c64 question

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c64 question

Post by mazza » Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:01 am

hey guys, long, long time since mazza has come here to say hello to all my fellow luxers, hope everyone is keeping well. i have a commodore 64 question for anyone who has one, or was given a new, retro, mini 64 like i was given last yr by my seret santa.

i have been trying to remember all of my favourite games from 30 years ago, and have managed to download some from sites such as gamebase 64, and lemon64, but there are numerous instances where i have tried to load the games i have downloaded with no luck, as the games seem to freeze, or not load at all....

of course these are the games that i really wanna play, as i had some juvenile obsession with some of them, and now wish to recreate my childhood.....and anyone who remembers me from lux will know that technology and mazza did not go hand in hand.

soooo, i was hoping that if i list some of my old favourites, there may be someone here who may be able to send me some links to where i may be able to download some of my old favourites....i am looking for;

defender of the crown
maniac mansion
zak mc kracken and the alien mindbenders
the great american cross road race
test drive
sinbad and tbe throne of the falcon

peace and love to you all......

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Re: c64 question

Post by Bean » Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:55 am

I had a vic 20. lol.

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