para another scotch for sipping ∞
hoodie: woohooo para!
▉ dustin: behind him were Fane in second
∞ General K clap ∞
▉ dustin: and hoodie in third
∞ hoodie forgets the pouring, gives para a bottle of scotch ∞
paranoiarodeo: HOODIE !
pale kate: awesome
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: nice job
Smedz: well domne hoodie
hoodie: Smile
Sidhe: hoodie!
hoodie: ty
Mouldy Dog: woohoo hoodster
Gav: welldone all
pale kate: nice job hoods
∞ Muskie sees Set by da pool bar with da strippers ∞
paranoiarodeo: First weekly medal for hoods ... congrats !
Sidhe: those gold pants helped
∞ Gav hands para th bottle ∞
michelle: well done hoodie
pale kate: lol, muskie
▉ dustin: The most wins during Luxtoberfest goes to Loki
∞ hoodie flashes some pant ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: nice hoodie
∞ paranoiarodeo passes the various bottles around to his friends ∞
▉ dustin: the god of trickery, who'd have figured it?
Mach: Huh. Never would've guessed.
▉ dustin: hehe
Sidhe: cool loki
pale kate: yah
hoodie: congrats loki
∞ pale kate shrugs about the loki thing ∞
pale kate: D
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: nice loki
▉ dustin: he racked up a massive 244 wins during the month
pale kate: j/k
pale kate: wow
Sidhe: lol
hoodie: holy crap!
hoodie: lol
paranoiarodeo: No kidding ... he is a monster ...
∞ pale kate jaw drops ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: sick bastard
∞ paranoiarodeo agrees with magpie in disguise ∞
pale kate: lol, para
Sidhe: hehe
▉ dustin: The Most 6 Human Wins during Luxtoberfest goes to magpie
jwd: congrats.. was carrying powerbook up to office for some juice
Smedz: woohoo mags
∞ pale kate claps for mags ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo hides in magpie's shadow ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater wow no way ∞
Gav: hi baden
∞ hoodie claps for mags ∞
pale kate: hi baden
jwd: congrats Mags
? dustin: with a stunning 89 wins in 6 human games
jwd: hey Baden
paranoiarodeo: So many awards for that fellow ...
Gav: welldone mags
Baden: Hi Dustin, all
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater bows ∞
∞ Sidhe claps ∞
Nietzsche: hi
Baden: I am so timid, almost did not dare to enter this crowded room
Sidhe: Hi baden
Mouldy Dog: hi baden
paranoiarodeo: 'ello Baden ! Happy Luxtoberfest !
▉ dustin: the most wins on non-classic maps during luxtoberfest also goes to Loki
hoodie: hiya B
One Big Wave: damn he's good
Baden: Hi
pale kate: yay mags!
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
▉ dustin: with 123 wins on non-classic maps during the month
Muskie: hi
∞ hoodie claps for loki ∞
Gav: welldone loke
▉ dustin: behind him come KingPatrick in second
∞ jwd claps ∞
Mouldy Dog: yeah
▉ dustin: and mercer in third
pale kate: who?
hoodie: lol
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps for mercer ∞
∞ pale kate claps for them anyway ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
∞ Sidhe claps ∞
∞ hoodie claps for KP and mercer ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: lol
jwd: Congrats all
▉ dustin: also, I forgot to say that jjschmidt came second in 3 of wins
michelle: el toro will be here soon
pale kate: i know mercer... j/k
▉ dustin: and Dr.Zuss came third
Muskie: yes he will
pale kate: cool
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater steals the door ∞
∞ pale kate claps for dr. boa ∞
∞ General Zod claps until he can clap no more ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog howls at the moon ∞
∞ One Big Wave howls at MD ∞
General K: lol MD
jwd: lol
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater no door prizes ive stolen them ∞
Nietzsche: lol
pale kate: lol
▉ dustin: Now, please allow 1 moment for the new theme to install...
Cards are OFF.
Connected users:
dustin (host)
jwd - (guest only)
elisaelli - (guest)
jelly - (guest only)
paranoiarodeo - (guest only)
pls -(guest)
Gav - (guest)
Xanadu - (guest only)
hoodie - (guest)
Sidhe - guest)
Mach - (guest)
pale kate - (guest)
Smedz -(guest)
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater - (guest only)
Nietzsche - (guest)
BarStar - (guest only)
Mouldy Dog - (guest)
One Big Wave - (guest only)
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Boa - (guest)
General Zod - (guest)
Jabberwicky - (guest)
Muskie - (guest only)
aurinko -(guest only)
pillow -(guest)
General K - (guest)
Baden - (guest)
pale kate: we leave?
Sidhe: sweet
pale kate: nm
hoodie: cool!
pale kate: cool
∞ paranoiarodeo sees no new theme ∞
▉ dustin: just so you can see it all out there
Mouldy Dog: coolio
Sidhe: nice
jelly: there is a typo, magpie is up there twice
michelle: oooo and xray will too
∞ hoodie claps loud for dustin ∞
pls: very nice
One Big Wave: huh?
∞ jwd claps ∞
Muskie: hehehehe jelly
pale kate: nice, d
aurinko: congrats winners !
jwd: nice D
▉ dustin: you can also see the theme displayed here: ... ground.jpg
General Zod: its a thing of rare beauty dustin
▉ dustin: If you don't see it check out: ... ground.jpg
General K: mice
General K: nice
hoodie: no, mice
hoodie: I agree
hoodie: Smile
General K: lol
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: there we go
▉ dustin: Now, we come to the door prizes
▉ dustin: thank you all very much for attending
hoodie: oooh!
∞ General Zod agrees with the mice and calls for more ∞
∞ hoodie needs a door ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater steal the door ∞
pale kate: lol
Mouldy Dog: General Zod:dustin is a thing of rare beauty?
Boa: who gets a door?
∞ jwd's car needs a door ∞
∞ jelly waits for his new car doorprize ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater eats the door ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders about the RAW reset ∞
Sidhe: ∞
pale kate: hola toro!
hoodie: lol
el toro: ∞
General Zod: he is like a precious flower MD
Gav: hi el
jwd: GO CUBS!!! Hey El T!
▉ dustin: hey toro
hoodie: hi toro!
Smedz: can i have ray mazarek
pale kate: ∞
el toro: hola!
hoodie: congrats, man!
∞ paranoiarodeo nods at brother toro ∞
∞ Muskie bows to el toro ∞
▉ dustin: you came in second or third for some stuff
▉ dustin: or something
hoodie: lol
One Big Wave: ∞
∞ pale kate waves at toro ∞
jwd: lol
el toro: really?
pale kate: yah
∞ jwd offers el t some rum ∞
∞ el toro bows to the crowd ∞
Nietzsche: lol
pale kate: entertaining
Sidhe: congrats el t
∞ Mach sits silently and motionless. It's eerie... ∞
▉ dustin: 3rd in Most Entertaining and honerable mention for Most Sportsmanlike
BarStar: ∞
el toro: thank you
pale kate: yes
jwd: ∞?∞
hoodie: and shrooms is freakin' cool, el t!
∞ el toro cheers and claps ∞
hoodie: Smile
Muskie: cheers to dustin
∞ paranoiarodeo bows his head in reverence ∞
∞ hoodie claps for QUASAR! ∞
▉ dustin: OK, thr door prizes will be given out based on trivia
General Zod: is there an award for oldest General?
∞ Gav bows for dustn ∞
∞ pale kate claps for dustin and tosses shrooms at the stage ∞
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater claps ∞
jwd: YEA as always Dustin, thanks
∞ Mouldy Dog runs up to dustin and licks him on the face ∞
∞ jwd claps ∞
General K: lol
el toro: wooooooo hooooo
▉ dustin: So get ready to answer fast....
One Big Wave: award for biggest wave?
∞ paranoiarodeo is damned by popularity and trivia; wants more stats ∞
pls: pls hands dustin a washcloth
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: fast
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: fast
pale kate: para will get it
pale kate: hi x
hoodie: hi x
Gav: hi x
Sidhe: hi xray
el toro: hola x
paranoiarodeo: 'ello x ...
▉ dustin: Please tell me the name (including full correctly spelled last name) of the person who created the Classic Risk map for Lux
hoodie: 2nd to say hi to x gets a door prize?
jelly: dustin sacks
▉ dustin: no
pls: mark bauer
General K: Adolf Hitler
▉ dustin: no
pale kate: paul brotherton
One Big Wave: Bob Mccartney
▉ dustin: no
Mach: A.J. Bertenshaw.
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: magpie
▉ dustin: YES
paranoiarodeo: AJ Bertenshaw
paranoiarodeo: Damnit.
hoodie: wow
el toro: well done mach
▉ dustin: Mach gets it
Gav: A.J Bertenshaw
∞ paranoiarodeo laughs ∞
pale kate: aj
▉ dustin: surprising that so many people got it wrong
▉ dustin: hehe
Sidhe: who is he?
∞ paranoiarodeo didn't remember how to spell the last name ∞
∞ pale kate shrugs ∞
jwd: ???
General Zod: me and AJ - we're like that
▉ dustin: hehe
Nietzsche: lol
One Big Wave: lol
General K: lol
pale kate: lol, gen
jelly: I am just putting your name in for every question, gotta get one right
Sidhe: lol
el toro: lol
General Zod: back in the day
▉ dustin: OK, next question......
∞ Sidhe copies jelly ∞
▉ dustin: What was the second map to become available for Lux after Classic Risk?
jwd: dustin sacks
One Big Wave: to the power of hex
jwd: Wink
▉ dustin: no
xrayspex: hex
Nietzsche: classic risk 2
pale kate: classic deux
▉ dustin: no
el toro: shrooms!
jelly: castle
▉ dustin: no
pale kate: lol
hoodie: outer mongolia!
jwd: lol
▉ dustin: no
pale kate: castle
hoodie: inner mongolia!
michelle: huge
One Big Wave: modern europe
General K: lebanon
jelly: hawaii
Sidhe: anti classic
Mouldy Dog: star
▉ dustin: close wave
pale kate: ummm
Mach: Krynn.
hoodie: europe
jwd: WWII
General K: wwIi
jelly: krynn
Mouldy Dog: uk
jwd: Europe
hoodie: ww1
▉ dustin: lol
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: ummm ww111
pls: world war II europe
pale kate: europe 1939
jwd: WWII Europe
▉ dustin: like I said, everyone is a rookie here
michelle: gymex
jwd: lol
Smedz: UK
General K: WW X
pale kate: hmmmm
Mach: Octagon.
paranoiarodeo: WWII Europe
Boa: risk final
One Big Wave: UK EIRE
pale kate: is that a map?
jwd: whatever one Natya kept kicking my ass in'
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: that square one
pale kate: europe
hoodie: europe empire
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: with armies in it
Sidhe: modern EU
Gav: Modern Europe
paranoiarodeo: Europe Large
Mouldy Dog: great britain & eire
General K: Empire
hoodie: european nations
Boa: classic as seen by kef
∞ jwd claps ∞
pale kate: anti classic
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: shit we are all dum just say it
hoodie: europe huge
jwd: Batrisk
▉ dustin: OK, a hint: Modern Europe uses the same theme and layout but with different continents
michelle: tiny
xrayspex: lux with the antarctica thingy
paranoiarodeo: Europe 1939
One Big Wave: EUrope 1939
hoodie: first macedonian wars
▉ dustin: no
michelle: risk plus
General Zod: Galapagos Islands?
pale kate: europe 1560
xrayspex: that's it m love
General K: roman empire
Mouldy Dog: wwII europe
jwd: Batrisk Bots1st?
xrayspex: oh
xrayspex: my
xrayspex: god
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: snakes and ladders
pale kate: europe 1740
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: lol
jwd: Dominatrix?
▉ dustin: a give away hint: if you read the Modern Europe description it would tell you
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: chess
Nietzsche: europe 1740
General K: lol
Smedz: european war
paranoiarodeo: BATTLE OF!
Mach: Battle of Europe.
paranoiarodeo: EU!
xrayspex: brb somethingbettertodo
▉ dustin: YES
jelly: battle of eu
Mach: Tie.
el toro: shrooms!
▉ dustin: Battle of Europe
jwd: doh
pale kate: eurpopean war
Muskie: wwII tanks
Boa: battle of europe
hoodie: lol et
∞ paranoiarodeo steals Mach's first door prize ∞
jwd: lol
Sidhe: para just guessed it
pale kate: ahh
▉ dustin: hmm, para said "Battle of" first
▉ dustin: but Mach got the whole thing first
jelly: I actually said it first, but lag
Mach: Take it, para.
hoodie: lol
pale kate: hi xan
∞ paranoiarodeo hangs his head ∞
Sidhe: hi xan
General Zod: Damn - should have known - I fought in that for real!
▉ dustin: lol
Boa: full name no given
General K: lol
el toro: woooo hoooo mach!
Mouldy Dog: lol zod
paranoiarodeo: I wouldn't dare ...
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: nice mach
∞ pale kate claps for mach ∞
el toro: wow 2 for 2
∞ jwd claps' ∞
Boa: not the battle of eu
∞ el toro claps ∞
Boa: battle of europe
Sidhe: mach is cleaning up
Boa: Wink
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: yeh dum bastard could have said it earlier
∞ paranoiarodeo grumbles about technicalities ∞
∞ pale kate hopes for non-map questions ∞
▉ dustin: OK, next question
▉ dustin: this one is very easy
jelly: dustin sacks
pale kate: LOL
el toro: lol
Nietzsche: lol
hoodie: quasar!
One Big Wave: quasar
▉ dustin: at least I think it is
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: magpie
pale kate: hi fane
General Zod: hi fane
Nietzsche: hi
▉ dustin: What city was Lux created in?
General K: hi fane
el toro: hola fane
jwd: dustin sacks
hoodie: montreal
One Big Wave: montreal
Fane: hi everyone
pls: tokyo
Nietzsche: mntreal
Smedz: montreal
Sidhe: montreal
Boa: maontreal
General K: San fransisco
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: oz
▉ dustin: hoodie got it first!!
pale kate: toranto
One Big Wave: chicago
Gav: Montreal
jwd: montreal
Boa: lol
hoodie: woohoo!
el toro: chicago!
Mach: Well done.
∞ hoodie takes the door ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: sydney
General K: BEIRUT
pale kate: umm
jwd: Niceville
jelly: montreal
jelly: lag
Fane: keerbergen?
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: melbourne
pale kate: vancouver
pale kate: ummm
Muskie: chicago
Mouldy Dog: ur computer
jwd: OZ
xrayspex: edinburgh
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: it is in oz right??? lol
Sidhe: toroland
∞ hoodie puts on some ninja tunes in honor of montreal ∞
Fane: oh were doing question round
∞ pale kate considers cold and canada ∞
Gav: New York City
pale kate: montreal
el toro: SLEEPY
pale kate: yah
pale kate: SLEEPY
▉ dustin: hey fane, you got an honerablemention for most sportsmanlike
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: what is the question again
One Big Wave: sleepy isnt a city
pale kate: hi nox
hoodie: hiya fane!
hoodie: congrats on 2nd, too
Fane: whooohooo
Sidhe: hi fane
Smedz: sleepy is an attitude
Fane: thanks
▉ dustin: OK, next question.....
One Big Wave: its a micronation of
Fane: thanks everyone!!!
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: the town with all the peeps in it
∞ el toro claps ∞
pale kate: what was teh answer?
▉ dustin: what did emotes look like before they used the ∞?
hoodie: Smile
paranoiarodeo: --
One Big Wave: <<
Fane: stars
jwd: <<
jelly: ?
▉ dustin: oh, the answer was Montreal
pale kate: *
el toro: << >
pale kate: <<
Mouldy Dog: ?
hoodie: montreal!
▉ dustin: to the city
Gav: <<
One Big Wave: ~
Fane: -
Nietzsche: =
pale kate: <<>>
jelly: dustin sacks?
▉ dustin: el toro is closest
Nietzsche: *
jwd: lol
▉ dustin: kind of
el toro: wooo hoooo
hoodie: <<Nietzsche>
Gav: << >>
hoodie: lol
▉ dustin: no
One Big Wave: <Nietzsche><Mach>> <<
Mouldy Dog: <>
hoodie: <>
▉ dustin: OBW
Gav: <<>>
jwd: <>?
hoodie: nice
▉ dustin: gets it
General K: <<-->>
One Big Wave: Smile
jelly: dustin sacks<jelly>dustin sacks
pale kate: hi dingo
▉ dustin: <> dustin did an emote <>
▉ dustin: is what it looked like
pale kate: hi robin
Mach: Well done, OBW.
jwd: doh
Brave Brave Sir Robin: hey
pale kate: before my time
∞ dustin thanks god for the ∞ ∞
el toro: st00pid broken emotes
∞ pale kate nodes off ∞
jwd: been so long
One Big Wave: <--------is wicked old school
Mouldy Dog: well done JT
▉ dustin: lol
jwd: lol
∞ hoodie emotes ∞
General K: lol
pale kate: - the e
∞ One Big Wave hits the dog with a newspaper ∞
pale kate: D
Mouldy Dog: rofl
pale kate: hi doc
General Zod: <------- original old skool
Brave Brave Sir Robin: did I win most easily conquered?
hoodie: lol BBSR
jwd: yes
Sidhe: yes
One Big Wave: <------100% original all natural fake zod
Nietzsche: lol
∞ pale kate claps for general zod being old skool ∞
Mach: Hail to thee, good Knight of Nee.
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: <------ newschool
∞ hoodie flashes some old school signage ∞
▉ dustin: ok, next question....
Brave Brave Sir Robin: hale
Sidhe: <---headmistress
General Zod: big up to da old skool PK
hoodie: lol
Brave Brave Sir Robin: need a schubbery
Brave Brave Sir Robin: schuberry
hoodie: ni!
pale kate: yah
Brave Brave Sir Robin: some bushes
Mouldy Dog: lol
▉ dustin: what month and year was version 1.0 of Lux released?
Gav: march
hoodie: april 2004
Boa: august
Smedz: aug 2004
Fane: 2004 april
Nietzsche: november 2002
Mouldy Dog: aril 04
pls: January 2004
One Big Wave: march 2004
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: may
General K: jan 2004
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: june
aurinko: april 2004
el toro: 1972 of may!
Boa: 2002
hoodie: feb 2004
pale kate: june 2003
hoodie: dec 2003
▉ dustin: NIET got it!!
michelle: november 2003
hoodie: wow!
paranoiarodeo: I knew that ...
hoodie: febtober!
paranoiarodeo: Geez.
▉ dustin: right of the bat
General Zod: trick question - it has been withays
paranoiarodeo: Version history, people.
Fane: damn that's a long time
pale kate: damn
▉ dustin: November 2002
jwd: doh
One Big Wave: got damn
One Big Wave: im not that old school
el toro: lol
Mach: Which means November 1 is Lux New Years...
Sidhe: niet is looking at toros answers
Mach: Hey...
Muskie: nov 02
Nietzsche: do i get to do a speech?
hoodie: it'd be smart to have the wiki open, wouldn't it?
hoodie: lol
▉ dustin: November 25th actually
∞ Mach begins to laugh. ∞
pale kate: <-- failed lux triva
Mouldy Dog: nope
▉ dustin: was the exact day
Muskie: lag
Boa: wednesday
∞ Sidhe tutors PK ∞
Fane: ▉ dustin: hate to bother you with this now but where is my chamion chip trophy?
Fane: champion*
Mach: Mmm...champion chips.
▉ dustin: you'll get it...
∞ pale kate hops up on the desk ∞
One Big Wave: ./mute fane
∞ Mouldy Dog wonders if dustin knew it was gonna be a millionaire seller ∞
∞ hoodie wants a champion chimp trophy ∞
∞ el toro hands fane a bowl of chips ∞
Muskie: chocolate chips,,mmmm
Nietzsche: lol
Fane: is it the same as mags? or is it a completely new one?
∞ pale kate gets ink on her tee shirt ∞
hoodie: donde esta mi chimp?
Mach: You read my mind, Muskie.
pale kate: hiya tina
hoodie: mi chimp esta en la discotheque
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: it a dicky one fane
∞ Sidhe makes PK take off her soiled to[ ∞
Sidhe: *top
pale kate: lol
Fane: lol
Mouldy Dog: woohoo
Mach: 3 minutes...
∞ One Big Wave soils sidhe's top ∞
General Zod: mi chimp esta tu chimp hoodie
▉ dustin: OK, I just ran the weekly awards script
hoodie: lol GZ
pale kate: umm... any more questions?
∞ paranoiarodeo notes the seeds need to be updated ∞
∞ General K wonder where's teh champaign ∞
∞ el toro claps ∞
paranoiarodeo: 1.4166
▉ dustin: the seeds are updated
▉ dustin: para hits a new low
∞ hoodie claps for dustin ∞
Mouldy Dog: woohoo
▉ dustin: hehe
hoodie: thanks man
∞ Sidhe makes para put away his calsulator ∞
paranoiarodeo: Ack.
Fane: whooohooo 7th Smile
One Big Wave: seeds were updated para
General Zod: who's the weakest link so far dustin?
Mach: 1.4, then 4.1
Sidhe: lol
Mach: Weird.
Nietzsche: lol
▉ dustin: OK, next question......
hoodie: congrats, para
el toro: poor poor para
▉ dustin: How old am I?
∞ paranoiarodeo laughs ∞
One Big Wave: 28
Sidhe: dustin sacks
jelly: 22
Fane: 35
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 89
pale kate: my 20.1 wt is awesome
pls: 32
One Big Wave: 29
▉ dustin: no
One Big Wave: 27
jelly: 24
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 69
el toro: 24
General Zod: twelvety
Nietzsche: look about 27
Fane: 30
Muskie: 24
Fane: 31
One Big Wave: 24
Fane: 32
Mouldy Dog: 97
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 12
Fane: 3
One Big Wave: 33
▉ dustin: no
Fane: 33
One Big Wave: 34
Fane: 34
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 5
One Big Wave: 35
jelly: 23
el toro: 23
Fane: 35
Sidhe: 26
One Big Wave: 36
Fane: 35
Gav: 45
One Big Wave: 37
Mach: 27
hoodie: 22
Fane: 3
One Big Wave: 38
pale kate: ask one where i'm the answer
hoodie: 24
▉ dustin: JELLY
hoodie: 23
Fane: 45
Mouldy Dog: 1
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 23
pale kate: 9
pls: 30
Fane: 44
jelly: nice
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 22
∞ jwd missing the question ∞
▉ dustin: jelly got it
Fane: 43
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: 2
▉ dustin: I am 23
Fane: 23 wow
jwd: doh
Sidhe: awwww
Fane: nice
Mouldy Dog: and the rest
pale kate: LOL
Sidhe: so cute
Fane: you amde this game when you were only 20 Smile
el toro: st00pid speedy jelly
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: did i get it lol
▉ dustin: he beat toro by a hair
∞ Sidhe pinches dustins cheeck ∞
el toro: lol
Mouldy Dog: young enough to be my pup
∞ jwd feels depressed he's done so little with his life.... ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: ohhh
Gav: ive gone up to 33, whopeee
One Big Wave: you arent that old mouldy jerry
∞ paranoiarodeo may retire and become a mapmaker ∞
pale kate: haha
General Zod: does Dustin win a prize for guessing his age correctly?
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater may retire an become a drunk ∞
jwd: Smile
Mouldy Dog: whats that One Big Thibeau
General K: lol
One Big Wave: oh you got me good there fucker
One Big Wave: Razz
∞ el toro hands out a round of cheesebeer© ∞
Muskie: retired drunks are in right now
Mach: Last question, then I must go.
jwd: lol
pale kate: k
▉ dustin: that's all the trivia I have
paranoiarodeo: We need more folks below 10.0 on the seed weight ...
Sidhe: RDILTF 's
Mach: Ah. OK, then.
paranoiarodeo: lonely with just three ...
One Big Wave: agreed para
General Zod: send more trivia now
▉ dustin: I just made the last questions up on the spot =)
Mach: Thanks for the fesitivies.
paranoiarodeo: six is the record ...
jwd: congrats all
∞ hoodie is workin on it para ∞
One Big Wave: im so ronery
▉ dustin: anyone else got any Lux trivia to ask?
Mach: Next year at Lincoln's Memorial.
pale kate: thanks dustin, you were very creative
Mouldy Dog: whens the reset?
elisaelli: so sadry arone?
pale kate: hehe
jelly: do we get a trophy?
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: i do
▉ dustin: ask it then
Mach: Until November.
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: when does it end?
One Big Wave: you are useress arec bardwinj
Sidhe: you have more prizes?
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: hehe
General K: lol
pale kate: toro can think of some i'm sure
paranoiarodeo: Without boring people with my unpublished wiki trivia, no ....
Mouldy Dog: IS OBW JT?
One Big Wave: NO
▉ dustin: I'm sure the prizes will work themselves out....
jelly: thanks dustin, there is a good community here
General K: MD lol
▉ dustin: yes
∞ oneeyedpurplepeopleeater waves ∞
paranoiarodeo: BATTLE OF !
∞ hoodie swings from the chandelier ∞
▉ dustin: let me say again THANK YOU ALL
jwd: Thanks Dustin... Smile
Smedz: cheers D
hoodie: thanks Q!
pls: ..."and a good time was had by all!"
pale kate: thanks dustin!
paranoiarodeo: No no ... thank you sir ...
Sidhe: thanks dustin
Mouldy Dog: cheers Dustin
aurinko: thanks to you
▉ dustin: Lux is AWESOME because of everyone here
General Zod: and what this community wants is more trivia
∞ General K claps for dustin ∞
Muskie: thank you dustin,,,
pls: thanks, d
∞ hoodie claps ∞
oneeyedpurplepeopleeater: thanks dustin
∞ jwd claps ∞
General Zod: cheers dustin
∞ paranoiarodeo waves ∞
General K: bye all
∞ Sidhe claps for dustin ∞
hoodie: cy'all later!
Nietzsche: bye
∞ jwd prepares for the halloween ball ∞
Mouldy Dog: bye
Boa: cya
∞ pls heads back to painting ∞
∞ Smedz gives dustin the clap ∞
∞ dustin plays some exit music ∞
Fane: i wanna stay
Fane: lol
▉ dustin: hehe
el toro: bye
▉ dustin: bye
Fane: i'll stay as last Smile
Fane: welcome back pk
▉ dustin: rehi kate
Fane: stay with me
▉ dustin: lol
Fane: we stay till the end
pale kate: hehe
Fane: Smile
▉ dustin: i think some people might be afk
pale kate: k
Fane: it was fun
▉ dustin: could be waiting awhile
pale kate: we playing in a bit or what?
pale kate: yah
Fane: cost me alot of hours
Smedz: when you reseting MOTW dustin ?
pale kate: D
Fane: this luxtoberfest
▉ dustin: tonight smedz
Fane: so we're gonna play this map pk?
Fane: lol
Fane: you me and dustin
pale kate: shrooms!
Fane: aww dustin is winning
Fane: lol
Fane: nice one
▉ dustin: hehe
Fane: rs
pale kate: hehe
Fane: i'm in
pale kate: nice
Fane: aww Sad
pale kate: what map?
Fane: this one
Fane: lol
pale kate: lol
▉ dustin: I'm going to shut down this room
pale kate: k
pale kate: thanks d
▉ dustin: turn off the Luxtoberfest notice
Fane: ok
thom: k
pale kate: hey...
Fane: thansk for luxtober dustin
▉ dustin: I'll be around for today
pale kate: prize wise...
▉ dustin: yeah?
Fane: thanks*
pale kate: let the others pick...
pale kate: i'm cool with whatever
▉ dustin: I'll post prize info in the forums
pale kate: k : )
▉ dustin: everyone should send a list of which they would like
Smedz: cheers dustin good luck in booze
▉ dustin: last year there was plenty, it all worked out
▉ dustin: you to
▉ dustin: smedz
Fane: so the guys up here dustin?
Fane: in the window
Fane: they get a prize?
▉ dustin: yes
Fane: then loki did a good thing Wink
▉ dustin: he must have spent a lot of time on it
Fane: lol
Fane: don't forget about mags
▉ dustin: so good for that
▉ dustin: ok, thank you very much for coming
▉ dustin: later
Fane: bye
[Shutting down network]