HOF 2015 - Lupus Ferox (-LF-)

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HOF 2015 - Lupus Ferox (-LF-)

Post by GFips » Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:41 am

Congratulations on being inducted into the 2015 Lux Hall of Fame! :smt023
LF's player page

▉ dustin: next up we honor one of the greatest Lux map makers of all time
▉ dustin: creator of 37 maps, including some of the most loved and played
▉ dustin: both offline and online
▉ dustin: .... Lupus Ferox !!!!
-LF-: I want to thank Mommie and Daddy...

LF - it is always a pleasure to play your maps! Great work! I hope we see more maps in future from you!
Nice to see you back in Luxtopia! Congratulation to your lifetime award!

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