HOF 2016 - Naraku

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HOF 2016 - Naraku

Post by GFips » Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:45 pm

Congratulations on being inducted into the 2016 Lux Hall of Fame! :smt054
Naraku's player page

▉ dustin: our 4th and final hall of fame induction for this year...
▉ dustin: goes to a wild charachter
▉ dustin: a #1 seed
▉ dustin: crafty competitor
▉ dustin: 20 gold MOTW monkeys
▉ dustin: 7 weekly wins
▉ dustin: creator of 16 maps
▉ dustin: ... Naraku

Congrats Naraku!
General K wrote:Naraku, what happened to your famous cartoons. this deserves one.
Hope to see a Cartoon soon from you ...

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