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Compiling Bot

Post by Houndy » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:00 pm

This is a fairly simple question and sorry for asking.

I have spent a fair amount of time trying to work it out but it just doesnt seem to work :oops: .

I have loaded up the project into eclipse, sorted out some of the errors on there (as described on the wiki).

However, I cannot run or compile anything.

It asks for the main class, and I am unsure what to provide.

Eclipse isnt my usual editor, I usually use Text Editor, however this seems to think that :

package com.sillysoft.lux.util does not exist

Sorry if I am missing something obvious, I havent used someone elses SDK before.

Hope you can Help.

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Post by Enokrad » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:32 pm

Have you tried these instructions?
GeekHammer wrote:I'm new to both LuxSDK and Eclipse, but here is what I was able to figure out (Eclipse 3.2):

1. Install the LuxSDK. I put it in c:\program files\lux\luxsdk...
2. Run Eclipse. Open the Package Explorer (window -> show view -> package explorer).
3. Right-click and select New -> Project -> Java Project
4. In the new project wizard, under "Contents" select "create project from existing source"
5. Browse to and choose the LuxSDK folder; I used a project name of LuxBots and press "Finish"

6. Expand "LuxBots" in the package explorer
7. Expand src
8. expand com.sillysoft.lux.agent and you will see all the agents
9. Right-click on com.sillysoft.lux.agent and chose New -> Class
10. Pick SmartAgentBase as the superclass.
11. Cut&paste imports and edit as needed. You now have a bot.
12. Copy the class file from the LuxSDK bin folder and run Lux.

Hope this helps.
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