Oct 30 :: 2011 Lux Award Ceremonies :: Chat Log

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Oct 30 :: 2011 Lux Award Ceremonies :: Chat Log

Post by dustin » Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:38 pm

This coming Sunday October 30th will feature the 2011 Luxtoberfest Award Ceremonies !!!

Starts promptly at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern / 8 PM London / 9 PM Paris time. View the time in other places here. I expect it to last about 1 hour.

The winners of the 2011 Lux Awards will be announced live during the Luxtoberfest 8 Award Ceremonies. Cast your votes beforehand!

Show up a few minutes early for your red carpet moments. The award ceremonies are always a blast. Don't miss this event!

:party :curtsey :bacon :pop

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Post by dustin » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:58 pm

Hope to see you all there tomorrow...

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Post by Kude » Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:11 pm

Now this is something I wouldn't miss for the world!

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Post by Schroberts » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:39 pm

I'm so sad, I'll be in class all day :(

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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:34 pm

30 minutes from now...

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Post by paranoiarodeo » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:12 pm

(Part 1 of 3.)

Game Description: ∞ Luxtoberfest 8 Award Ceremonies and Closing Gala ∞
dustin: hello hello
kude: hi
GFips: in the name of all players i want to thank Para for all his work he did during this luxtober!
WhirlPlaid: paranoiarodeo, did oyu get your stick back?
kude: hey
WhirlPlaid: you*
TSK: hello, all
Enzo1997: Hello silken knot
WhirlPlaid: TSK in da house!
Enzo1997: lik13
Enzo1997: HUUGS
kude: hey there all you people joining
WhirlPlaid: hello dustin
TSK: dustin, thank you for another lovely year of Lux!
dustin: hello
WhirlPlaid: p
WhirlPlaid: i
Pauley: congrats Gfips
WhirlPlaid: c
WhirlPlaid: k
WhirlPlaid: l
WhirlPlaid: e
dustin: indeed!
∞ Enzo1997 throws peanuts everywhere ∞
lUpUs fErOx: hello all
Pauley: got me by one point
imapickle: :-)
lUpUs fErOx: hi dust...
Pauley: good job
∞ Engie asshats dustin ∞
lUpUs fErOx: long time no see
kude: it started to get to be a bit much, even without survivor
∞ lUpUs fErOx never sees dustin..... ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo didn't know he'd lost anything to get he needed to get back ∞
Engie: farm the middle star pls dustin
∞ TSK is glad to see Engie's an equal-opportunity asshatter ∞
kude: hey
lUpUs fErOx: mnemmy!
WhirlPlaid: yo mnemosyne!!
mnemosyne: hello :D
Engie: nemo my love
Pauley: so I heard Para was going to sing and dance, so i paid good money for these seats
lUpUs fErOx: no, my love
paranoiarodeo: Hmm wait one sec ...
♥♥♥ Enzo1997 hugs Nmemoturtlesyne ♥♥♥
∞ Engie glances at Ferox awkwardly ∞
kude: maybe if we give him enough scotch...
♥♥♥ dustin hugs everyone ♥♥♥
Engie: can we share?
Pauley: how do you get the hearts dustin?
♪♫ dustin tra la las ♪♫
mnemosyne: :p
Enzo1997: ./hme
dustin: ./love
Pauley: ok ty sir
Enzo1997: ./mme
WhirlPlaid: paranoiarodeo, singing and dancing....I'd pay good money for that.
Enzo1997: ./re
dustin: ./sing
kude: ./me
kude: of course
∞ Engie turns off enzokude-bo ∞
Engie: bot*
◆◆◆◆ gives Sillysoft Games to Enzo1997 ◆◆◆◆
kude: invalid-action
◆◆◆◆ dustin gives all the awards to imapickle imapickle ◆◆◆◆
Engie: diamond fails
imapickle: oopd
◆◆◆◆ Dustin gives Sillysoft Games to Enzo1997 ◆◆◆◆
Engie: backtoback
imapickle: lol
kude: hi
Pauley: congrats pickle
◆◆◆◆ imapickle cannot use the diamonds like Engie ◆◆◆◆
imapickle: ?
Pauley: you won every award
Pauley: awesome
imapickle: ty
lUpUs fErOx: can we start?
lUpUs fErOx: i only have 15 minutes....
♥♥♥ Pauley everyone ♥♥♥
Engie: I have like 30 minutes.....
kude: it IS 4:02
Pauley: cool
Pauley: i like it
kude: dustin's late
Engie: On my way back to A&M..
Engie: made a pit stop at mcdonalds haha
kude: ...
lUpUs fErOx: nice name
kude: lol
the Wizard of: mmmyello?
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: ;-P
imapickle: lol
Pauley: ok, do you take requests Para on songs?
the Wizard of: hello?
lUpUs fErOx: fool on the hill?
the Wizard of: hey pauley
the Wizard of: is this room working?
Engie: maaya mud maaaya muddd
WhirlPlaid: paranoiarodeo only sings like Louis Armstrong.
lUpUs fErOx: yes it is
Engie: hey mud.
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: heya
∞ paranoiarodeo plays his trumpet like him too ∞
dustin: Thank you all for coming
Pauley: I would like to hear Para sing "Back in Black" Willie Nelson style
WhirlPlaid: yuppers
kude: shuddup
dustin: to the 2011 Luxtoberfest Award Gala
kude: you're all late
ˆ˚TC˚ˆ: woop woop
Engie: hey tc
the Wizard of: now i have to listen to "the man in black"
Engie: COON!!!
Engie: :)
Milltycoon: hello!!!
CUflea: i'm here
dustin: it's great to see you all here
Engie: hey flea
CUflea: just in time for my hall of fame induction
lUpUs fErOx: a minute silence for STEVE please......
Engie: I just got online for some raw, but this works
Pauley: or "Highway to Hell" sung Taylor Swift style
kude: I forgot my video camera!
Enzo1997: COON
lUpUs fErOx: no respect.....
dustin: this has been another interesting year for Sillysoft
Enzo1997: Indeed
∞ Engie quiets everyone ∞
lUpUs fErOx: sshhh...
Enzo1997: shhhhhhhhhhh
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: is dustin using last years recorded script?
dustin: a new game Castle Vox was released
Engie: lol^
dustin: and has been bubbling about
∞ kude throws nuts at lupis ∞
CUflea: dustin it is true you aim to fill the void left by the late great Steve jobs?
dustin: it took Lux many years to get to where it is
Enzo1997: hear hear
dustin: with slow growth being the order of the day
CUflea: three cheers
dustin: now Lux continues to grow on iPhones and iPads
lUpUs fErOx: all new noobs...
CUflea: lux touch
Enzo1997: The death of classic
dustin: so...
dustin: without further ado
dustin: I will start the awards
CUflea: yessir
TSK: Hello, Bod!
dustin: first up are the 2011 Map Awards
kude: hey guys who just joined
∞ Enzo1997 throws peanuts EVERYWHERE ∞
Engie: If I see another peanut.....
∞ WhirlPlaid eats a peanut ∞
Engie: mentor!!!
kude: hry
mentor09: hi
JJazz: engie!
WhirlPlaid: yo mentor09
Enzo1997: Connected users - 9/24 players:
dustin: there were 40 maps created for lux this year
Engie: jazz!!!
Enzo1997: Oh lordy
dustin: that's less that in the past
lUpUs fErOx: sry
dustin: but many of them were excellent
Engie: blue is spamming the chat
Enzo1997: Does this mean I have made 10% of the maps this year?
the Wizard of: pbbbbbbbbbt:) engie
paranoiarodeo: The pixel pushers were busy in Voxworld though ...
Enzo1997: Holy crap
Engie: wiz!!!
imapickle: blue is teaming with white
dustin: the first award category is the Best Fantasy Map
TSK: Indded they were...
imapickle: they never hit each other
paranoiarodeo: We'll have to pull them back over to Luxtopia occasionally ...
♪♫ Enzo1997 Where is Soundboy? ♪♫
dustin: honorable mentions go to Metropolux and Battle for the City
Enzo1997: Whoo!
Enzo1997: :D
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: come to the dark side http://sillysoft.net/vox/
dustin: the Best Fantasy Map of 2011 is Map of Humanity!!!
∞ Enzo1997 gets out his towel to spin above his head ∞
PJB: hi yall
kude: hi
dustin: by Enokrad
lUpUs fErOx: hey peter
TSK: Eno!
Engie: hi pjb
Milltycoon: congratulations
PJB: :)
TSK: Nice job!!!!!!
lUpUs fErOx: The DARKONE!
∞ Pauley leads a loud round of applause ∞
WhirlPlaid: Eno!!! w00t!! w00t!! w00t!!
Engie: congrats eno
Enzo1997: DARKONE
imapickle: clap
∞ paranoiarodeo claps politely ∞
kude: congrats to the ever absent eno!
dustin: it is indeed an excellent map
dustin: thanks eno!
JJazz: nice Eno!
Engie: eno is here with us in spirit
PJB: congrats
TSK: Very fun as MOTW, 'twas
∞ JJazz joins in the golf clap ∞
WhirlPlaid: Eno is a badass computer guy, he has helped me before.
Enzo1997: YAY
TSK: Hello, luizze
Enzo1997: More people
luizze90: hi
Enzo1997: Up to 25
dustin: next up is the Geographic map category
Enzo1997: YAY
dustin: real world styles
kude: maybe I'll try to make a map or two some time
WhirlPlaid: do it kude
∞ Enzo1997 throws even more peanuts ∞
JJazz: you cant kude
Engie: luizze!!
Engie: hi dear.
dustin: honorable mentions go to ROME - Peril of 3 Empires 260AD, Thirty Years War, and Libya
∞ WhirlPlaid eats some peanuts ∞
Enzo1997: If I can he can JJazz
luizze90: hi engie
dustin: and the Best Geographic Map of 2011 is WWII Europe Redux !!!
JJazz: you were part of mafia which means you arent allowed
dustin: by mbauer
Enzo1997: lol
lUpUs fErOx: MARKIE!
TSK: Bravo, Handsome Mark!
imapickle: clap
kude: which mafia?
lUpUs fErOx: is he?
mentor09: grats mark
the Wizard of: I know you're in the maf-iay.... they wouldn't have you in the C-I-A!!!
∞ Pauley dodges flung pistachios, and leads another round of applause ∞
JJazz: lol
WhirlPlaid: mbauer w00t!! w00t!! w00t!!
∞ kude cheers ∞
dustin: I'm interested to see if WWII Europe Redux can get any traction among online games
dustin: you guys should try it out
luizze90: very good
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: see all the cool kids play vox
kude: it was a good motw
Enzo1997: Whatever Mud
PJB: hi shock
Shockandawe: yo
Enzo1997: Go join them
Enzo1997: SHOCK
JJazz: Shock! the sheriff is here yo
♥♥♥ TSK hugs Shockandawe ♥♥♥
Engie: hi shock
∞ JJazz wants a hug from TSK ∞
dustin: next up is the Geometric Shapes map category
kude: hey everyone
lUpUs fErOx: next/.....\
♥♥♥ TSK hugs Suga, too ♥♥♥
TSK: lol
JJazz: :D
dustin: honorable mention goes to Battlefield
Engie: hey 01010101010101010101101110
Deep Blue's: hi
Enzo1997: YAY
∞ Engie hopes that spells "deep" in binary ∞
Deep Blue's: :)
dustin: the Best Geometric Map of 2011 goes to Maze3 !!!
∞ paranoiarodeo cringes ∞
kude: ugh
dustin: created by Ryanoceros
kude: kidding
lUpUs fErOx: Noseman....
∞ Pauley takes off his Tuxedo for some serious clapping ∞
TSK: Congrats, Ryanoceros
paranoiarodeo: Those maps play forever ... !
dustin: the Maze maps are an awesome series of maps
dustin: and seem to be very popular with offline players
∞ kude claps loudly ∞
luizze90: congrats
dustin: players who enjoy epic map battles
imapickle: battlefield is a nice map
the Wizard of: dustin can see what we do offline? omg, panic!
∞ TSK invites paranoiarodeo to the Maze... ∞
TSK: ;-)
imapickle: lol
lUpUs fErOx: next...
dustin: next we have the Best Historical Map
Shockandawe: the last maze I entered i ended up upside down and skewered
PJB: lupus u made any maps this year?
lUpUs fErOx: nope
lUpUs fErOx: sry
dustin: honorable mentions go to WWII Europe Redux and Libya
∞ TSK remembers that... ∞
PJB: ;)
lUpUs fErOx: started 5.....
Enzo1997: :D
TSK: yay
kude: so finish 5 for next year
Milltycoon: Hoping my Fifth Column map wins best Historical
dustin: the Best Historical Map of 2011 is Thirty Years War !!!
Milltycoon: congratulations!
TSK: Woohoo!
dustin: created by Evan Williams
lUpUs fErOx: !
PJB: congrats
∞ Pauley flings large amounts of cash to the winners as everyone cheers ∞
∞ kude pelts the crowd with walnuts ∞
dustin: one of the oldest lux map makers actually
∞ paranoiarodeo nods ∞
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: oldest by age or joining date?
Engie: congrats you caligraphers
TSK: and cartographers!
Engie: lux wouldnt be what it is w/out youz
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: i dont think that word means what you think it means?
paranoiarodeo: Evan did Spacestation Lux for those who didn't know ...
kude: it's enzo, of course it doesn't
the Wizard of: cartographers?
Enzo1997: *Cartographers Engie
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: now thats oldschool
luizze90: Congrats
dustin: the last map category is Space
lUpUs fErOx: next
TSK: And still big fun!
dustin: this category was swept clear
Engie: OMG I misspelled that.
dustin: the Best Space Map of 2011 is ProLuxial !!!
Enzo1997: Kude he was talking to Engie cat
Engie: thx wiz/enzo
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: and the winner is between engies ears
Engie: cant believe that
Engie: lol
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: ;-)
imapickle: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo can't believe Engie knows how to spell ∞
kude: yay
dustin: created by Proximo
Engie: :)
TSK: Nice map!
TSK: Congratulations!
Enzo1997: Geography South East Asia?
Enzo1997: You say.
WhirlPlaid: proximo w00t!! w00t!! w00t!!
∞ imapickle claps ∞
∞ TSK hurries Engie back to A&M post haste... ∞
PJB: congrats
dustin: finally, we have the Best Overall Map of 2011
∞ WhirlPlaid helps TSK ∞
lUpUs fErOx: ......
lUpUs fErOx: suspense
the Wizard of: wait, there are other maps besides biodeux? Is that what all that stuff is in the join game window?
Engie: lol
TSK: hee
kude: lol
the Wizard of: :)
dustin: I was somewhat suprised to see this map win overall
♥♥♥ WhirlPlaid hugs Engie ♥♥♥
dustin: but happy with it for sure
∞ paranoiarodeo uh ohs ∞
imapickle: why? is it a bit crap?
kude: um...
∞ the Wizard of chuckles ∞
Enzo1997: um...
kude: I don't like where this is going
dustin: the Best Map of 2011 Award goes to ....
Enzo1997: dustin'
lUpUs fErOx: tada
dustin: Black Rock City !!!
Enzo1997: with hexmen'
imapickle: ..
dustin: by mbauer
the Wizard of: yay!
kude: yay
∞ paranoiarodeo whistles ∞
PJB: congrats
Milltycoon: Congratulations to BRC
Enzo1997: YAY
TSK: Woo and hooo!
Pauley: NICE
TSK: Three cheers for Handsome Mark!
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: see the key to a good map is dustin with cat ears
dustin: I encourage you all to go visit Black Rock City in real life
luizze90: very good
dustin: I'm actually still on my road-trip that started with a trip there 2 months ago this year
Enzo1997: Total conquest gamma was robbed
Milltycoon: Can we bring armies of troops with cannons and rifles and fight there?
dustin: Black Rock City being the site where the Burning Man event is held
PJB: hi hearts
kude: hi
Heartscoffee: hi
kude: was it really?
♥♥♥ TSK hearts Hearts ♥♥♥
Shockandawe: Hiya Hearts
dustin: congrats to MB for another best map winner
the Wizard of: haha hey hearts :)
WhirlPlaid: hiya hearts!
∞ Pauley invites everyone over for the great AFTER PARTY we eat lobster and wine and as we try electro shock on Para to help with his rolling of the eyes twitch/problem ∞
kude: there were too many WW II maps this year
∞ paranoiarodeo threatens to win all of Mark's usual map awards next year ∞
dustin: and thanks to EVERYBODY that submitted a map this year
Enzo1997: Do it
WhirlPlaid: CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
♥♥♥ dustin loves map makers ♥♥♥
∞ paranoiarodeo jangles his spurs ∞
imapickle: yep kude. these mapmakesrs are worse than the BBc for banging on about WW"
TSK: Yes, big thanks to the calligraphers... errr...
imapickle: 2
Enzo1997: Best map collab partners of 2011 you say?
TSK: you know
dustin: oh my, there's one more map thing
the Wizard of: calipers?
Enzo1997: Best map collab partners of 2011 you say?
mentor09: vox !
dustin: this year, we have a Best Vox Map award
lUpUs fErOx: nice.....
WhirlPlaid: nice
mentor09: yay
Enzo1997: Really
kude: but this is LUXtoberfest
Enzo1997: I missed it
lUpUs fErOx: another MB....
Engie: TSK: Yes, big thanks to the calligraphers... errr...
Engie: :)
∞ TSK puts a five on Behemoth ∞
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: next up awards for the best pornographers
Enzo1997: Not Voxvemberfest
lUpUs fErOx: and he deserves it....
WhirlPlaid: (expand your horizon, escaoe your comfort zone)
dustin: unfortunately, I didn't set up the Vox map category in the initial awards posting
kude: and there is an award for para
WhirlPlaid: escape*
dustin: so not everyone knew about it
Enzo1997: Not Voxvemberfest
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: but they are all better than the ones in lux so no need
dustin: but some votes were sent in
dustin: so we're doing it!
paranoiarodeo: Probably votes from those who'd know best too ...
kude: hi
WhirlPlaid: yo Drifter!!!
PJB: hi
mentor09: drifter !
kude: hi
dustin: honorable mentions for best Vox map of 2011 go to 100 Years War and WW2 Europe
∞ TSK blinks. Twice. ∞
lUpUs fErOx: just in time behe
Behemoth: howdy
ˆ˚TC˚ˆ: drifter!
Drifter: ∞
kude: another WW II
∞ paranoiarodeo slides Brother Drift a cheesebeer® and bowl of pistachios ∞
Enzo1997: TC!
dustin: and the Best Vox Map of 2011 Award goes to Napoleonic Wars !!
dustin: created by mbauer
ˆ˚TC˚ˆ: enzo!
Behemoth: :)
lUpUs fErOx: !
imapickle: hooray
Behemoth: clap
imapickle: are we done with maps now?
ˆ˚TC˚ˆ: and another one!
kude: nope
Pauley: good job
∞ mentor09 applauds ∞
∞ Drifter wubs his cheesebeer® ∞
TSK: That boy knows his maps...
WhirlPlaid: no douht
∞ paranoiarodeo points pickle back to his pickle jar ∞
kude: he just makes alot of them
imapickle: lol
lUpUs fErOx: You should hire him Dustin....
WhirlPlaid: doubt*
dustin: that wraps up the map portion of the awards gala
imapickle: not that im bored or anything...
lUpUs fErOx: next
dustin: we shall now move to the PEOPLE awards...
kude: people suck
imapickle: lol
the Wizard of: hahahhah
∞ Drifter gives st00pid mbauer the clap ∞
dustin: people are the spice that make online lux what it is
∞ TSK waits for kude to sweep ∞
Drifter: Congrats pickle lover
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Post by paranoiarodeo » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:12 pm

(Part 2 of 3.)

the Wizard of: the spice must flow!
Enzo1997: I hate those nouns
GFips: ✱✱✱✱✱ Sorry to interrupt. But i want to take the word for a second! In the name of all players i want to thank PARA for all his effort and his work he put in this tournament! I wish you to sleep well the next nights!!! ✱✱✱✱✱
imapickle: i am not ur lover!
dustin: we shall start with the Best Host Award
Enzo1997: I hate thos people things
∞ kude claps for para, who surly isn't a person ∞
lUpUs fErOx: dementor
Enzo1997: Para, Mentor
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: how can you possibly interupt?
Enzo1997: Whirl
Enzo1997: Done
Enzo1997: Nuff' Said
Enzo1997: Lret
dustin: Hosts are the homely houses of lux
Enzo1997: Let's move on
dustin: and key to a good environment
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: some more homely then others
∞ Deep Blue's praises the host ∞
CUflea: so whose the best host?
lUpUs fErOx: depends on what you are used too
dustin: honorable mention for Best Host goes to gfips
∞ TSK kicks Maayea under the table ∞
∞ Enzo1997 Toast's the host ∞
lUpUs fErOx: you juvenile delinquint.....
lUpUs fErOx: i misspelled that
Pauley: yea
lik13: weeheee gfips
Pauley: yea
∞ JJazz claps politely ∞
Milltycoon: Please let Enzo win best host... Please let Enzo win best host...
∞ Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa! thinks TSK really wants to play footsie ∞
Enzo1997: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo flings a pistachio at GFips ∞
JJazz: Lol gooo para Im voting for him!
GFips: ty all
dustin: honorable mention for Best Host goes to KingPatrick
PJB: congrats
TSK: Congrats, GFips!
kude: I wanted fips
mentor09: grats
luizze90: wow
Enzo1997: If I win this is sad
∞ Behemoth wants the prescription kude has ∞
Enzo1997: IS JOKE?
Deep Blue's: is it to late to vote?
Engie: congrats gfips!!
Engie: congrats KP!!
paranoiarodeo: The always splendid KP ... !
Enzo1997: KP hosted?
kude: congrats to KP
mentor09: grats KP
Enzo1997: KP hosted?
lik13: congrats kp!
kude: I said the same about you
dustin: Third place Best Host Award goes to WhirlPlaid !
Enzo1997: KP hosted?
the Wizard of: wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
kude: Yay whirly!
imapickle: kps fractured earth
∞ WhirlPlaid bows ∞
∞ lik13 clap clap ∞
Enzo1997: WHIRL
the Wizard of: nice
Drifter: Woooo
∞ imapickle claps ∞
Enzo1997: WOOOOOOo
∞ paranoiarodeo slaps Whirly's ass in a manly sorta way ∞
Engie: congrats WP!
Engie: !
imapickle: !
Drifter: Congrats WP
∞ TSK slaps Whirly's ass in a girly sorta way ∞
dustin: Second place Best Host Award goes to mentor09 / ManicMonday !!
Engie: congrats MENTOR!!!!!!!!
Pauley: yea
Engie: :))
Pauley: yea
∞ lik13 clap clap ∞
Enzo1997: First goes to para
Enzo1997: D:
Drifter: Congrats Mentor
mentor09: thanks :-)
Engie: manic's rome is the bomb!
Enzo1997: GO MENTOR
Engie: :)
∞ WhirlPlaid rubs both cheeks ∞
PJB: congrats
∞ paranoiarodeo woohoos for MentorMonday ∞
JJazz: WOOOh Mentor~!
luizze90: congrats
luizze90: wow
dustin: the winner of the Best Host Award this year recieved the most votes of any winner in any category
mentor09: para !
Behemoth: ...
dustin: a clear hosting champion
Enzo1997: para
WhirlPlaid: w00t mentor09!
JJazz: para!
Enzo1997: para
Enzo1997: para
Enzo1997: para
Enzo1997: para
∞ paranoiarodeo gasps ∞
Behemoth: drumroll
JJazz: gooooo para!
∞ JJazz votes for para ∞
mentor09: he gets a heart attack now :)
dustin: The 2011 Best Host Award goes to paranoiarodeo !!!!!
GFips: Congrats Whirl, Mentor and Para !!!! All well deserved !
Engie: CONGRATS PARA!!!!!!! You have made lux what it is to this day!!! We truly appreciate all the work you do for us day in and day out! :)
the Wizard of: woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Behemoth: gosh!
imapickle: woohoo
lik13: yahahahaaahoooooooooo
luizze90: wow
Deep Blue's: woooo!
PJB: congrats
dustin: congrats
Enzo1997: congits
∞ lik13 bang bang bang! ∞
TSK: Thank you, SuperHost!
Behemoth: :)
kude: YAY PARA!
JJazz: WOOOOOOOOh LOL ENGIE you had typed that before it was anounced
♥♥♥ dustin loves hosts ♥♥♥
Engie: yup
Engie: :)
∞ paranoiarodeo bows with a hand twirl ∞
TSK: Woooo and Hoooooo!
luizze90: congrats para
∞ kude passes the scotch ∞
Milltycoon: wow. I would have thought that lobotomist would have taken this one over Para
JJazz: haha
♥♥♥ Engie starts an encore chant ♥♥♥
WhirlPlaid: paranoiarodeo KICKS ASS!!!
∞ Drifter slides brother para an extra large bowl of pistachios ∞
TSK: heh
paranoiarodeo: I know right ... ?
∞ Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa! has to go take care of patients. ∞
Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa!: Stay in school, dont do drugs and play more vox
Enzo1997: Sorry willty, I failed you
paranoiarodeo: (stoopid lobotomist.)
♥♥♥ JJazz continues the encore chat ♥♥♥
Enzo1997: Sorry willty, I failed you
Enzo1997: *millty
∞ Bod gets the Highland Park out to share with the host with the most ∞
Milltycoon: I saw it, Enzo..
Enzo1997: FAILED YOU
Drifter: Congrats broether para ∞∞∞
paranoiarodeo: ∞
TSK: Hello, Baden
Drifter: brother* even
Behemoth: Ah
kude: hey
WhirlPlaid: yo Baden!
lUpUs fErOx: next
Enzo1997: Baden
Baden: Hi all
lik13: hello
paranoiarodeo: Should have a permanent winner picks room up sometime next week ...
dustin: now it's time for some entertainment
Enzo1997: I am sorry to say you didn't win best host
JJazz: Congratz para (who is the father he never had in lux (who taught him the game ))
dustin: with the Most Entertaining Player Award
Behemoth: cool, dancing girls?
Milltycoon: The most entertaining player is obviously Rubeng
WhirlPlaid: all hail Winner Picks!
dustin: these people bring fun and humour to Luxtopia
TSK: Better... dancing paranoiarodeo!
dustin: and it's much appreciated
∞ Behemoth is unsure... ∞
∞ Engie voted his favorite know ∞
Engie: knot*
imapickle: i vote for the dancing girls
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player goes to Baden !
TSK: Awww
GFips: Congrat Baden!
∞ imapickle claps ∞
Engie: congrats baden!!
Behemoth: brilliant!
Drifter: Congrats Baden
kude: yay baden
imapickle: !
WhirlPlaid: Nice
mentor09: excellent :-)
Pauley: congrats
TSK: Baden! Congratulations, sir!
dustin: ;-)
Enzo1997: that was my vote
kude: unban baden
Enzo1997: nope
∞ paranoiarodeo resists the urge to facepalm ∞
Enzo1997: never
kude: kidding
Baden: fine to get the award as no native speaker, thanks
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player goes to dollabillz !
Behemoth: hehehhe
kude: yay dolla
∞ WhirlPlaid socks paranoiarodeo in manly kinda way, ∞
luizze90: wow
GFips: wow - congrat $$
Enzo1997: dolladollabillz y'all
luizze90: congrats Baden
JJazz: WOOh Dolla!
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player goes to TSK !
WhirlPlaid: $
Behemoth: :)
TSK: One of my personal favorites!
kude: YAY TSK!
mentor09: is there an award for worst language as well ? :-) Maybe next year ? :-)
Enzo1997: WE ARE BADEN
WhirlPlaid: w00t TSK!
imapickle: lol
PJB: congrats
TSK: Aw, ty
Engie: congrats dolla!!
imapickle: congrats
TSK: heh
GFips: TSK'arling !!!! Congrats !!!!!
∞ Drifter slaps TSK in the butt ∞
TSK: Sure that's not Worst Typing?
mentor09: grats dolla
∞ paranoiarodeo throws flower petals in TSK's general direction ∞
WhirlPlaid: LOL at TSK
∞ JJazz steps in and catches Drifter before the slap conncects ∞
Engie: congrats TSK!!!!!
dustin: Third place Most Entertaining Player Award goes to Smashley !
Engie: :)
the Wizard of: SMASH!!!!
kude: yay smashly
luizze90: congrats dollabillz
mentor09: righty TSK :)
WhirlPlaid: Smashers!
Engie: congrats smash!
Engie: !
Milltycoon: Never heard of him
♥♥♥ TSK hugs Lux in general ♥♥♥
JJazz: WOOOOH babycakes!!!!!!!!!!!!
♥♥♥ JJazz hugs his favorite girl! ♥♥♥
luizze90: congrats TSK
∞ Drifter eyeballs JJazz ∞
mentor09: smasho !!!
JayBizzy: way to go smash!
Shockandawe: baby.... cakes...?
dustin: Second place Most Entertaining Player Award goes to Mazza !!
JJazz: lol quiet shockandawe
kude: yay mazza!
paranoiarodeo: (oh lord.)
Enzo1997: first is nimmod
PJB: congrats mazz
WhirlPlaid: Mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza
JJazz: Mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza!
Engie: congrats mazz!!
mentor09: grats maza
Milltycoon: Please let the winner be Ratmouse... Please let the winner be Ratmouse...
Drifter: It's that g-string of his
luizze90: congrats mazza
kude: watch para win first somehow
WhirlPlaid: that wold be gold
Enzo1997: Milltycoon shall win
TSK: Mazza!!!!
Drifter: Congrats lil bro
dustin: and the Winner of the 2011 Most Entertaining Player Award ...
JJazz: its going to be engie
paranoiarodeo: Good thing Mazza's never sober enough to remember half of how he's "entertained" us ...
JJazz: haha
Milltycoon: Please let the winner be Ratmouse...
dustin: goes to that waskally charachter ...
Behemoth: the way he wears the string outside his shorts, that's the trick to it
dustin: jesterme !!!
WhirlPlaid: Yo jes!
GFips: Congrats Ashley! Mazzarati (my bloody australian coach!)! Jesterme!
kude: yay jester!
the Wizard of: hey!!! grats!
luizze90: wow
∞ paranoiarodeo gigglesnorts ∞
Milltycoon: Congratulations, Jesterme
Baden: good choice
Drifter: Congrats jester!
imapickle: congrats
mentor09: Jes !
PJB: congrats
Enzo1997: grats
JJazz: JESTERME!!!!! congratz!!!! oops i mean "jesterme"
dustin: big congratulations !!!
luizze90: congrats jester
TSK: Yayyyyy, jesterme!!!!!
∞ Deep Blue's drinks to that ∞
TSK: Excellent choice!
paranoiarodeo: jesterme's an amusing fellow indeed ...
∞ WhirlPlaid hands out refilly's ∞
luizze90: speech....
dustin: now we move from frivolity onwards
Engie: congrats jesterme!!!!!!!!!!!
imapickle: and upwards
dustin: to the Most Sportsmanlike Player award
Engie: South texas representtttt
Enzo1997: Milltycoon
Baden: I am the most entertaining german player. Nice since many say that germans have no humor...
Enzo1997: wins
paranoiarodeo: Oh shame dolla's not here to accept this award too ...
dustin: these fine players keep things sane and friendly in an online war game
Engie: lol
Engie: ^
kude: so, not engie than
TSK: Ummmm
Bod: lol
TSK: Hmmmm
Enzo1997: If I even get a single award I will laugh
dustin: honorable mention for Most Sportsmanlike Player goes to imapickle !
Enzo1997: (In this catagory)
the Wizard of: WOOOO!
imapickle: :-)
kude: yay pickle!
WhirlPlaid: PICKLE
TSK: pickly congrats!!!!!
kude: actually, I think I voted for engie...
imapickle: thank you
GFips: TOUCHDOWN! Congrats Pickle!
Drifter: Woo pickle
Enzo1997: I prefer DooooooooooooooooooooooomFM
Behemoth: yes
luizze90: congrats pickly
paranoiarodeo: pickly winner of this year's Map Retro tourney too ...
Behemoth: iamnotpickle btw
Baden: congrats pickle
JJazz: did you vote for me engie?
JJazz: Lol
dustin: honorable mention for Most Sportsmanlike Player goes to Dominator !
kude: yay dom!
TSK: Well done, you!!
JJazz: Congratz pickle!
Enzo1997: DOM!
∞ imapickle claps ∞
Drifter: Yea Dommie!
JJazz: congratz dominatororor
mentor09: dom !
GFips: Congrats Dom!
WhirlPlaid: Dom!
kude: DOM!DOM!DOM!
PJB: congrats dom
luizze90: congrats Dominator
Behemoth: Iamabehemoth congrats iamapickle
TSK: Bravo, Dominator
dustin: Third place Most Sportsmanlike Player goes to WhirlPlaid !!
GFips: Congrats Whirl!!!
Drifter: Congrats Whirly!
TSK: Whirly!!!!!
PJB: congrats
luizze90: wow
kude: WHIRLY~
mentor09: good choice as well :)
TSK: Whirly!!!!
imapickle: nice
Behemoth: well done
the Wizard of: yayyy!!!
∞ WhirlPlaid bows ∞
Pauley: yea, whoop, whoop
TSK: Whirly!!!!!
∞ paranoiarodeo respects how Dom is extra "sportsmanlike" when "educating" Engie ∞
Enzo1997: WHIRLY
luizze90: congrats whirl
dustin: Second place Most Sportsmanlike Player goes to meron !!
∞ paranoiarodeo slaps Whirly's ass in a manly sorta way (again) ∞
Deep Blue's: BOOOOOOO
GFips: congrats MERON!
Drifter: Yay Meron!
Pauley: yea
Pauley: yea
TSK: Meron!!!!
Pauley: yea
Baden: goo choice
Pauley: yea
Deep Blue's: should have been first
kude: MERON!
TSK: Such a peach!
Enzo1997: MERON
∞ WhirlPlaid socks paranoiarodeo (again) ∞
mentor09: meron!
luizze90: congrats meron
∞ Drifter slaps TSK's ass just for fun ∞
Pauley: best guy online
∞ WhirlPlaid socks Drifter ∞
∞ JJazz catches Drifters hand again before it lands ∞
imapickle: what r u doing with paras socks?
the Wizard of: Meron!!!!!!!
dustin: And the 2011 Most Sportsmanlike Player Winner is ... Schroberts !!!!
the Wizard of: grats!
paranoiarodeo: Ms. 'berts ... ?!
∞ TSK turns the other cheek ∞
WhirlPlaid: YO SCHRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GFips: SCHRO!!! Congrats!
the Wizard of: WOO!!! Schro!!!!!!!!
∞ JJazz massages Tsk's butt from the hard slap to make it feel better ∞
mentor09: Schrob !!!!
Milltycoon: She is more of a sportswoman
PJB: congrats
TSK: SCHRO!!!!!!!
luizze90: congrats
paranoiarodeo: *sportslady
dustin: congrats sportsmen
∞ Pauley flings large amounts of cash to schoberts ∞
JJazz: WOOOOOOOOH gooo Schroberts!!!!!!
imapickle: :-)
dustin: and sportswomen
Drifter: Congrats Schroberts!
dustin: everywhere
TSK: YEA!!!!
∞ Deep Blue's drinks anyway ∞
lik13: cangRats all!
lik13: co
paranoiarodeo: Kangrataroos .. ?
Enzo1997: SCHROB!
imapickle: she is very polite
dustin: next up we recognize the fresh meat of luxtopia
TSK: And excellent company
imapickle: and had to endure being called scrob
dustin: the Rookie of the Year Award
imapickle: a lot
Behemoth: when a kangaroo and a croc mate?
imapickle: and shrub
the Wizard of: crocaroo?
Drifter: Wookies!!!
imapickle: and stuff
Engie: congrats schro!!
Engie: :)
imapickle: by people who cant read
dustin: there was quite a crop of new players this year
kude: ROY
Behemoth: crop or croc?
Enzo1997: *RoY
paranoiarodeo: Shame none of them were literate enough to show up for their tourney ...
∞ paranoiarodeo grumbles ∞
TSK: heee
∞ Baden wonders if Mark Zuckerberg will get a medal as most communicative player ∞
kude: he
Drifter: heh
dustin: Honorable mention for Rookie of the Year goes to AtomicEyes
imapickle: lol
the Wizard of: welcome AE
paranoiarodeo: :shock:
kude: welcome!
∞ lik13 claps ∞
Enzo1997: WHOO
Drifter: Wooo AE
Enzo1997: GO AE
Behemoth: Wha?!
WhirlPlaid: if that damn autoboot didn't work I woulda taken the rookie award.
TSK: Nice work!
dustin: Honorable mention for Rookie of the Year goes to Rubén80
the Wizard of: hahaha
Enzo1997: Who?
kude: yay rube!
∞ lik13 claps ∞
Pauley: claps
Enzo1997: Who is rube?
the Wizard of: whee!
∞ paranoiarodeo claps politely ∞
Enzo1997: Congrats anyhow
dustin: Honorable mention for Rookie of the Year goes to Rambo96
Enzo1997: Again who?
kude: yay Rambo!
lik13: yo Rambo
Baden: he is nice, I agree
Enzo1997: Congrat
Behemoth: first blood etc.. y'know
Drifter: Congrats Rubén n Rambo
kude: enzo, you have to get out more
Enzo1997: Who are these people
dustin: Third place Rookie of the Year goes to Danzer !
GFips: Congrat Rookies! welcome to the veterans now!
Enzo1997: DANZER!
Drifter: I remember when I wondered who Enzo was
kude: DAN!
Enzo1997: WOOT
luizze90: congrats Ruben and rambo
TSK: Danzer, nice!
∞ lik13 claps ∞
the Wizard of: grats Dan!
WhirlPlaid: danzer!! w00t
paranoiarodeo: Ah yes Ms. 'zer ... !
Behemoth: Atomic Eyes... well i never... well done
Enzo1997: I am not a roman Kude.
dustin: Second place Rookie of the Year goes to mollin26 !
Drifter: Congrats Danzer
Shockandawe: Who is the Drifter guy? Seems real shady..
Enzo1997: MOLLIN!
TSK: mollin!!!!!!
Baden: never met
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Post by paranoiarodeo » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:13 pm

(Part 3 of 3.)

TSK: so good!
∞ lik13 claps ∞
Drifter: Shaddap Shockers
WhirlPlaid: yo shock!
TSK: congratulations!!!!
the Wizard of: yay!
TSK: (that too)
TSK: ;-)
dustin: And the 2011 Rookie of the Year Award Winner is ... Manel4 !!!
Shockandawe: hi whirl
Drifter: Yea mollin!
Enzo1997: MANEL!!!
GFips: Congrats!!!!
paranoiarodeo: Good for Manel ... !
imapickle: congrats
lik13: yyaayyy manel, i know this guy
Enzo1997: WOOT
TSK: Congratulations, Manel!
Drifter: Congrats Manel!
∞ lik13 clap clap clap ∞
luizze90: congrats Manel
PJB: congrats guys
∞ Deep Blue's claps ∞
dustin: big welcome to all the 2011 rookies
∞ Pauley sings a song for Manel's victory. Also a great sportsman ∞
∞ Drifter congrats all the wookies! ∞
∞ GFips missing Enzo say: who is manel ∞
paranoiarodeo: One for the few newbies who chats politely and enjoys getting to know everyone ...
kude: Go Rookies
dustin: hope to see you around for many years
TSK: Indeed!
the Wizard of: huzzah!
Enzo1997: Fips I only didn't know 2
WhirlPlaid: Yeah Yeah Manel!!
Baden: the game culture was much better this year. My peception..
∞ mentor09 did not vote since he knows noone of them ;-) ∞
♥♥♥ Enzo1997 hugs Manel4 ♥♥♥
luizze90: yeah Dustin
Baden: perception
mentor09: grats !
∞ GFips is sure manel played on manic monday! ∞
∞ TSK encourages mentor to visit more often... ∞
TSK: ;-)
dustin: next we come to the Best Forum Influence Award
dustin: the forums are the flip side of online lux
mentor09: ;)
dustin: a more permanent outpost for discussion and planning
mentor09: TSK !!!!
Behemoth: like the heel of a shoe
kude: not enough new users use the forums
JJazz: hey tsk?
Deep Blue's: lets keep it that way
Enzo1997: TSK WINS
Drifter: and full of zombies this time of year
imapickle: the thing about forums
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to Mazza
JJazz: can you copy and paste the whole conversatoin to a pm or someting afterwards for me?
imapickle: is youre either for um or against um
GFips: Mazzarati!
TSK: Mazza!!!!!
JJazz: im going to ahve to go
∞ paranoiarodeo is gonna try luring more newbies into the forums in his hosts ∞
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to Nimrod7
mentor09: JJazz will be posted as usual
TSK: So philosophical...
luizze90: wow mazza
kude: go nimmy!
JJazz: k
PJB: congrats mazz
GFips: Nimmy!!
dustin: (the award winners will all be posted in the forum afterwards)
∞ paranoiarodeo wishes Nimmy where here so he could pop his nose ∞
Drifter: Yea Nimbutt!
TSK: Nimmy!!!!!
∞ lik13 clap clap ∞
mentor09: nimbot !
Enzo1997: WHOOHOO
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to Llux Llama
kude: go llama!
∞ Enzo1997 throws peanuts EVERYWHERE ∞
Enzo1997: LLAMA
TSK: Sweet Llama!!
imapickle: hooray
the Wizard of: yay!
WhirlPlaid: yo nimy!!!!!!
crazygreens: Congrates everyone!!!
Drifter: My llama
∞ paranoiarodeo demands moar naked llama ∞
mentor09: correct :)
∞ TSK joins in the peanut throwing ∞
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to paranoiarodeo
GFips: LL!!!!! long time not seen. Bit always great forum posts!
∞ WhirlPlaid eats more peanuts ∞
kude: go para!
lik13: weehhee
Enzo1997: Lllovely Llamma
∞ Drifter hogties Enzo for throwing peanuts ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo hehs ∞
∞ imapickle thought he was banned ∞
Drifter: Congrats brother para!
GFips: Congrats hehing PARA
TSK: every forum need a grumpy elitist!
∞ kude throws pine nuts ∞
TSK: Yay, paranoiarodeo!!!
mentor09: para nods !
kude: everyone forgets the pines
∞ paranoiarodeo promises moar grumpiness in the next twelve months ∞
dustin: Third place Best Forum Influence Award goes to Mud !
WhirlPlaid: to mr. p!!
∞ Pauley claps for para while dodging all the things he flings ∞
Enzo1997: MUD!
Behemoth: Mud!
kude: Go mud!
Enzo1997: Whoo!
GFips: MUD!
Behemoth: SOLE OF A SHOE
Drifter: MUD!!! WHOOT!
kude: MUD MUD MUD!
mentor09: mud - respect !
TSK: MUD!!!!!
lik13: congRats mud
∞ TSK salutes her hero ∞
dustin: Second place Best Forum Influence Award goes to jesterme !
Engie: congrats mud!!
kude: yeah jester!
the Wizard of: yay!
Baden: congrats Para, a sucessful resocialization :)
Drifter: Nice Jester!
Enzo1997: Yay!
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders where AliG is when you need him most ∞
luizze90: congrats mud ans jes
TSK: jesterme, you're a gem!
dustin: And the 2011 Best Forum Influence Award goes to ... TSK !!!!!
Behemoth: yes!
imapickle: !!
Behemoth: haha
Enzo1997: NO SUPRISE
GFips: Jesterme! Who let clowns in the forum? ;-)
Drifter: YEA TSK!!!
lik13: weeeeeheheh
kude: TSK!TSK!TSK!
Behemoth: well done
∞ Pauley congradulates Jester as he just announced he is pregnant ∞
Behemoth: !
mentor09: TSK !!!! all said :-)
♥♥♥ Enzo1997 Hugs TSK ♥♥♥
∞ paranoiarodeo woulda voted twice for TSK if he coulda ∞
WhirlPlaid: yo Jes! You know!
the Wizard of: yay!
∞ lik13 clap clap ∞
luizze90: congrats TSK
∞ TSK blushes fiercely... and hides her ass ∞
PJB: congrats
Enzo1997: ---<@
TSK: Thanks so much!
imapickle: well done
ˆ˚TC˚ˆ: very much deserved!
kude: we need a best mafia host award
ˆ˚TC˚ˆ: congrats
imapickle: gg
dustin: much thanks to everyone who participates in the forums
Behemoth: The soles of her shoes are very attractive
dustin: in a positive manner ;-)
Enzo1997: GIMPY
WhirlPlaid: TSK, TSK, TSK!!!
∞ GFips requests to give reaper a forum account ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo misses his old forum flame wars; sniffles ∞
Baden: I participate as reader :)
∞ kude gives hugs to all ∞
imapickle: best forum reader award
Behemoth: best reader of the forum award goes to....
Behemoth: haha
TSK: heee
Behemoth: iamapickle after all!
imapickle: lol
kude: say, why doesn't dustin win awards?
Shockandawe: your money is award enough
the Wizard of: haha
TSK: Maybe he'll get a special award this year....
dustin: the final section of the awards gala are the Hall of Fame Inductions
kude: best game maker of past decade?
the Wizard of: SCHRO!!!!!
mentor09: SCHROB !!!!!
TSK: Lux Vagabond at Large?
PJB: schrobertssss
WhirlPlaid: YO SCHRO!!!
the Wizard of: You won girl!!
Drifter: Dustin awarded out a couple of years ago
TSK: Schroberts!!!!!!
mentor09: grats !
Schroberts: hi all!!!! :D
imapickle: u won something
TSK: You won!!!!!
Schroberts: won what?!
kude: SCHROB!
imapickle: not money
Pauley: wlcme Schoberts
Enzo1997: Most sportsmanlike
TSK: Most Sportspersonlike
Schroberts: damn.
dustin: first place Most Sportsmanlike
dustin: Schroberts
Schroberts: oh, really?
Schroberts: wow
dustin: congrats
TSK: Yes!!!!!
Behemoth: womanlike too
∞ lik13 bang bang bang ∞
Schroberts: thanks!! :D
imapickle: most womanlike player
Schroberts: well, womanlike is a given ;)
∞ TSK congratulates Lux on their good taste in sports ∞
Drifter: Congrats Schroberts
Milltycoon: It's a _sexy_ given...
∞ paranoiarodeo slaps Schroberts's ass in a manly sorta way ∞
dustin: we have 6 Hall of Fame Inductions this year
∞ paranoiarodeo whistles ∞
Baden: she plays like a man, hell...
∞ the Wizard of ties a pillow over his ass ∞
Schroberts: lol
kude: 6!?!?
TSK: heh
dustin: please join me in welcoming 3DA to the Hall of Fame
Behemoth: one more than 5 kude
imapickle: !!
the Wizard of: yay!!!
mentor09: 2da !
lUpUs fErOx: #DA
WhirlPlaid: DDDA!!!!!!!
Schroberts: YAY
kude: 3dA!
Schroberts: 3deeee :D
PJB: 3deezy
the Wizard of: hahaha
TSK: T'ree! Oh my word!
Behemoth: yay
imapickle: thats nice
TSK: Heeeeeeeeee
Enzo1997: 3DEEAY
dustin: winner of the 'Lux Slam' multiple most sportsmanlike awards, amongst other medals
paranoiarodeo: Winner of most fifth places last week too ... !
Behemoth: treedeeeayyyy!
Baden: 3DA is good choice. But he should say bye in future if he leaves the room
Schroberts: heh
mentor09: lol
Deep Blue's: sup hugo
mentor09: C !
mentor09: D !
Hugo: hi all
the Wizard of: hey huggy
TSK: Hi Hugo
Schroberts: hi hugo :)
dustin: The Hall of Fame is glad for the addition of Mazza to its ranks
lUpUs fErOx: k!
Schroberts: MAZZZZAAAA!!
the Wizard of: yay!
WhirlPlaid: Yo Mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzza!
kude: MAZZA!
mentor09: grats, mazza !
Schroberts: i voted for both those peeps :)
Behemoth: skippy does it again
Drifter: YO MAZZA!!!
∞ imapickle claps ∞
mentor09: CD ure a coward :-)
Baden: I love oz, so I love Mazza
♥♥♥ Pauley Mazza cheese ♥♥♥
WhirlPlaid: w00t! w00t! w00t!
kude: I voted for 3D
lik13: congRats mazza
Milltycoon: Congratulations, Mazza
TSK: Does his statue have room for the golden g-string?
TSK: Congratzzz, Mazzz!
kude: next up is...
Enzo1997: Kude
dustin: another 'Lux Slam' winner, boutiful moderator, and ozzie flavors
Enzo1997: HOF inductee 2011
∞ Behemoth brushes himself off ∞
Drifter: He'll put the g-string on the head of the statue
Shockandawe: oops
GFips: sorry i am bit late, but glad to see my votes where successfull! Congrat Mazza! 3DA!
luizze90: congrats mazza
paranoiarodeo: Does his statue swirl backwards if he flushes it in his Aussie toilet ... ?!
WhirlPlaid: lol
Drifter: lol
dustin: indeed it probably does
TSK: Prolly, Drifter... those wacky Aussies....
Baden: Dustin drops out?
dustin: furthermore, the Hall of Fame welcomes GFips !
lUpUs fErOx: lux is so unstable.....
kude: GFIPS!
∞ Behemoth takes out his Portaloo to check... ∞
the Wizard of: woooo!!!!
Schroberts: YAY FIPPERS!
Schroberts: all my votes! :D
imapickle: !
GFips: holy! What?
mentor09: fipper !
kude: YEAH!
WhirlPlaid: right on fips!!!
luizze90: wow Gfips
PJB: congtas G
Milltycoon: Congratulations, GFips
∞ paranoiarodeo golf claps ∞
Behemoth: well done
♥♥♥ Pauley GFIPS ♥♥♥
GFips: how did i deserve that?
Drifter: FIPS!
lik13: yooo gfipsssssss
lik13: congratulations!
dustin: winner of the 'Lux Slam' plus a good host, and storied MOTW champion
lUpUs fErOx: Gspot......
imapickle: well done gfips
Enzo1997: FIPS
GFips: wow - me speechless
imapickle: :-)
kude: so far, three great entrees
lUpUs fErOx: weldone
dustin: thanks for everything GFips
dustin: =)
lUpUs fErOx: and map controller
GFips: i have to thank - lol
lUpUs fErOx: map labber i mean
dustin: Dominator will be a pride in the Hall of Fame as well
kude: DOM!
mentor09: dom!
paranoiarodeo: (he was robbed last year.)
Enzo1997: DOM
kude: two more
PJB: dom the best
WhirlPlaid: DOM
Schroberts: congrats dom!!!
Drifter: DOMMIE!!!!!
Enzo1997: Milltycoon and PJB
Behemoth: bravo
GFips: congrat dom!
dustin: the 2006 Rookie of the Year
Drifter: Congrats bud!
Enzo1997: What?
Milltycoon: congratulations Dominator
∞ imapickle claps ∞
kude: HEY!
dustin: he continues to shine in the online game world of Lux
TSK: Congratulations again, Dominator!
luizze90: congrats Dom
paranoiarodeo: Would be nice to see him around more often though ...
∞ paranoiarodeo frowny faces ∞
Baden: I dislike only his name
Baden: and if he dominates
∞ TSK calls him something else in her mind... ∞
dustin: I would also like to welcome Behemoth to the Hall of Fame
kude: BEHE!
the Wizard of: yay!
mentor09: Behe !!!!
TSK: YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
imapickle: !!!!!!!
lUpUs fErOx: Mother....
dustin: one of the most storied map creators
Schroberts: BEHE!!!! :D
kude: behebehebehe!
WhirlPlaid: yo behe!!
PJB: congrats
dustin: for both lux and vox
Behemoth: gosh
Drifter: Congrats Behe!
TSK: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lUpUs fErOx: congrats!
kude: last one
Enzo1997: BEHE
TSK: Perfect choice!
Pauley: YEA
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds ∞
Enzo1997: TSK for last one
Schroberts: great inductions, all around!!
∞ Behemoth wasn't expecting that ∞
kude: yea
TSK: Oh, hell no
Enzo1997: (Confirmed in 2 mins)
imapickle: nice one
Behemoth: :)
Drifter: Well deserved, despite that whole Scooter incident...
Behemoth: thank you
TSK: Behemoth, you're a Lux treasure!
TSK: Thank you for all you do!
Behemoth: scooter... and that other thing
Behemoth: and that time..
Drifter: Yea... that...
Behemoth: ;)
∞ Drifter snickers ∞
∞ TSK shushes Drifter and Behe ∞
∞ Drifter looks around ∞
Enzo1997: ME GUSTA
dustin: Finally, the Hall of Fame is glad to have mentor09 join its ranks
Enzo1997: MENTOR
Schroberts: wooohooooooo
dustin: for his ranking page creations
Behemoth: well done
WhirlPlaid: mentor09!!!
Schroberts: yay mentor!!
dustin: and generous hosting
∞ mentor09 blushes ∞
imapickle: good stuff
lik13: congRats mentoR
PJB: congrats mentor you more than deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TSK: Nicely done!
Milltycoon: congratulations Mentor
luizze90: congrats mentor
Baden: deserved
∞ Pauley he worked so hard on the Olympics. He was great ∞
Drifter: MENTOR!!!
∞ paranoiarodeo claps politely ∞
Behemoth: good thing you held onto your towel... well done!
kude: many great new people
dustin: Huge congrats to the 6 new Hall of Fame members
GFips: also congrats to Behe (was on the phone, so a bit late!)
Milltycoon: Does this conclude the gala?
Enzo1997: WHOO HOO
TSK: Yes, congratulations all
Behemoth: ditto fips
luizze90: congrats all
dustin: and many thanks to everyone who showed up today for the awards gala
kude: it was great
Schroberts: i don't know who else won what else, but congrats all around!!! :D
luizze90: tks
PJB: congrats to all winners
∞ kude throws all sorts of nuts everywhere ∞
∞ Drifter sees JJazz isn't looking and goes for the ass slap on TSK... ∞
WhirlPlaid: good times!
paranoiarodeo: Good times all around ...
∞ Drifter grabs his walker and starts heading to the door to beat the crowd... ∞
∞ TSK throws kude everywhere ∞
kude: yay
∞ Pauley quietly tells Schoberts she also won a Chevy Corvette with her honor ∞
TSK: Thank you, dustin!
the Wizard of: yay!
Behemoth: :)
paranoiarodeo: Thanks dustin ... !
Enzo1997: HAPPY
Enzo1997: HAPPY
lik13: ongRatulations to eveRybodyR!
Enzo1997: HAPPY
Milltycoon: very well done.
Schroberts: thanks dustin!!!!
Drifter: Thank You Quasar!
Baden: Dustin missed the most frequent player medal :)
the Wizard of: Bots first
dustin: the award winners will be posted in the forums later today
GFips: Dustin has also a impressing winning percentage!
TSK: Bye, all
Behemoth: :)
dustin: there will be an official chatlog posted also
Schroberts: later peeps!! :D
∞ paranoiarodeo ushers everyone toward the exits ∞
∞ kude slips on one of enzo's peanuts ∞
imapickle: encore
WhirlPlaid: I love this game!
∞ Drifter is still shuffling towards the door ∞
Baden: Lux exit is a rotating door
Enzo1997: Goodbye
imapickle: whatabout tourney winners?
∞ toadhill honestly thought it started at 5 eastern and regrets not showing up sooner ∞
kude: nobody cares abouut them
paranoiarodeo: Fully tourney recaps tonight and tomorrow ...
Enzo1997: That's not anouced yet
luizze90: bye
imapickle: righto
kude: see you all at the haloween ball!
∞ paranoiarodeo continues ushering ∞
imapickle: see u
mentor09: cu
imapickle: ty usher
∞ Drifter continues shuffling ∞
Baden: I host some 5,10,15 with 50%. Join!
kude: I'm good, thanks
the Wizard of: I can't place my troops something's wrong
∞ paranoiarodeo turns off the lights ∞


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