Luxtoberfest III Award Ceremony Chat Log

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Luxtoberfest III Award Ceremony Chat Log

Post by dustin » Sun Oct 29, 2006 5:43 pm

Here's the chat log from the Luxtoberfest III award ceremony for anyone who missed it. I edited out a bunch of <<xyz>> lines to clean it up.


▉ dustin: WELCOME
Mattman160: what's with all of the muting?
pcristov: Heymbit: someone tell Black pope I was just kidding
smedz: shes a hussie
Soca Warrior: hi RichardW!!
smedz: get her told once and for all
∞ Heymbit bows to the bong ∞
▉ dustin: thank you all for coming to the Luxtoberfest 3 award ceremonies
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt leave Lunatic Asylum pls ∞
∞ Mach clears his ears from the ringing gong. ∞
∞ Drifter sets up a Special Reserve Hard Lemonade stand ∞
▉ dustin: we are now going to begin
∞ Soca Warrior applauds loudly ∞
sasquatch: shhh, big d is speaking
RCrum: 37 people here
∞ Mouldy Dog sneaks off for a game ∞
Darth Rellek: LUXXTOBERFEST!!!
∞ Mach sets up a SoundShield. ∞
pcristov: how about some silence?
Killercatfish: woot
preacherman: congrats hoodie!
laney6969: yeah clap clap clap
▉ dustin: I will start with a short speach
▉ dustin: This year was another big one for Lux
∞ hoodie doesn't know what he did, but hoorays himself! ∞
preacherman: ∞
sasquatch: el t!
el toro: ∞
sasquatch: ∞
smedz: hey b.
RCrum: everyone mute dustin
el toro: hola
▉ dustin: the number of users grew by a huge amount this year
laney6969: shhhhhhhhh guys
Black Pope: shhhhhh
sasquatch: addicts
Tracker: ∞
∞ Black Pope holds up the peace sign ∞
AquaRegia: ∞
▉ dustin: tons of great new players
Heymbit: excellent players
▉ dustin: along with the great old ones
Heymbit: yup
∞ el toro waves to the crowd ∞
∞ SunTzu has trouble following all of the various conversations ∞
∞ Packman cheers ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo nods toward el toro ∞
∞ Black Pope whispers "hi Toro" ∞
General Zod: big up to da old skool
Soca Warrior: hi Para!!!
∞ sasquatch turns up his hearing aid ∞
▉ dustin: this year had more maps, more AIs, and some excellent random map generators as well
preacherman: Dustin this is why you need a mass "mute" for the host
paranoiarodeo: 'ello Soca ...
∞ RCrum tells everyone to be quiet ∞
laney6969: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mattman160: this is like being in gradeschool
∞ Black Pope waves his SunTzu for President mapmaker sigh ∞
Mattman160: class... CLASS!
▉ dustin: I would like to thank all of you guys for your part in Lux
▉ dustin: thank you all
Soca Warrior: this is crazy
Mouldy Dog: pass the sausages please
Black Pope: You are welcome, Dustin
Black Pope: Do we get money?
∞ General K applauds ∞
sasquatch: ty, d
pcristov: lol, pope
∞ Killercatfish applauds all ∞
∞ Mach applauds everyone. ∞
preacherman: hi Baden
∞ SunTzu hands Black Pope $50 from his advertising budget ∞
smedz: cheers dustin
Mattman160: "do we get money" lol
▉ dustin: and now, we'll start the awards
RCrum: HOORAY!! great speach dustin
∞ Black Pope applauds himself for being the most humble ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
laney6969: dam hem boot him
▉ dustin: first up is the best AI award
Mattman160: WHERE IS GENERAL K!?
Black Pope: The Tide has Clap?
∞ pcristov laughs at pope's interventions ∞
Baden: H preach, all
Soca Warrior: eww the tide
▉ dustin: the extra AIs this year have been great
∞ Drifter applauds Popey's modesty ∞
∞ hoodie hooks up the lux server to "the clapper", watches chaos ensue ∞
∞ General Zod's clapping cannot be stopped ∞
▉ dustin: with killer teaming bots abounding
∞ Black Pope acknowledges his well deserved applause ∞
Mattman160: i think i would be able to actually hear him
Soca Warrior: documan!!!
sasquatch: what's up, doc?
Dr.Thorvaldt: Herr dokumann !
laney6969: dustin tell him plz
∞ Mouldy Dog wonders off in search of sausages ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for the best AI go to Nefarious and Trotsky
Black Pope: woohoooooo
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
∞ pcristov claps ∞
hoodie: hooray!
∞ Soca Warrior hip hip hooray ∞
laney6969: yeah]
pcristov: uhuuuuuu
▉ dustin: third place best AI goes to BotOMatic
smedz: woohoo
∞ preacherman tries to remember the last time he updated Nef ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
laney6969: nice
RCrum: has Heymbit muted everyone yet?
∞ Mach claps. ∞
▉ dustin: an AI which I personally love
∞ Black Pope gives Tide the Clap ∞
∞ pcristov laughs as he applauds ∞
∞ AquaRegia just laughs ∞
pcristov: lol
documan: is this the offizial awards ceramony ?
∞ Soca Warrior dustin and BotOMatic sitting in a tree ∞
▉ dustin: all the hosts out there should play around with botomatic to create a special bot for their room
Darth Rellek: rs??
∞ RCrum whistles to dusint ∞
Mattman160: commme onnnn REAPER!
el toro: TIde got the clap from an IA?
Mach: Yes, documan.
∞ BarStar wants tides head to stop bobbing ∞
Black Pope: Yeah, can you believe it, Toro?
Killercatfish: interesting idea dustin!!
pcristov: lol, matt
sasquatch: Nef gets around
BarStar: 500 bot?
Soca Warrior: hello BarStar!!!
▉ dustin: second place best AI goes to BotOfDoom
documan: where is the champane?
∞ pls puts himself on mute to save Heymbit the trouble ∞
smedz: hey justin
Sidhe: hi justin
BarStar: SOFFIE!
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
∞ el toro waves to bar ∞
Black Pope: Bot ofDoom ROCKS
General Zod: hi justin
Black Pope: woohoooooo
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Mattman160: yaaay
▉ dustin: BotOfDoom does indeed ROCK
Soca Warrior: REAPER!!!
Soca Warrior: REAPER!!!
pcristov: lol
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is drinkin' capucinno ∞
∞ Black Pope waves his SUNTZU FOR PRESIDENT sign ∞
Mattman160: really, i've never heard him play
laney6969: wow bot of doom sucks my granny
▉ dustin: and the very best AI of 2006.....
▉ dustin: goes to REAPER!!!
preacherman: Congatulations Reaper!!
pcristov: cool
Soca Warrior: REAPER!!!
SnyperEye: its REAPERLICIOUS!!!! Wooooha!
∞ documan would like to play some deux while dustin gives his speeches ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
pcristov: lol
Killercatfish: NicE!
smedz: its a mr death from the village, hes come about the reaping
el toro: WWOOOOOO
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
pcristov: expected
Soca Warrior: woo hoo
∞ el toro claps ∞
∞ General K thank God Dustin have a black box next to his chat ∞
∞ hoodie bleep boop bleeps for the AI winners ∞
AquaRegia: way to go Bertrand
∞ BarStar claps ∞
RCrum: soooooooooooooooo predictalbe
Bertrand: Thanks everyone!
∞ SunTzu is running out of money in his advertising budget ∞
laney6969: yeah woof woof reaper yeahhhhhhhh
∞ Baden hopes for a honorable mention for most attendance ∞
Dang: lol smedz
∞ Mouldy Dog shags reapers leg ∞
∞ Black Pope gives Betrand the Clap ∞
RCrum: predictable*
pcristov: congrats, Bertrand
∞ General K applauds Reaper ∞
BarStar: SPEECH!
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is crying like a little baby ∞
Soca Warrior: CONGRATS!!!
▉ dustin: out of all the categories, Reaper got the most votes
∞ SunTzu applauds Reaper ∞
Sidhe: well done bertrand
smedz: well done Bertrand
∞ AquaRegia fears the Reaper ∞
Black Pope: SPEECH
Black Pope: SPEECH
∞ paranoiarodeo claps politely ∞
Heymbit: I missed it
Heymbit: dam comcast
∞ Black Pope waits with baited breath ∞
Heymbit: who won the bot war?
hoodie: SPICHE!
smedz: dont fear the reaper aqua
Killercatfish: Reaper
Mach: Neither Reaper nor Bertrand seem to be here...
laney6969: i fecking hate the reaper really lol
Mouldy Dog: unaccustomed as i am to public speaking
∞ documan wants a consolation prize! ∞
SnyperEye: Hoodie who?
Bertrand: Hy I am HERE!
Mouldy Dog: i would like to thank my mum
Black Pope: Not you, MD
∞ hoodie me ∞
▉ dustin: OK, next up is the Best Random Map Generator
Mouldy Dog: doh
Darth Rellek: rs
Heymbit: wait
SnyperEye: =-)
Black Pope: I dont' know what that is
Heymbit: what ai was first?
Mach: Oh! Never mind then...
Soca Warrior: congrats Bertrand
Heymbit: i'm dieing to know!
∞ RCrum steals Reaper's award and runs out of the room ∞
pcristov: lol, darth
▉ dustin: we got a few great random generators this year
Black Pope: So I voted for SunTzu
General Zod: fire drill!
laney6969: im random pope
Mattman160: is Random on?
Sidhe: there was mor than one generator???
RCrum: lol
Heymbit: lol
▉ dustin: if you haven't looked at them it's advised you do so
documan: .../mute all so dustin can he heard
pcristov: yes, sidhe
∞ Black Pope hooks generator up to his car ∞
RCrum: SUNTZU!!!!!!!
General K: lol BP
RCrum: SUNTZU!!!!!!!
∞ hoodie siphons gas from BP's car ∞
RCrum: SUNTZU!!!!!!!
Black Pope: SUNTZU
Mouldy Dog: poor yeymbit
▉ dustin: so... third place for Best Map Generator goes to IslandInfinity
AquaRegia: Hexinfinity RULES, I say
Soca Warrior: yeh
Black Pope: Hey! Where's my gas?
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ el toro generates some WUB ∞
Killercatfish: Nivr
∞ pcristov applauds ∞
BarStar: you are heard dusty we see the black box
∞ Mouldy Dog sets fire to hoodies hose ∞
Dang: come on castleinfinity
∞ Black Pope weeps bitter tears ∞
RCrum: who did island infinity?
Mach: I thought that was atom's job, toro...
pcristov: rofl
▉ dustin: it was the MOTW during this Luxtoberfest, and got a lot of play
laney6969: nice good choice clap clap
∞ Drifter gives Pope a gas can ∞
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt invites Reaper to meet his sister ∞
∞ Black Pope gives map generators the Clap ∞
pcristov: lol, Lane
laney6969: )
Dang: gregm made island, hex and castle infinity
∞ BarStar wonders where the piratemapgenerator is ∞
Killercatfish: lane is a character
∞ hoodie plays with fire, thanks for the light, MD ∞
▉ dustin: IslandInfinity was created by GregM, the same person who created BotOfDoom and BotOMatic
Black Pope: Boot Darth
∞ Mouldy Dog shags gregm leg ∞
smedz: woohoo for IslandInfinity
Black Pope: I'm a prophet
smedz: great map
▉ dustin: second placce for best map generator goes to HexInfinity
Black Pope: NICE
hoodie: hooray!
Heymbit: castle wins ^_6
Soca Warrior: yeah!!!
▉ dustin: also by GregM
Heymbit: ^_^
laney6969: feck him get on with me lol
∞ Black Pope gives GregM the clap ∞
el toro: well done
∞ Mach claps/ ∞
Dang: yeah castleinfinity
Mach: Er, claps.
▉ dustin: and the Best Map Generator of 2006 is CastleInfinity !!!!
∞ Mouldy Dog shags gregs leg again ∞
pcristov: lol
Mach: w00t!
∞ the tide claps ∞
Heymbit: cool
Black Pope: woohooooooooooooo
Soca Warrior: ugh
▉ dustin: which is TOTALLY AWESOME!
pcristov: nice
smedz: woohoo
∞ Heymbit saw it coming ∞
hoodie: niiiice
hoodie: :D
Mattman160: Black Pope: I'm a prophet <-------------- I'm telling
∞ Black Pope gives Ian the clap (again) ∞
∞ el toro claps ∞
SnyperEye: like totally
▉ dustin: all 3 of those were created by GregM
∞ Soca Warrior claps ∞
∞ AquaRegia high fives all the mapmakers ∞
laney6969: yes cool nice good choice clap clap
RCrum: lol
RCrum: wow
sasquatch: sweep
Black Pope: GregM for god
Killercatfish: wowee
RCrum: a sweep
pcristov: congrats, GregM
∞ SnyperEye applauds ∞
∞ Drifter clasps ∞
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt wants ME ∞
BarStar: LOL
preacherman: Well done GregM
Killercatfish: me bows
▉ dustin: many thanks to Greg for his wonderful creations
el toro: well done greg
∞ smedz gives GregM joes Clap ∞
∞ Black Pope types /u and fills his pants ∞
the tide: hehe
Sidhe: greg was pretty much a shoe in
Black Pope: Greg cheats or something
Dr.Thorvaldt: Gratuliere Herr GregM.
Soca Warrior: lol
Mouldy Dog: mattman 172: popey likes cheese sticks
smedz: greg rocks
smedz: you cheat
∞ Black Pope tosses out random accusations ∞
smedz: no hang on i cheat
RCrum: can we speed this up little, dustin, i gotta go soon
smedz: and team
▉ dustin: OK, next up we're doing the map awards
Mattman160: hehehe
Black Pope: Ian, you cheated on Sid with me, remember?
∞ hoodie tosses out luxtoberween candy ∞
laney6969: i hope you feckers havent forgot me ;)
smedz: shh
Mouldy Dog: rcrum: dustin will uplease rs
pcristov: lol
laney6969: best bot
Killercatfish: lol
el toro: lol
∞ Black Pope shhh's ∞
∞ smedz remembers laney ∞
Soca Warrior: lol
▉ dustin: I will start with the categories, and do the overall best map last
laney6969: )
Sidhe: I took the photos joe... remember
∞ Drifter looks for a seat ∞
∞ Killercatfish STFU ∞
Black Pope: SUNTZU
▉ dustin: so... in the Fantasy Realms category
∞ Soca Warrior pulls up a chair ∞
Black Pope: poopers
Black Pope: door
laney6969: thats me
Black Pope: brb
∞ Mouldy Dog pulls up a rug ∞
∞ el toro sits on the edge of the seat ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions go to fullerenes, Pirateers - Arrr!, and Penguin Paintball
hoodie: hooray!
∞ Soca Warrior hands Mouldy Dog a special toy ∞
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Mouldy Dog: i like fullerenes
▉ dustin: the Best Fantasy Map of 2006 is Armengia !!!
Killercatfish: NIce!
Mach: Huzzah!
laney6969: omg ive won it
hoodie: congrats!
preacherman: Yay Sun! Great map
▉ dustin: created by SunTzu
smedz: yaaaarrrr for pirateers
SunTzu: wow
∞ Drifter pushes toro out of his seat and takes that one ∞
hoodie: HOORAY!
Killercatfish: woooot
∞ AquaRegia hoists SunTzu onto his shoulders ∞
Soca Warrior: yeah
RCrum: nice, sun
∞ Mouldy Dog wonders why it buzzes ∞
∞ Mattman160 is now controlling player Dustin ∞
Soca Warrior: congrats SunTzu
▉ dustin: a wonderful map
General K: nicely done SunTzu
SunTzu: First, I'd like to thank the academy...
∞ Packman applauds ∞
∞ Soca Warrior changes the batteries ∞
Cox: congrats SunTsu
Black Pope: I'm back
Packman: awesome map SunTzu
Killercatfish: lol
∞ the tide claps ∞
Black Pope: did suntzu win ev3erything yet?
smedz: <<you>>
∞ hoodie starts playing cut the speech short music ∞
∞ SnyperEye applauds SunTzu ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: gut gemacht Suntzu
∞ laney6969 pees her panties with delight ∞
General K: lol ian
∞ el toro claps ∞
Killercatfish: lol
hoodie: lol laney
RCrum: lol laney
General K: lol
▉ dustin: in the Geographic - Asia category... honerable mentions go to WWII Tanks - Iwo Jima, and Sanguo Zhi
∞ Mouldy Dog sniffs laneys pants ∞
∞ BarStar turns over his table ∞
laney6969: hehehe]
∞ the tide claps ∞
smedz: woohoo for watersports at luxtoberfest
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt hands lane new dry panties ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ Black Pope gives Suntzu the clap that he gave to Ian and then took back ∞
Heymbit: oh, if anyone was ever interested in Memory Lux - WW2 Europe, I'm hosting now
∞ documan mutes dustin :-)
▉ dustin: the Best Asia map of 2006 is.... Japan Sengoku Jidai
Mach: Huzzah!
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
Black Pope: Sun=god
∞ el toro claps ∞
laney6969: never ever played it ops think i did and won
SnyperEye: wow didnt see that one coming
SnyperEye: =-)
Mouldy Dog: who?
General Zod: way to go JSJ
∞ Black Pope points out "small g" on the Sun=god ∞
▉ dustin: Next is Geographic Asia...
Mouldy Dog: ssssh
SunTzu: lol
▉ dustin: oops
∞ Black Pope sprays MD with mace ∞
▉ dustin: i mean Europe is next
Mouldy Dog: dont talk about him while hes here
∞ Soca Warrior covers her eyes ∞
BarStar: what map is OOPS?
Mouldy Dog: hi curly
Black Pope: I made it, Bar
laney6969: ok more about laney come on
RCrum: lol bar
∞ hoodie sprays MD with aerosol cheese ∞
Black Pope: It's my life story as a map
Killercatfish: Lol
SnyperEye: Did i vote oops?
∞ paranoiarodeo was here earlier ∞
smedz: I voted for oops infinity
el toro: where is St00pid mbauer?
∞ hoodie sprays laney with aerosol cheese too ∞
Mattman160: Black Pope!!?? You're Pregnant??!?
∞ paranoiarodeo hands *Manimal a scotch flavored cookie ∞
∞ Black Pope checks his womb ∞
BarStar: MB is sun tzu
▉ dustin: Geographic Europe honerable mentions go to WWII Battles - Operation Market Garden, Roman Empire 1, and Hungary in the 1900s
Soca Warrior: *Manimal!!!
∞ *Manimal nibbles quietly ∞
laney6969: licks her self before she gets manimals goo
*Manimal: hey all
∞ AquaRegia is rofl ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog steals hoodies cheese spray and the popes mace and combines them to make cheese beer ∞
sasquatch: start over for *manimal?
*Manimal: hehe
▉ dustin: the best Europe map of 2006 is..... Anglo-Centic Isles
SnyperEye: RS!
∞ Black Pope sips the beer, projectile vomits ∞
smedz: rs dammit
hoodie: mmmmmcheesebeer
Mach: Huzzah!
∞ Drifter pets manimal ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
preacherman: hola Muskie
smedz: hey Al
sasquatch: muskie!
BarStar: i smell fish
∞ *Manimal purrs ∞
el toro: ∞
∞ Black Pope pets his dog not his date ∞
preacherman: ∞
laney6969: no marget garden booooooooooooo
▉ dustin: Anglo-Celtic is one of my all around favorite maps
Heymbit: yeah
RCrum: nice, SunTzu
*Manimal: heya muskie
SunTzu: Second, I'd like to thank my parents, MB & BarStar...
laney6969: ;)
Heymbit: Anglo rules
▉ dustin: it's great
Black Pope: That map ROCKS
Sidhe: hi muskie sweetie
SnyperEye: I voted that too =-)
el toro: brother longfish
Black Pope: Me too
∞ RichardW yeah Su Tzu ∞
Heymbit: kudos suntzu
∞ Muskie says hey to everyone,, ∞
RCrum: it is an incredible map
▉ dustin: excellent work SunTzu
∞ paranoiarodeo nods toward longfish,,, ∞
Black Pope: All other maps are stupid and evil and must be destroyed
hoodie: big up yoursself, Sun
pcristov: congratulations, Sun
laney6969: map maker is great true
∞ Packman chants SunTzu rocks SunTzu rocks ∞
▉ dustin: Geographic North America is next
∞ smedz prays for silence for the CIA spook ∞
∞ hoodie starts a mapburning bonfire, invites the luxmob ∞
Sidhe: congt
∞ Black Pope thinks maybe he was harsher than he intended ∞
∞ Black Pope dons his CIA hat ∞
Heymbit: HA
pcristov: lol
Black Pope: LOL
Mouldy Dog: lol
▉ dustin: honerablementions for NA maps go to AHL French & Indian War, and Hawaiian Kingdom
Mattman160: hehe
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Muskie: GO BEARS
AquaRegia: lol @ GK
el toro: lol
*Manimal: GO BEARS
smedz: oohh bit of politcs there K, nice!!
laney6969: best arab is gk lol
Black Pope: Bears=666
∞ Heymbit rapes the bears ∞
Mouldy Dog: where is north america?
el toro: GO BEARS
General K: lol
RCrum: lol MD
Black Pope: K is not an arabn
SnyperEye: Mexican American?
▉ dustin: and the best north america map of 2006 is AHL Mexican-American War !!!!
Black Pope: woohoooooo
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Mach: w000t!
hoodie: :D
preacherman: congrats mb
laney6969: hehe asswipe then lol
el toro: Black Pope = LIAR
∞ Black Pope gives Mexico the clap ∞
RCrum: never played it
SnyperEye: lol
AquaRegia: was that MB?
*Manimal: lol
∞ el toro claps ∞
∞ Black Pope is tired after giving Mexico the clap ∞
pcristov: yo, *man
▉ dustin: all the AHL maps are awesome, and mexico is one of the finest
∞ the tide claps ∞
Mattman160: Black Pope, you know they hav medication for that now
▉ dustin: you are awesome mbauer
Mouldy Dog: el toro: Black Pope likes cheesebeer
∞ *Manimal slaps pcristov ∞
∞ Black Pope gets the sopositories ∞
pcristov: hehe
AquaRegia: too bad those spiders ate him
∞ smedz gets the caniston combi off K and passes it to pope ∞
pcristov: nice, mbauer
∞ SnyperEye waves to Mbauer ∞
pcristov: congrats
el toro: well done mbauer.... preach you helped him with that didn't you?
RCrum: the guest list in this room takes up 3 lines
AquaRegia: he would have enjoyed this
Killercatfish: congrats
BarStar: especially the am revolution he ripped from me
▉ dustin: next is Geographic - Other, a bit of a grab bag category
General K: lol
∞ Soca Warrior does a JIG ∞
∞ BarStar spits ∞
preacherman: Nope. Just tested it
RCrum: do i get an award, dustin?
RCrum: :)
∞ Killercatfish studies the list ∞
Mattman160: mmm grab bag
Black Pope: You get the "RCRUM" award
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for best other geographic map go to Groun Zero and The Crusades
∞ smedz awards RCrum ∞
Black Pope: Crusades rocked
∞ Mouldy Dog prods dustin for his asshat of the century award ∞
RCrum: i want the ASSHAT OF THE YEAR award
▉ dustin: and the best Other Geographic award goes to tribal africa 1800s
pcristov: lol
*Manimal: no no
*Manimal: Mouldy gets that
Killercatfish: NICE great map
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
▉ dustin: another very fun map
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
Mouldy Dog: yay
Heymbit: why is that not geographic Africa?
∞ Black Pope provides a respectful golf clap ∞
∞ el toro claps ∞
Black Pope: He left?
RCrum: i voted Borg as the map of the year
∞ Muskie waves a fin,, ∞
smedz: hurrah for the maps, they game wouldnt be half as good without them imho
Black Pope: After the gulf clap
▉ dustin: next comes the Geometric Map award
SnyperEye: theres only 2 africa maps =-)
∞ BarStar nudges popey for the antacid ∞
▉ dustin: there have been lots of fun geometric shape maps put out
∞ SunTzu wonders how Black Pope got clap from the golfers ∞
∞ Black Pope hands the antacid to his bro in Chicago ∞
∞ sasquatch tries to start "the wave" thru the crowd ∞
Mouldy Dog: it was called borg but maybe it was the matrix?
Sidhe: lol @ snyper
∞ Packman starts bouncing a big beach ball around the room ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions go to Cube Wars, Monopoluxy, and Pursuit
∞ BarStar waves ∞
∞ smedz burst the beach ball ∞
∞ Black Pope prays to Suntzu to give him the map that takes away the clap that he got from Ian ∞
∞ el toro looks for a cold cheesebeer ∞
∞ Soca Warrior bounces it too *Manimal ∞
∞ General Zod's clapping cannot be stopped ∞
hoodie: very nice maps
∞ sasquatch turns on his neon necklace ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
*Manimal: lol
pcristov: lol, K... Monopoluxy rings a bell?
∞ Black Pope massages his scalp ∞
pcristov: rofl
▉ dustin: Best Geometric Shape Map of 2006 goes to Blocks 2 - A Bridge Too Far
hoodie: nice!
preacherman: YAY EL T
Mach: !
the tide: whoooo
preacherman: ∞
hoodie: way to go el t!
SnyperEye: I voted that 2
Dang: nice
Black Pope: CUBE WARS
*Manimal: hurray!
General K: yes was my favourite in this section pc
Killercatfish: haha
Black Pope: CUBE WARS
Muskie: congrads Bar
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
▉ dustin: another of my favorite maps
∞ Sidhe claps ∞
SnyperEye: im good =-)
Mach: Well done!
Heymbit: that was so not a bridge 2 far
∞ the tide claps ∞
Black Pope: CUBE WARS
∞ laney6969 will take note and will kill on site dustin unless she wins slux of the year and gets a very shinny medal unless sidhe gets it then just a knee capping !!! ∞
∞ Mouldy Dog is going to the bar who wants a drink? ∞
paranoiarodeo: :shock:
el toro: thank you thank you
Heymbit: I call it a bridge not far enough
RCrum: that was a good map
∞ sasquatch claps El T on the back ∞
∞ hoodie votes laney for slux of the year ∞
∞ el toro high 5's bar ∞
▉ dustin: I'm looking forward to seeing the (long overdue) Blocks 1 and Blocks 3 maps
Black Pope: Toro=Bears=666
preacherman: lol
∞ AquaRegia hoists el toro upon his shoulders ∞
Black Pope: Revelations 6:57
the tide: lol
∞ Sidhe admires laney's diplomacy ∞
pcristov: chocolate chip cookies, MD, ty
AquaRegia: Mrs. Regia ups her bid
*Manimal: (long overdue)...?
laney6969: lol
∞ BarStar waves ∞
Muskie: congrads toro
∞ smedz fears for AquaRegia's shoulders ∞
▉ dustin: Historical Maps come next
Mouldy Dog: blimey cheap round then
*Manimal: tjat was unecessart
∞ SnyperEye throws a block at el toros head with a good job letter taped to it ∞
∞ el toro hugs bar ∞
Heymbit: ooh
∞ Black Pope hoists toro on his shoulder, hurts back, starts crying ∞
Heymbit: Battle of Britain
smedz: El T is a podgy wee fella
Heymbit: that's gotta win something
smedz: but cute
▉ dustin: honerablementions for historical maps go to Alexander's Empire, AHL French & Indian War, and The Crusades
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Black Pope: Alexander's Empire ROCKED
*Manimal: yay
el toro: barstar rocks!
smedz: really really cute
Mach: Indeed, BP.
Black Pope: Thuper
∞ *Manimal licks himself ∞
Black Pope: Thuper Dooper
∞ laney6969 thinks sid is as sexy as she is but has been tied down latley ∞
▉ dustin: the best historical map of 2006 is WWII Battles-Guadalcanal
Black Pope: Ian likes ropes
General K: lol
∞ sasquatch hoses smedz down with ice water ∞
∞ smedz fancies El T ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ General Zod bangs head on table ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Soca Warrior: yeah yeah
∞ Black Pope heals Zod's wounded head ∞
∞ Sidhe wonders who told laney about the ties ∞
monkeyman113: how do you mae map
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ *Manimal attempts to clap with his paws, fails, sulks ∞
Heymbit: :O
▉ dustin: the last map category is Space
Black Pope: Sid, I think it was the maid in Chicago
Black Pope: She told Laney
▉ dustin: in space, can anyone hear you Lux?
el toro: the fine folks at torstar
▉ dustin: who knows
Muskie: hehehe
Sidhe: fecking maid
laney6969: lol sid hows my spelling ;)
∞ Drifter would not be here if he could lick himself ∞
pcristov: Fane can't get in this room
∞ *Manimal licks Drifter ∞
Black Pope: Fane=Toro=Bears=666
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for best space map go to Borg, Lux Phforever, and Pod Attack
∞ laney6969 loves fane why ∞
hoodie: nice!
the tide: borg...whoooo
RCrum: Borg?
∞ Drifter puts the laser pointer on el toro's back ∞
Black Pope: s
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Muskie: GO BEARS
Mouldy Dog: FANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sasquatch: where is set?
▉ dustin: the best space map of 2006 is..... USS Lionhart, Part 1 !!!!!
Muskie: they just scored,, again
Mattman160: Lux Phforever!!
*Manimal: rofl
∞ preacherman blesses BP ∞
Mouldy Dog: hi sas
laney6969: borg rocks
hoodie: hooray for lion@
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ Mach claps/ ∞
sasquatch: hiya md
▉ dustin: congrats to Rick for an excellent map
∞ the tide claps ∞
BarStar: COME ON
AquaRegia: nice job Rich
Black Pope: If sun made a space map, it woulda won
SunTzu: lol
Soca Warrior: are we there yet??
RCrum: how many different awards are there, dustin?
Black Pope: 723
∞ Killercatfish claps the map awards! ∞
pcristov: congrats, rick... that one must've given tons of work
SunTzu: i did... Black Pope
▉ dustin: the last map award is for the VERY BEST MAP OVERALL in 2006
Black Pope: What was it?
Heymbit: sry barstar
Heymbit: get back to work on WW2 Entire World please
laney6969: omg i never won that map im rubish
∞ hoodie holds his breath ∞
Soca Warrior: Classic!!!
SunTzu: next MOTW
RCrum: Classic
Heymbit: that would so win Luxtoberfest 4
∞ Drifter saw the adult movie Pirates ∞
∞ Killercatfish was premature.. ∞
the tide: classic risk......
▉ dustin: this map would have won its category, but it gets the top overall map award instead
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt felt asleep ∞
*Manimal: classic isnt 2006 soca
*Manimal: you fool =)
Soca Warrior: for me it is
∞ hoodie is turning blue from holding his breath ∞
sasquatch: classic?
RCrum: & 4 me
▉ dustin: the Best Map of 2006 is...........
*Manimal: and u too tide
SnyperEye: CASTLE LAST KING!!!!!
∞ Black Pope punches hoodie in the gut ∞
▉ dustin: Castle Lux - The Last King !!!!
RCrum: i think Classic wins
hoodie: oof
preacherman: YAYAYAYAYA
*Manimal: nice !!!
hoodie: hooray!
the tide: excellent
Mach: W00t!
Black Pope: Great map!
RCrum: wow
preacherman: Well done MB
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Heymbit: tada
AquaRegia: good call Snype
hoodie: :D
Black Pope: woohooo
∞ the tide claps ∞
SnyperEye: BOOH YAH!!!!!!!!
∞ sasquatch furiously claps ∞
RCrum: never played it
Dang: yay
RCrum: but nice
preacherman: You rock like Lincoln
Heymbit: lol
laney6969: RS this poo lets get on!!!!
Sidhe: well done MB
General Zod: way to go CLTLK
∞ Black Pope gives The Last King the clap ∞
Dang: castle rocks
∞ el toro claps ∞
Killercatfish: NICE!
*Manimal: woooooooooooooo!!!!!
el toro: st00pid mb
∞ BarStar breaks his map making tools ∞
▉ dustin: mb's Castle Lux maps have won the best map at all 3 Luxtoberfests now
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt wakes up from the noise ∞
SnyperEye: Best map ever made
∞ hoodie takes a picture using picklevision ∞
∞ *Manimal thumps tail on ground ∞
∞ smedz votes pablo best luxer of spanish origin ∞
the tide: threepeat
▉ dustin: super congrats mb
sasquatch: where is that pickle picker?
preacherman: Damn right, and an incentive for him to make a 4th
el toro: lol
▉ dustin: i know that the Last King is one of his favs also
∞ laney6969 grudingly claps as its a cool map ∞
∞ Black Pope accuses md of steroid usage ∞
∞ Muskie prepares the hot sauce,, ∞
▉ dustin: and it definitely deserves the best map award
BarStar: stoopid pickle maps
el toro: dill=evil
Heymbit: I don't get why everyone loves castle lux so much
sasquatch: tell mb that we love him, dustin :)
laney6969: yep
Mach: There's a reason why it's called "The Last King," Preach. Tis sad...
RCrum: can we keep moving?
preacherman: I know :(
∞ Black Pope keeps moving ∞
AquaRegia: st00pid spiders
el toro: lol
Black Pope: Try an escalator, Crum
Black Pope: They keep moving
RCrum: i have already
RCrum: it broke
∞ Muskie fills mb's hot water tank with hot sauce,,,, ∞
Black Pope: Bummer
∞ hoodie starts a drum circle for all the hippies in the room ∞
SnyperEye: lol
▉ dustin: OK ........
∞ Drifter gives barstar a medal made of construction paper and some tape ∞
∞ Black Pope pulls out his shotgun for all the hippies in the room ∞
▉ dustin: now we're moving along to the PEOPLE AWARDS
Sidhe: that would be just you hoods
∞ *Manimal fills Muskie's tank with cheesebeer and rum ∞
∞ General K smells somthing and is confused whether it's Laney wet panties or BP feet ∞
Soca Warrior: FINALLY
∞ AquaRegia hides under his drum ∞
▉ dustin: what you've all been waiting for
∞ hoodie puts on his bulletproof hemp vest ∞
Heymbit: ^_^
∞ Black Pope hides his feet ∞
∞ el toro claps ∞
∞ Dang mumbles "damn hippies" under his breath ∞
*Manimal: oh dustin you doll
General K: lol
∞ Heymbit is most annyoing player of the year. I can feel it ∞
∞ hoodie smokes his bulletproof hemp vest ∞
∞ Muskie sends manimal some fresh sushi, ∞
▉ dustin: first up is the Best Host
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt prepares his nebelwerfer ∞
RCrum: what award is next?
∞ Black Pope grabs a match ∞
Mach: BP - please don't tell me that's the shotgun you used on the combine...
∞ Mattman160 cuts off his dredlocks ∞
RCrum: best host is me
Heymbit: eice, totally
Soca Warrior: Packman!!
Dr.Thorvaldt: reaper ?
RCrum: i can't even host ol
Black Pope: Ixneh on the ombine ceh
RCrum: lol*
*Manimal: best host = dustin for Boser
▉ dustin: all of you hosts out there are a big part of setting the Lux atmosphere
*Manimal: lol
SnyperEye: place your bets host
smedz: Autohost rocks
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
▉ dustin: the good hosts are very much appreciated
smedz: never resets
Killercatfish: Woot
Muskie: Bar
Black Pope: woohooooo
RCrum: well i gotta go, cya guys
∞ laney6969 slaps nice noob dang with a dirty newspapper ∞
Black Pope: Autohost rocks
Heymbit: i should be one for only saying the truth
Soca Warrior: MUTE!!!
∞ documan is perfedct host ∞
Heymbit: and keeping my morals
Soca Warrior: hahaa
Killercatfish: LOL auto host
Mattman160: setting the "lux mood" if you will
Mouldy Dog: even me?
∞ RichardW applauds all hosts ∞
Black Pope: MD is a great host
el toro: lol...
Mouldy Dog: lol
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for Best Host this year go to Smedz, Preacherman, and SnyperEye
*Manimal: i think its Baden
Black Pope: My first game was in MD's room
hoodie: hooray for hosts!
∞ Mach claps. ∞
pcristov: congrats, guys
Mouldy Dog: doh
Black Pope: woohoooo
smedz: MD Autohost rocks
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt's maitresse is a good host ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
preacherman: Sheesh - think if I had actually hosted anything this year, I might have won
*Manimal: i betcha
MissChaos: Congrats guys!
Soca Warrior: YEAH!!!!!
Killercatfish: Congrats
laney6969: nice clap
AquaRegia: preach hosts?
*Manimal: CONGRATS
Black Pope: Congrats, Smedz, Prech and Snyps
∞ General K wonders if D is copying his speach ∞
laney6969: clap
▉ dustin: third place for Best Host is..... glowextreme !!!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
Sidhe: well done all
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Heymbit: woot
Soca Warrior: yeah!!!!
Mach: Schwa?
Black Pope: Woohooo glow
Mattman160: yeeaaaa!!!!!!!
el toro: i saw preach host once
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Heymbit: we love you glow!
laney6969: yeah glow
pcristov: WOW!!!
∞ General Zod plays clapping sounds on his sampler ∞
smedz: well done glow
pcristov: nice!
∞ Packman applauds ∞
∞ *Manimal licks glowextrenme ∞
SnyperEye: GLOW WORM!!
Soca Warrior: yeahhhhh!!!!!
pcristov: congrats, GLOW!
preacherman: shaddup el t
∞ Black Pope gives glow the clap ∞
Heymbit: 2nd?
Mouldy Dog: cool
MissChaos: You left el t...;)
pcristov: very cool, Glow!
pcristov: ;)
▉ dustin: second place for Best Host goes to.......... pcristov
Dr.Thorvaldt: ah..
el toro: lol
Heymbit: woot!
▉ dustin: !!!!
pcristov: wow!!!
Black Pope: PC!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ *Manimal licks pcristov ∞
hoodie: yay pc!
Heymbit: go pc!!!!!
∞ laney6969 loves glow ∞
Killercatfish: NICE PC!!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
Mouldy Dog: booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
smedz: well done pc
General K: PC!!!!!!!!!!!
Soca Warrior: YEAH pcristov!!!!!!
pcristov: nice!!!
Black Pope: woohooooooooooooooooooooooo
MissChaos: Nice pc!
pls: excellent
pcristov: ty all!
Dang: wtg pc
smedz: good job
Killercatfish: congrats!!
∞ *Manimal slaps pcristov ∞
Soca Warrior: Packman
∞ SnyperEye appluads ∞
Black Pope: Congrats, PC
Soca Warrior: Packman
preacherman: well done PC
pcristov: that came unexpected!
Heymbit: and i'm betting dustin gets 1st
▉ dustin: even though his ISP shuts him down occasionally
Dr.Thorvaldt: Benfica !!!
Soca Warrior: Packman
∞ Mach claps. ∞
pcristov: ty all!
hoodie: booo isp
Soca Warrior: Packman
Heymbit: all isps do that
∞ el toro claps ∞
Packman: cool pcristov nicely done!
pcristov: lol, Dr.Thorvaldt
hoodie: yay pc
∞ *Manimal shrugs ∞
Soca Warrior: Packman
∞ Sidhe claps for pcristov ∞
∞ smedz passes pcristov the 2nd best host mantle and asks him to cherish it ∞
pcristov: lol, D
laney6969: pc you lucky fecker lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Packman: why thanks Soca :)
pcristov: yes, true
Soca Warrior: lol
∞ Mach cues the drumroll... ∞
pcristov: lol
▉ dustin: and the Best Host of 2006 is................. KingPatrick !!!!!!!!!!
∞ RichardW applauds loudly ∞
Heymbit: :O
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ *Manimal bangs head on desk ∞
Heymbit: KP!!!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
Killercatfish: NICe!!
pcristov: nice!
hoodie: nice kp!
Packman: yeah KP
Mach: Bravo, KP.
pls: cool
Mattman160: weeee!
Sidhe: woo hoo
∞ el toro claps ∞
smedz: Good Job KP
Mouldy Dog: well done
Heymbit: KUDOS KP!!!!!
Black Pope: YEAH KP!
∞ *Manimal nods towards KP ∞
∞ BarStar walks over and hands the best host award to KP ∞
AquaRegia: DEUX CREW
pcristov: congrats, KP!
∞ SnyperEye claps ∞
preacherman: well done KP!
Dr.Thorvaldt: who ?
Soca Warrior: recount!!! lol
∞ Packman cheers kp! ∞
∞ Black Pope gives KP the clap ∞
∞ *Manimal licks Kingpatrick's pistachios ∞
∞ General K claps KP and his deux voters ∞
SnyperEye: i cant remember who i voted ofr sheez
laney6969: yes king is so nice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox king
▉ dustin: KP scored a TON of votes in this category
∞ Drifter acepts the award for KP in his abscence ∞
paranoiarodeo: Indeed ... a well deserving trio ...
▉ dustin: big thanks for your excellent hosting KP
Muskie: congrads king
Black Pope: Fo sho
Dr.Thorvaldt: gratuliere
Soca Warrior: next
▉ dustin: Next up is Rookie of the Year.....
Dr.Thorvaldt: auch unser Chairman
Soca Warrior: Yo Daddy
Black Pope: Damn skippy
laney6969: para lol
smedz: me cheers for K, Pope and Pcristov
pcristov: heya, punkee
▉ dustin: the newbies who have reached above to become next year's superstars
Mattman160: dominatorrrrrr
Punkee.Munkee: RS!!!
∞ hoodie takes one last chance to haze the rookies before they stop being rookies ∞
∞ *Manimal slaps Punkee for no reason ∞
Black Pope: I'm a rookie?
Punkee.Munkee: RS!!!
Black Pope: cool
Black Pope: lol
∞ Black Pope cheers for himself ∞
*Manimal: Black Pope is a wookie
*Manimal: not a rookie
sasquatch: is it kef again this year?
∞ Black Pope cheers for the wookie ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for rookie of the year go to General K, pcristov, and Eice
∞ the tide claps ∞
Punkee.Munkee: lol
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is wondering if there's also the bitch of the year ? ∞
∞ *Manimal claps slowly ∞
pcristov: nice!
Mattman160: woookiieeeee
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Sidhe: nice
laney6969: lol
SnyperEye: lol @ SAs
Black Pope: Three excellent fellows
smedz: woohoo 2 of my 3
MissChaos: Nice guys!
Dang: Nice
pcristov: hehe
General Zod: Yagshamash guys
*Manimal: Dom prolly did well
pls: good job
Punkee.Munkee: DOminator
hoodie: clapclapclap
pcristov: congrats, K
Black Pope: Congrats, gentlemen!
∞ General K is surprised he got some votes ∞
Packman: yeah my bets on Dom
▉ dustin: third place for Rookie of the year goes to ............ *Manimal
General K: Congrat all
∞ Sidhe voted for K ∞
Mattman160: DOM DOM du DOM DOM
pcristov: wow!!!
∞ el toro claps ∞
hoodie: nice *man!
∞ RichardW claps loudly ∞
pls: nice!
∞ dustin lick *Manimal ∞
pcristov: nice, *man!
∞ *Manimal licks himself ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Black Pope: oooohoooooo manimal!
Soca Warrior: YEAH
∞ Muskie claps, ∞
∞ Packman chucks his dice at *Manimal ∞
∞ smedz is surpirsed K didnt get more ∞
laney6969: licker xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mattman160: yeeeah manimal!
Soca Warrior: *Manimal licks all around
pcristov: congrats, *man!
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
∞ el toro claps ∞
∞ *Manimal stares at ,uskie's fins ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Drifter: Yeaaaa manimal
∞ paranoiarodeo gently tugs *Manimal's tail ∞
laney6969: cool
MissChaos: Nice Manimal, congrats
Packman: nice mani! Congrats
Sidhe: well done manimal
SnyperEye: hes not a man hes an animals!
∞ RichardW tosses a *Manimal snack ∞
∞ Punkee.Munkee yawns ∞
smedz: well done *Manimal
∞ Packman scratches mani behind the ears ∞
▉ dustin: second place for Rookie of the Year goes to......... Yo Daddy !!!
∞ Packman rubs *Manimal's belly ∞
monkeyman113: *manimal
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is licking Manimal too ∞
Black Pope: YO!!!!
hoodie: nice yo!
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
BarStar: nice grab puppet boy
preacherman: well done Yo D
laney6969: yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Killercatfish: WoooT
pls: excellent
pcristov: nice, daddy!
Black Pope: Congrats, Yo Daddy!
∞ RichardW Yo Yo ∞
∞ Drifter gives manimal some canned Grozoth ∞
∞ *Manimal stares at the dust ∞
pcristov: well done, daddy!
Soca Warrior: sweet
∞ smedz cheers ∞
∞ Sidhe applauds ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
SnyperEye: Good Job Big Daddy yo yo
el toro: LOL
∞ paranoiarodeo nods toward Yo ∞
General K: nice Daddy
∞ Mach cues the drumroll... ∞
BarStar: i can't believe a puppet won
∞ General Zod screams loudly ∞
∞ *Manimal licks the absent yo daddy ∞
Black Pope: lol
Dr.Thorvaldt: daddy-o
∞ laney6969 would appluad but cant spell it ∞
Killercatfish: lol
▉ dustin: and the 2006 Rookie of the Year is......... Dominator !!!
MissChaos: lol laney
BarStar: dude doesn't even know where he lives in chicago
pcristov: excellent, Dom! congratulations, buddy!
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ Black Pope takes Zod's yell and applies it to mass ∞
∞ RichardW applauds Dom ∞
Soca Warrior: sweet
Mach: Ya DOM!
BarStar: PUPPET!
AquaRegia: way to go DOM
Black Pope: DOMI!!!!!!!!!!!!
hoodie: nice Dom!
preacherman: congrats dom
pls: nice!
∞ Killercatfish applauds ∞
Packman: congrats there dommie!
Mattman160: YEEEAH DOm! yeeehaaa
Black Pope: Congrats, Domi!
smedz: well done Dom
Dr.Thorvaldt: ah...
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
MissChaos: Well done Dom!
Black Pope: Way to go!
Soca Warrior: and a nice guy to
smedz: 'mon LCS
Black Pope: He is
Sidhe: good show dominator
Dr.Thorvaldt: dom perignon
General K: too bad he's not here
Mattman160: ta boot
▉ dustin: big congrats to all the 2006 Rookies
laney6969: yes dom well played you asshating noob lol
Mouldy Dog: lol
∞ SnyperEye hopes Bar does stick his hand up that puppets tushie ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo claps politely ∞
Black Pope: Let's talk about him. He's not here.
Drifter: Nice domi
smedz: in that case
Heymbit: dom's a rookie?
smedz: hes a loser
smedz: didnt deserve it
Black Pope: A big fat loser
smedz: ;-)
MissChaos: lol
pcristov: lol
General K: lol
Black Pope: And he calls people names when they are not around
smedz: RECOUNT
pcristov: lol
General K: lol
∞ SunTzu notices some hanging chads ∞
Black Pope: Domi=Toro=Bears=666
Mattman160: I voted dustin as the rookie of the year
laney6969: ok feck you dom lol
▉ dustin: K is correct - I will post this full chat log for posterity everyone
Black Pope: woohoooo
Heymbit: k
pcristov: lol, matt
hoodie: for posterior?
Packman: rofl
∞ Black Pope gives Dustin the clap ∞
Mouldy Dog: do i get a medal?
∞ documan says hello ∞
∞ smedz voted for posterity as best rookie ∞
laney6969: i love dom he is so cool
▉ dustin: next up is the Most Entertaining Player award......
SnyperEye: is that a new type of mattress?
Mouldy Dog: me?
∞ Black Pope gives MD the medal for Dog ID ∞
el toro: oh boy
▉ dustin: where the crazy characters can shine
Heymbit: ^_^
Mouldy Dog: woot
Mattman160: this aight to be ... interesting
hoodie: lol
Heymbit: hey dust, you remember I'm Hexxer too, right?
Black Pope: Ian Glistens, but he doesnt' shine
Muskie: GO BEARS
monkeyman113: gp
SunTzu: Most Entertaining Players = Most Drunk Players
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is rollin with his eyes white from terror... ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for the most entertaining player go to pcristov and laney6969
el toro: GO BEARS
hoodie: hooray!
Mouldy Dog: me
hoodie: :D
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
pcristov: moi?
∞ the tide claps ∞
BarStar: and mark my words in this chat about the puppet
laney6969: yeah
Heymbit: kudos pc and laney
Mattman160: hehehe
smedz: woohoo Laney
∞ *Manimal licks pcristov and laney ∞
pcristov: lol
Sidhe: yay!!
pls: cool
General K: PC !!!!!! LANEY!!!!!!!!
Black Pope: Muskie=domi=Toro=Bears=666
∞ el toro claps ∞
pcristov: how's that possible?
MissChaos: Nice pc and laney
pcristov: rofl
laney6969: )
Black Pope: Congrats to PC and Laney!!
smedz: Pope = Hoodie
Dr.Thorvaldt: PCRISTOVportoman
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Black Pope: woohooo
Dang: yeah pc, laney
pcristov: hey, sweety! congrats!
hoodie: we love you , we really love you pc!!
Mouldy Dog: well done laney
∞ candj claps ∞
Mouldy Dog: boo pc
Black Pope: LOL HOODIE
▉ dustin: third place for most entertaining player is a tie!
pcristov: lol, hoodie
pcristov: danke!
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Mattman160: awwwwe how cute :)
Mach: Whoa!
Killercatfish: lol
∞ Baden is the most entertaining German, as far as Germans may be entertaining ∞
Black Pope: ooooohhhh shabooboo
SunTzu: who's a tie?
*Manimal: a rift in the waves
Heymbit: :O!!!
▉ dustin: between el toro and BarStar !!!!!!!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
el toro: LOL
Soca Warrior: nice
AquaRegia: does Entertaining = Annoying?
∞ Mach applauds! ∞
pls: lol
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
MissChaos: LOL
Sidhe: lol
▉ dustin: and i did not fudge that
∞ Heymbit is shocked ∞
laney6969: ty i m just speachless why the feck didnt i win
∞ *Manimal pats el t on back ∞
Soca Warrior: yeah BarStar
hoodie: hip hop hooray!
∞ Muskie claps ∞
▉ dustin: promise
el toro: im better!
∞ paranoiarodeo chuckles ∞
Mouldy Dog: lol
Black Pope: Way to go, Chicago boys
BarStar: LOL
smedz: hurrah for EL Bar
∞ General K applauds ∞
Sidhe: good job boys
∞ Drifter claps ∞
preacherman: ∞
Mouldy Dog: FIX
SnyperEye: whoaaaaGO BAR!
sasquatch: LOL
Black Pope: Seeing how bad the Bears suck, this is a nice consolation for you
hoodie: lol
el toro: BAN THE BAR
Soca Warrior: lol
sasquatch: gj, fellas
Muskie: LIARS
∞ Soca Warrior hugs BarStar ∞
▉ dustin: congrats TorStar boys
Tracker: )
∞ paranoiarodeo wanders off to the TorStar Company Store for a few things ∞
∞ laney6969 wants a recount ∞
∞ el toro waves ∞
Soca Warrior: so 1st place
smedz: drama drama drama
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is wondering if there are more prices like naked players, drunk players, etc. ∞
Mach: lol! Torstar gets third...
∞ el toro bows ∞
▉ dustin: second place for most entertaining player goes to........ *Manimal
pcristov: congrats, torStar
∞ BarStar waves ∞
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
pls: good job
∞ BarStar farts ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Heymbit: of course
∞ Muskie claps ∞
Soca Warrior: congrats *Manimal
General K: MANIMAL!!!!!!!!
Black Pope: YEAH MANI!!!!!!!
pcristov: nice, *man!
∞ hoodie licks mani ∞
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Heymbit: manimal is a fun person to play with
pcristov: well done!
∞ Packman rubs *Manimal's belly ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: ∞-,-
MissChaos: Gongrats Manimal
pcristov: lol
laney6969: cool manimal
∞ Black Pope rubs Mani's belly ∞
Drifter: Congrats mani
SnyperEye: GO manimal!
pcristov: you crazy manimal
Mattman160: weeeeee
∞ *Manimal purrs ∞
Sidhe: all that licking paid off
∞ RichardW pats *Mani ∞
pcristov: lol
Black Pope: lol
Mouldy Dog: lol
el toro: the fine folks at TorStar thank you
▉ dustin: and the most entertaining player of 2006 is....
Killercatfish: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo hands *Manimal a bottle of single malt ∞
preacherman: Yay Pack Blope!!!
▉ dustin: your friend, my friend......
MissChaos: BP!
∞ BarStar pulls down pants and does a hellicopter ∞
▉ dustin: BLACK POPE !!!!
pcristov: lol
Heymbit: HELL YEAH!!1
Packman: woooohoooo
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
pcristov: nice!
Soca Warrior: NICE!!!!
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
∞ el toro claps ∞
Sidhe: of course
∞ the tide claps! ∞
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
preacherman: YAYAYAYYAAY
MissChaos: YEAHHH!!!
Mattman160: weeeeeeeeee
∞ Muskie claps ∞
Packman: congrats BP
smedz: Woohoo Pope
SnyperEye: POPE!!!!!!
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
pls: excellent!!!!
∞ *Manimal licks Black Pope ∞
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
∞ preacherman worships BP ∞
Mouldy Dog: well done poiest one
Dang: wtg bp
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
Baden: WOW, good decision
Soca Warrior: HIP HIP HOORAY
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
smedz: Its all down to me you know
∞ Drifter gives Pope the clap ∞
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
el toro: GO APE SHIT
MissChaos: Congrats Pope!!
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
smedz: smedz = pope
∞ Sidhe passes the award along to pope ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: black poop.....
∞ *Manimal bows down to Black Pope ∞
laney6969: ok cooooooooooooooooolio lid basher yeah wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
∞ Packman kisses Black Pope's ring ∞
documan: <<<<<TELL>>>>>>>>
Mattman160: a prophet, a prophet!
∞ Black Pope goes apeshit ∞[/i

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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 29, 2006 5:57 pm

Part 2:


preacherman: the only fair choice
▉ dustin: thansk for keeping us entertained bp
pcristov: HIP HIP, HOORAY
∞ Black Pope worships self ∞
Tracker: yup...good job bp
Black Pope: lol
∞ preacherman goes apeshit on Black Pope ∞
Black Pope: Thanks, folks
Black Pope: lol
laney6969: bang bang wooooooooooooooooooooo
∞ General Zod throws himself at feet of Black Pope in abject worship ∞
Mouldy Dog: SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pcristov: ty, BP
Black Pope: Now, WORSHIP ME
Black Pope: lol
∞ Mach rolls his eyes and casts "Circle of Protection: Drama." ∞
Soca Warrior: CONGRATS BP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SunTzu: self-worship?
∞ paranoiarodeo mutters something about too much worship ∞
Heymbit: hey dustin, when is lux 6 gonna be ready?
sasquatch: this is going to a long year...
∞ Black Pope worships self ∞
Black Pope: lol
Dr.Thorvaldt: Black Poop the Gdamn Mf'in cnt !
Mattman160: boy scouts, LOL
el toro: LOL
BarStar: ick
Baden: Pope made some radicals convert
∞ hoodie hands BP some freshly cut pretty pretty flowers ∞
Black Pope: thanks, all
SnyperEye: kudos Pope
∞ el toro runs off to make a new t-shirt ∞
laney6969: ok calm down if id won difrent story
pcristov: lol, Baden
∞ Black Pope the pretty pretty flower greatfully accepts the award ∞
▉ dustin: next up we have the Best Forum Influence
∞ AquaRegia tries to pick up Black Pope, fails utterly ∞
sasquatch: BP 2008!!!!
preacherman: YAY BLACK POOP!!
Black Pope: lol aqua
Mattman160: can dustin win this?
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt gives Black Poop a Romanian Palinka of 78 % ∞
▉ dustin: as most people know, the forums will generally rot your brains
hoodie: st00pid forums
the tide: lol
∞ Black Pope has black poop sometimes ∞
AquaRegia: we know
∞ Sidhe knows ∞
∞ *Manimal nosd ∞
▉ dustin: thank god we have some good influences there as well
Heymbit: we have forums?
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
∞ Black Pope has NO idea ∞
el toro: st00pid mods
∞ hoodie hands BP some Pepto Bismol ∞
Mach: Indeed.
preacherman: Yeah where is Weed?
∞ laney6969 goes for a smoke as she has no idea how that works ∞
∞ General Zod's clapping has officially borken the Guinness Book of World records for the longest sustained period of clapping in the history of clapping ever ∞
∞ Black Pope hands hoodie some petrol bismo ∞
General Zod: broken*
Black Pope: lol
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for bext forum influce go to AquaRegia, SnyperEye, and el toro
pcristov: lol, zod
el toro: weed -b-gone preach
preacherman: lol
hoodie: hoooray!
∞ Mach tosses GZ some hand cream. ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
pls: good job
Black Pope: AQUA!!!!!
laney6969: and me
∞ AquaRegia bows ∞
MissChaos: Nice guys!
∞ *Manimal nods towards Aqua, Snype, and el toro ∞
preacherman: good job Snyper, ∞, Aqua
Mach: Stop or you'll get blisters.
∞ monkeyman113 bows ∞
SnyperEye: Who the hell voted for that Snyper guy? he cant even spell !
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Black Pope: Congrats, gentlemen
∞ *Manimal licks all of em ∞
∞ el toro bows ∞
AquaRegia: ∞
Baden: I think pls is a moderate poster
∞ Muskie claps ∞
∞ Mach shrugs. ∞
∞ smedz has been clapping longer and in a scottish stylie, which far surpasses the spanish tippy tappying of pablo ∞
Black Pope: A fine, fine group of men
Mach: Dunno, Snype.
∞ monkeyman113 burst out crying ∞
el toro: ∞
Heymbit: lol
SnyperEye: lol
▉ dustin: third place for best forum influence goes to hoodie !!!
pcristov: lol
pls: lol, Baden
∞ Drifter claps ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo sends Aqua a new box of red Sharpies ∞
el toro: stoopid aqua
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Heymbit: nice snyper
hoodie: wha wha whaaaaa?
preacherman: yay hoods!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
smedz: Hurrah for Hippy Boy
∞ monkeyman113 clap ∞
∞ *Manimal licks hoodie ∞
pls: excellent, Hoodie!!!!
∞ General K applauds ∞
Sidhe: yay goldpantsman
hoodie: holy crap thanks!
hoodie: :D
∞ el toro claps ∞
pcristov: congratualtions, hoodie!
∞ BarStar holds up his lighter! ∞
AquaRegia: way to go Hooster!
sasquatch: score one for the long hairs!
Black Pope: Hoods, does this make up for the Tigers?
MissChaos: Congrats hoodie!
pcristov: congratulations*
Muskie: congrads Hoodie
Mouldy Dog: well done hoodster
monkeyman113: congrats
hoodie: 2007 will make up for the Tigers
∞ Black Pope weeps at the rememberance of the Tigers collapse ∞
hoodie: :D
▉ dustin: second place for best forum influence goes to Kurtz
Baden: hoodie is a softie :)
∞ el toro hands hoodie a razor ∞
Dang: is there an award for most hated conservative?
Black Pope: KURTZ!!!!!!!
Sidhe: whoo hoo
∞ Mach applauds Kurtz. ∞
∞ smedz sets fire to hoodie .... Luxtoberfests first true burning man ∞
pls: good job, Kurtz!!!
Mouldy Dog: who?
∞ paranoiarodeo waves his Cardinals flag in Pope's general direction ∞
∞ General K applauds ∞
hoodie: yaaaaaay kurtz!
∞ *Manimal licks kurtz ∞
hoodie: :D
preacherman: Yay Kurtz - next Moderator I think :)
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ Mach tosses Kurtz a shrunken head on a pike. ∞
Mach: ;p
∞ Black Pope flings poo at para ∞
SnyperEye: Dont forget to Kurt Z
smedz: Woohoo Kurtz
AquaRegia: where IS Kurtz?
∞ Drifter claps ∞
▉ dustin: and the Best Forum Influence of 2006 is......... BLACK POPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Pope: w00t Kurtz
*Manimal: easy aqua, hes in hell
preacherman: YAYAYAYAYYYY
hoodie: BBBPPP!P!P!P!P!PP!!!!!
∞ el toro claps ∞
Black Pope: Me?
Soca Warrior: nice BP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
∞ *Manimal licks Black Pope ∞
∞ the tide claps! ∞
smedz: Oh Yay
AquaRegia: wow
MissChaos: YEAH!!!!
hoodie: yaaaaay!
∞ SunTzu kisses the hem of Black Pope's robe ∞
preacherman: Congratulations BP!!!
pls: double-winner - well-deserved
Mach: Nice, BP!
∞ Sidhe senses a fix ∞
pcristov: the double, Pope
Tracker: hip hip ....
Mouldy Dog: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Black Pope: Nononoononono...that goes to Kurtz
*Manimal: !!
Soca Warrior: BUYS a BP pin
∞ paranoiarodeo mumbles something about poo on Rogers pitching hand ∞
∞ preacherman didn't see that one coming ∞
pcristov: cool
Black Pope: Me
el toro: POPE-O-METER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Pope: thanks, folks
MissChaos: lol
∞ Drifter gives Black Pope the clap again ∞
∞ smedz reasses gis view of god and bush ∞
Soca Warrior: BP for PRESIDENT
Sidhe: if they only knew how evil you really are pope
∞ monkeyman113 claps better ∞
smedz: his
∞ Black Pope takes the clap and runs with it ∞
∞ AquaRegia worships Popey again ∞
▉ dustin: giant thanks to all the great forum influencers
Black Pope: Thanks a ton, folks
∞ hoodie piles more clap on BP too ∞
General K: although I voted Mouldy Dog for that section
smedz: he salts his beer you know
Black Pope: Wow...I did NOT deserve this one
Black Pope: lol
AquaRegia: did too
Sidhe: lol
Black Pope: Thanks, folks
sasquatch: u are worthy, BP!
Dr.Thorvaldt: black Popo bless us all
Black Pope: Seriously
pcristov: 42 players in this room
▉ dustin: next up is Most Sportsmanlike Player...
pcristov: is that a record?
∞ Black Pope blesses all you rat bastards ∞
pcristov: lol
Drifter: yea ya did, shut up and take the clap
monkeyman113: MONKEYMAN!
Soca Warrior: thats BP as well
BarStar: what about most drunk!
∞ hoodie wonders who's gonna win biggest asshat ∞
SnyperEye: lol
Baden: Pope is the most sympathetic missionary
Dr.Thorvaldt: yeah how about that
∞ General Zod erects statue to Black Pope in front room ∞
SnyperEye: 3 in a row tic tac toe
pcristov: hey, eice!
preacherman: hi Eice
MissChaos: hi eice
∞ Black Pope doesn't want Zod erecting anything ∞
∞ sasquatch places the black pointy hat on BP ∞
Eice: hey all
Black Pope: lol
∞ laney6969 grummbles thats licks are better than tits and demands a recount or has that finished ∞
∞ Drifter gives eice a noogie ∞
Eice: hey drift :D
Dang: hey you won rookie of the year honorable mention eic
∞ *Manimal licks laney ∞
▉ dustin: honerable mentions for most sportsmanlike player go to Eice, pls, AquaRegia, and Baden
laney6969: )
hoodie: big up yoselves!
Black Pope: AND, I'm winning in my fantasy football league, too!
pcristov: congratulations, guys!
preacherman: congrats all, good choices
∞ General K applauds ∞
smedz: Gone Yersell German
Eice: oO
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Eice: :D
pcristov: yep, agreed, preach
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
∞ Eice claps ∞
∞ *Manimal licks Eice, pls, AquaRegia, and Baden ∞
pls: wow
∞ Packman applauds ∞
Black Pope: Congrats, Eice, pls, aqua and my COUSIN
∞ el toro needs a cheesbeer ∞
Black Pope: woohooo
∞ Soca Warrior chants Black Pope ∞
∞ AquaRegia blushes ∞
sasquatch: most honarable german = Baden
Baden: thx, guys
∞ General Zod is clapping with his feet ∞
∞ Soca Warrior chants Black Pope ∞
∞ Black Pope thanks soca ∞
▉ dustin: third place for most sportsmanlike player goes to........ Drifter !!
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Drifter: WHAT?
Black Pope: DRIFTER!!!!!!!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ Killercatfish claps ∞
hoodie: go go driftomatic!
Soca Warrior: yeah Drifter!!!!
∞ *Manimal licks Drifter ∞
pcristov: congrats, drifter
Black Pope: Congrats, mah man
Eice: Hurray Drifter!!! :D
∞ General K applauds ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Mattman160: yeeeeeahhhh buddy!
Packman: WOOOHOOOOO congrats Drift!
laney6969: eice well done looser borg buddie !!!
Drifter: TY everyone
∞ Packman pats Drifter on the back! ∞
pls: good job!!!
∞ paranoiarodeo tosses a few figs into the crowd from the treehouse ∞
∞ Black Pope hands drifter the statue ∞
∞ Eice catches some figs ∞
▉ dustin: second place for most sportsmanlike player goes to.... Packman !!!!
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is drinkin his Palinka bottle empty ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Eice: congrats packman :D
Black Pope: Oh hell yeah
Mattman160: weeeeeeee
∞ Drifter blushes ∞
∞ hoodie applauds ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
AquaRegia: way to go PACK!
Soca Warrior: yea Packman!!!
Black Pope: Way to go, Pack
∞ RichardW applauds Packman after all the suicides he suffered ∞
∞ pcristov wonders if para can through some chocolate chip cookies ∞
smedz: well done Pack
pls: all righty, then!!!
Packman: WOW
MissChaos: Congrats Packman..:)
monkeyman113: YEA PACJ
pcristov: congratulations, pack!
Soca Warrior: haha only Deux players
Packman: thanks guys :)
∞ el toro claps ∞
pcristov: well dome
Drifter: Congraqts pack
∞ sasquatch shakes para out of the tree ∞
∞ General Zod bangs gavel ∞
laney6969: yeah packy raggy top
pcristov: done*
∞ Black Pope gives Pack the clap ∞
∞ SnyperEye cheers ∞
∞ General K applauds ∞
∞ pcristov applauds ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo tosses some more figs while hanging on tight; glares down at sas ∞
∞ Black Pope applauseds the applauding ∞
laney6969: pope he has it already
▉ dustin: and the Most Sportsmanlike Player award winner for 2006 is.... BLACK POPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ RichardW applauds loudly ∞
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt applaudiert auch ∞
hoodie: woohoo!
Black Pope: Oh man
Soca Warrior: yeah I win
Killercatfish: Wowee
∞ the tide claps ∞
Mattman160: there is no such thing as a sportman like raw whore :)
hoodie: 3!
pcristov: wow!
Sidhe: lol
laney6969: lol
MissChaos: Wow!!!
Black Pope: oh man
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
pls: triplets!!!
Mattman160: wow
Eice: :D
Mach: Wow...
pcristov: well done, Pope!
AquaRegia: TRIPLE WINNER?????
Black Pope: yikes
▉ dustin: either you all love him, or he's brainwashed everyone
laney6969: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
smedz: Hat Trick For The BEER SALTER
BarStar: LOL
the tide: trifecta
General Zod: just 1 more for the cycle BP
hoodie: lol
preacherman: BP takes the hatrick
Sidhe: god really loves you pope
Black Pope: Oh shit
General K: WHAT??? I DIDN'T WIN???? BS!!!!! RECOUNT NOW!!!!!!!!!! :)
∞ *Manimal licks Packman ∞
Black Pope: lol
∞ sasquatch drops a deuce behind the tree ∞
∞ Drifter gives BP his third clap ∞
∞ *Manimal licks Black Pope ∞
Black Pope: wow
▉ dustin: super congrats BP
AquaRegia: Did Diebold handle the voting?
pcristov: lol, K
▉ dustin: you are awesome
Black Pope: Thanks, man
Eice: :D
General K: lol
∞ hoodie high fives the pope ∞
Tracker: lol...congrats Black Pope!!!
Muskie: condrads BP,,
*Manimal: BP you doll
SnyperEye: Pope has master the Jedi mind trick
Black Pope: I feel like an ass
laney6969: lol thats a devine feck up hahahahaha
Black Pope: lol
MissChaos: Super Congrats Pope!!
Baden: he has ethics, that's his profession!
Eice: lol
el toro: is that a hat trick?
∞ RichardW I wonder about all the duplicate ballots ∞
Sidhe: pope for lux mascot!!
pcristov: hat trick indeed
∞ Black Pope thinks of all the times he has bitched in games ∞
smedz: Ive seen his hat trick ...
∞ Eice can't keep up with so much people, this is fun! ∞
Drifter: I think I gort brainwashed
hoodie: Pope for slux!
smedz: its pish
sasquatch: BP is not going to easily forget this
hoodie: :D
Black Pope: Thanks, folks
∞ el toro claps ∞
Black Pope: Thanks, all
el toro: well done pope
∞ Muskie heard the votes were counted in Chicago,, ∞
Dang: but you bitch so NICELY
Black Pope: I feel like an idiot
Black Pope: lol
▉ dustin: OK.... next we have the Hall of Fame inductions
∞ pls orders a BP t-shirt ∞
Eice: BP's name is JOE???
General Zod: one more for the gipper BP
∞ AquaRegia wishes he could be more like Pope ∞
Eice: oooh
Sidhe: this will all go to his head of course
Black Pope: Thanks, all
Mattman160: Pope are you dustin's new apprentice or something?
sasquatch: ya big lovable idiot!
RichardW: Pope will have big head for weeks
*Manimal: Muskie!
Mattman160: hehe
Black Pope: WORSHIP ME
∞ paranoiarodeo hands Pope three bottles of scotch ∞
Mach: This is it, people...
Black Pope: I mean, thanks
Sidhe: he will be insuffferable
Black Pope: lol
∞ hoodie does the wave for the pope ∞
∞ laney6969 takes her cross of and devil worships ;) well done asshat ∞
SnyperEye: Off with his head!
Black Pope: Sid, I am really, really important now
▉ dustin: no honerable mentions, we just have 7 inductions
Soca Warrior: TRIPLE THREATH BP!!!!
Black Pope: So, you should worship me
Eice: On with his head
hoodie: 7!
∞ sasquatch hugs bp in a manly way ∞
Black Pope: lol
∞ Tracker kisses the Pope's ring ∞
∞ Black Pope takes the hug ∞
smedz: I voted for 7 he rocks
▉ dustin: first up is Nefarious
Eice: :D
▉ dustin: the very first bot created
hoodie: nice!
*Manimal: rofl!
preacherman: ?
∞ Black Pope puts his ring in his back pocket ∞
Eice: hurray bot!
smedz: nice job
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Eice: :D
hoodie: that's awwesome!
∞ the tide claps ∞
Eice: rofl
∞ Mach lights the fireworks. ∞
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt has a call with Turkey ∞
Soca Warrior: lol
paranoiarodeo: Hot damn ... that makes this whole ceremony worthwhile ... go Nef ... !
Eice: lol
preacherman: Well cover me in eggs and flour and bake me for 14 minutes
hoodie: lol
∞ hoodie preheats the oven ∞
▉ dustin: next for the hall of fame we have mbauer
∞ Tracker puts the ring in his pocket ∞
SunTzu: All thanks to her Playbot of the Year spread
hoodie: yay mb!
Mach: Update her for Lincoln's sake, Preach...
∞ Eice covers preacherman in eggs and flour and bakes him for 14 minutes ∞
Mach: !
▉ dustin: map maker extrodinaire
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
preacherman: yeah, definately
∞ General K applauds ∞
∞ Black Pope covers preach in eggs and flour and bakes him for 14 minutes ∞
pls: excellent
sasquatch: mr congeniality = popey
smedz: good job
∞ hoodie throws pickles ∞
Mach: Congrats mb!
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Muskie: congrads mb
sasquatch: yay, mb!
SnyperEye: i dont imagine thatll taste good
Eice: congrats mbauer
preacherman: well done MB, well deserved.
*Manimal: congrats mb
∞ Black Pope gnaws on Preach's leg ∞
∞ the tide claps ∞
∞ el toro claps ∞
▉ dustin: next inductee in the hall of fame is Smedz !!
∞ Eice claps ∞
preacherman: Nonsense Snyper, it'll taste fine
∞ Black Pope claps ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo puts on his anti dill poncho ∞
Mach: Wowee!
el toro: st00pid mb
∞ the tide claps ∞
laney6969: yes very cool maps
∞ *Manimal nods towards Ian ∞
General K: IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pls: woo-hoo!
SnyperEye: lol
hoodie: IAN!
sasquatch: where is that mulholland drive hater?
∞ smedz blushes ∞
∞ Sidhe kisses her sweetie ∞
Muskie: congrads smedz
Eice: hurray :D
Black Pope: woohooooooooo
Black Pope: Way to go man!
∞ hoodie gives smedz a lap dance ∞
MissChaos: Nice smedz!
Black Pope: woohoooooooooooo
∞ paranoiarodeo rolls his eyes ∞
pcristov: cool, smedz!
▉ dustin: congrats smedz
Mach: For what?
smedz: wow thanks chaps and chappeses
pcristov: congratulations!
∞ General K voted ian ∞
∞ General Zod knocks knees together in an attempt to conserve his palms for the final clap ∞
∞ Black Pope gives smedz a big manly slap on the ass ∞
∞ Sidhe slaps hoodie ∞
Eice: lol
Baden: for team-setup?
∞ hoodie gives sidhe a lap dance too ∞
pcristov: lol
Dr.Thorvaldt: Guter Job Herr Smedz
▉ dustin: the next inductee is the hall of fame is el toro !!
∞ laney6969 gives out haggis ∞
∞ Black Pope gives smedz a less than manly slap on the as ∞
∞ smedz slaps hoodie ∞
preacherman: yay!!
hoodie: el t!
Eice: hurray :D
∞ Mach claps. ∞
pls: da bull!
hoodie: nice!
Black Pope: TORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ the tide claps ∞
sasquatch: wooo hooo!
∞ *Manimal licks el toro ∞
∞ General K applauds ∞
Black Pope: Toro rocks
MissChaos: Wow, el t!!!
AquaRegia: TORO
preacherman: Another gimme...∞∞∞
AquaRegia: ∞
Black Pope: Way to go, Toro
∞ el toro bows ∞
∞ *Manimal remoistens his tongue ∞
Drifter: TORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ smedz invited el t for a quick snog in celebration ∞
∞ pcristov applauds ∞
Black Pope: Rock on, baby
General Zod: congrats ian
sasquatch: forever enshrined
el toro: WORSHIP ME
∞ paranoiarodeo hands the bull a basket of figs ∞
Black Pope: HEY
Sidhe: good job toro
∞ Eice worships el toro ∞
Black Pope: lol
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
▉ dustin: the next inductee for the hall of fame is.... dustin !!!
∞ Muskie bows to el toro,,, ∞
∞ smedz worships Toro ∞
Eice: lol
pcristov: lol
preacherman: Booooo
smedz: woohoo dustin
AquaRegia: ROFL
SunTzu: lol
laney6969: lol
General K: lol
hoodie: QUASAR!
∞ the tide claps ∞
pcristov: nice, D!
Eice: rofl
hoodie: lol
Soca Warrior: hahha
Mach: HAHA! It worked!
∞ Sidhe gives toro a lapdance and a lighter ∞
SnyperEye: lol
pls: all righty, then
sasquatch: LOL
∞ *Manimal glares at dustin ∞
hoodie: hooray!
pcristov: lol
∞ Black Pope worships Toro, but is secretly worshipping himself ∞
General Zod: fix
Muskie: LOL
AquaRegia: WHY?
▉ dustin: thanks guys
Eice: hurray :D
∞ Drifter gives manimal a bowl of hard lemonade for all the licking ∞
∞ RichardW about time you got a vote ∞
∞ *Manimal licks dustin ∞
Soca Warrior: BRIBE???
AquaRegia: what did HE ever do?
SnyperEye: whos he?
Black Pope: Way to go, Dustin!
el toro: LOL...dustin
∞ General K applauds ROFL ∞
MissChaos: haha..nice!
sasquatch: congrats, big d!
SnyperEye: =-)
∞ Punkee.Munkee knows this is rigged now ∞
Drifter: DUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Pope: Who did he sleep with to get this one?
preacherman: Can't say it's not deserved :)
∞ paranoiarodeo chuckles ∞
*Manimal: DUSTIN !! you rock
Eice: HURRAY :d
pcristov: lol, punkee
Eice: :D
∞ laney6969 smacks dustin behind ∞
Punkee.Munkee: :P
documan: now rs
▉ dustin: the next inductee to the hall of fame is..... paranoiarodeo !!!!!
preacherman: Me, BP. Got a problem with that?
hoodie: go go para!
∞ the tide claps ∞
Eice: congrats para :D
Black Pope: PARA!!!!!!!!!!
pcristov: very good, para!
Soca Warrior: yeah PARA!!!!!
sasquatch: paraduce!
Black Pope: Way to go, para!
Drifter: PARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pls: excellent!
∞ paranoiarodeo blushes ∞
∞ *Manimal slides paranoiarodeo a scotch ∞
preacherman: Yay para, congrats
∞ el toro claps ∞
MissChaos: Way to go para!!
∞ General K applauds ∞
Black Pope: Congratulations
pcristov: way to go
el toro: go para
∞ hoodie pours some very nice scotch ∞
laney6969: wooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo
∞ Muskie congradulates Para,,, ∞
∞ Mach claps and crowns para with the DOINK wrench. ∞
Sidhe: congrats para
∞ paranoiarodeo sighs with relief ∞
∞ Soca Warrior plants a big wet one on PARA ∞
AquaRegia: hall of fame, or hall of MiRRORS? ;-)
Baden: good job, Para
∞ Black Pope slaps para on the ass in a minimally manly way ∞
pcristov: congrats
sasquatch: the ginger menace!
∞ preacherman suddenly thinks the Hall of Fame is feeling a bit crowded ∞
∞ smedz blushed first and with a little more style he feels ;-)
Dr.Thorvaldt: Herr Dokumann wann endet all dieser Scheisse ?
▉ dustin: and the final inductee to the hall of fame this year is.... shopi !!!
documan: k.a.?
hoodie: yeah!
preacherman: Yay good choice
∞ the tide claps ∞
hoodie: :D
Dang: yeah shopi
∞ paranoiarodeo doesn't know what to say; feels loved ∞
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
▉ dustin: the 555 king
Mach: Indeed!
hoodie: hooray!
smedz: hey shopi
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ *Manimal wonders whats up with shopi ∞
Muskie: congrads shopi,,
∞ pcristov applauds ∞
AquaRegia: 5,5,5 master
pls: ooo - 5-5-5 forever
Baden: bah
Soca Warrior: I wub PARA
MissChaos: Yeah, cool!
MissChaos: Well deserved!
General K: ALLEZ LA FRANCE VIVA ZIZOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr.Thorvaldt: geht das immer so
∞ SnyperEye cheers ∞
Eice: the 555 overlord :O
el toro: woooooo shoppi
∞ smedz invites para to share his place on the podium ∞
documan: yep
Black Pope: SHOPI!!!!!!!
the tide: congrats everyone
smedz: then gives him the clap
Soca Warrior: WHAT?????
∞ *Manimal wonders where shopi was for the 555 tournament anyway.. ∞
Black Pope: Congrats, Shopi
pcristov: lol
laney6969: hahahaha slow slow quick no slow slow !! well done shpoi
pcristov: lol, smedz
Soca Warrior: is smedz DRUNK???
∞ General Zod claps all the fame of hall inductees with his remaining strength ∞
sasquatch: you've officially bored barstar
∞ paranoiarodeo slaps shopi on the back ∞
▉ dustin: some people voted for preacherman, sasquatch, and michelle, however since they are already in the hall of fame they were not eligible
∞ Black Pope takes the clap back from Smedz ∞
Eice: did shopi not show up for 555 tournament?
hoodie: lol
Black Pope: lol Dustin
hoodie: st00pid HOFers
pcristov: he didn't eice
∞ Black Pope thinks that sounds like a Pope move ∞
smedz: DARTH!!!
Mach: DARTH!
Eice: Darth Rellek :D
Black Pope: DARTH!!
preacherman: well thanks for the extra votes, all
laney6969: DARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darth Rellek: SMEDZ!!!
Drifter: PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh wait
pls: wb, darth
Sidhe: DARTH!!!!
Darth Rellek: POPE!!!
Eice: lol
▉ dustin: congrats to all of you
General Zod: hi Darth
sasquatch: old skool rocks!
SnyperEye: lol Preach
Darth Rellek: LANEY!!!
MissChaos: Bra ∞lskling, jag visste inte att du redan var d∞r...:)
Black Pope: Thanks, all
▉ dustin: award winners and players
Darth Rellek: ZOD!!!
∞ hoodie claps ∞
▉ dustin: YOU ROCK !!!
Soca Warrior: yeah!!!
Drifter: DARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Manimal: DARTH
pcristov: ty, D
smedz: thanks guys seriously touched
Black Pope: Did Chaos just type something about her bra
Darth Rellek: DUSTIN!!!
pcristov: you ROCK TOO
preacherman: ;)
sasquatch: ∞
Eice: LOL
Black Pope: Did Chaos just type something about her bra
Darth Rellek: GENERAL K!!!
Killercatfish: Congrats guys
Eice: rofl
Darth Rellek: lol
General K: lol
∞ Black Pope is sweating ∞
Darth Rellek: did i win?
∞ Black Pope is sweating ∞
laney6969: do i get a mention medal lol
MissChaos: Yeah, Pope...I did...;)
∞ RichardW applauds DUSTIN for a great job ∞
∞ Black Pope falls down ∞
∞ Eice falls up ∞
Baden: as long as shopi loses 75% of 5,5,5 against me? But he is a great sports, deserves it!
SnyperEye: wheres the asshat award??
∞ Black Pope drags Eice up ∞
∞ hoodie wonders if pretty pretty flowers sweat perfume? ∞
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt feels if he's in some kinda black room with naughty tunnelview people ∞
Mouldy Dog: well done all
Mouldy Dog: cya
pcristov: LOL, pope
SnyperEye: I got rotted veggies to throw
Eice: lol
SnyperEye: =-)
laney6969: cioa
Black Pope: Thanks for this Dustin
Black Pope: Thanks, every one
Soca Warrior: is that the end??
Eice: HURRAY :d
Eice: :D
Darth Rellek: what did i win Dustin???
Black Pope: Happy Luxtober
▉ dustin: so... that's the end of the awards
hoodie: dustin thanks for putting htis all together!
Black Pope: Thanks, Dustin
Eice: oO
∞ hoodie claps for dustin ∞
Black Pope: You rock
Soca Warrior: yeah
pcristov: ty, D
smedz: thanks all
Eice: I missed em :(
Black Pope: You can marry my daughter
pcristov: congrats all
▉ dustin: as a final thing, we have the LUXTOBERFEST TRIVIA !!!
sasquatch: door prizes? trivia?
el toro: happy luxtober
pcristov: and ty
smedz: good job dustin
Dr.Thorvaldt: Danke sch∞n Herr Dustin !
∞ Drifter hands out construction paper medals and tape to laney ∞
MissChaos: Great job Dustin!
Black Pope: as soon as that restraining order is lifted
laney6969: im still waiting for the game to start
AquaRegia: trivia questions now?
sasquatch: yay!!
Muskie: thank you dustin,,
*Manimal: cpoool
Eice: :D
General Zod: can i stop clapping now?
MissChaos: lol Aqua
▉ dustin: yep door prizes for trivia questions
preacherman: Yay trivia time
Sidhe: thanks again dustin
Baden: who gets the biggeest asshat award?
∞ Black Pope stops Zod from applauding ∞
Eice: I want a door prize :D
Eice: lol
∞ hoodie wants a door ∞
Eice: rofl
Dr.Thorvaldt: who won the price for the wettest pussy ?
Dang: the doors rock
preacherman: high tide
Soca Warrior: oh my
∞ Mach wonders if he can get one this year, too... ∞
the tide: geezus
AquaRegia: 'lo, tide
Eice: what's the trivia
Eice: :D
Punkee.Munkee: RS
smedz: rs for full house?
▉ dustin: actually... there were a few things i forgot to mention that come before the trivia
hoodie: did SET win yet?
laney6969: whats next?
Baden: I miss best alias player award
Punkee.Munkee: shuffle?
Drifter: awwwwwwwww
∞ paranoiarodeo sends Bar a consolatory bust of Lincoln made of figs ∞
General Zod: is this on shuffle?
Eice: lol
▉ dustin: The award for the best repetetive use of a comma (ad naseum) goes to muskie
Drifter: I was ready for trivia
Eice: I wanna play :D
preacherman: lol
Darth Rellek: you win General K!!!
MissChaos: LOL
sasquatch: LOL
Sidhe: lol
Soca Warrior: lol
AquaRegia: no contest
Eice: lol
smedz: GO COMMA BOY,,,
hoodie: go musk,,,!!!
preacherman: Congrats Muskit
Packman: Sure K....there's a Komplainer award....but no mention for it
sasquatch: muskie power!
preacherman: -t +e
▉ dustin: the award for the player most likey to demand an equal amount of blueberries in every muffin is.... paranoiarodeo
General K: :)
hoodie: lol
Muskie: give me rum,,,,,
Punkee.Munkee: the award for best use of capital letters . . .. .
∞ paranoiarodeo chuckles ∞
Soca Warrior: lol
SunTzu: lol
sasquatch: lol
Soca Warrior: cute
Mach: Pfft.
MissChaos: Hahaha
Eice: :D
∞ Packman laughs ∞
General K: lol
▉ dustin: paranoiarodeo also wins the "Most Scary Player" award
preacherman: lol
Eice: rofl
Darth Rellek: best enterence awar????
Dr.Thorvaldt: Very nice Para
Black Pope: lol
paranoiarodeo: Man oh man ...
∞ hoodie dodges the icepick ∞
AquaRegia: "scary"...
sasquatch: is that correct grammar?
∞ *Manimal licks paranoaitrodo ∞
General K: lol
∞ Mach fires the ROFLCannon ∞
AquaRegia: hmmm
sasquatch: red sharpie time!
∞ paranoiarodeo sharpens his icepick for good measure ∞
▉ dustin: AKA HENERAK
Eice: :D
Punkee.Munkee: who won the best farrmer award?
General K: ROFL
Drifter: ROFL!!!
Black Pope: WAY TO GO K
AquaRegia: W00T
Mach: M!
preacherman: hi michelle
MissChaos: Hi michelle!
preacherman: ∞
Darth Rellek: MICHELLE!!!
∞ laney6969 sulks unless a most demanding award is up for grabs ∞
sasquatch: hiya m!
smedz: Hi M
∞ AquaRegia bows to michelle ∞
Drifter: Heya Michelle
SnyperEye: Michelle LUV1
Black Pope: I CAN'T STOP
michelle: hi to all
Eice: I AM TO
General K: lol
smedz: POPE = K
∞ hoodie gives laney the rabbit award ∞
Tracker: GO JEFF GORDO!!!!
∞ *Manimal licks michelle ∞
MissChaos: STOP POPE!!
∞ paranoiarodeo waves to michelle ∞
hoodie: hiya m!
Tracker: N
Black Pope: HELP
Tracker: hi m
∞ Eice helps BP ∞
smedz: BEER SALTER!!!
Darth Rellek: :)
michelle: hi tracker
∞ el toro smack blackpope with a duck ∞
sasquatch: I EAT ROAD KILL
Black Pope: IT DOESN'T
▉ dustin: also, i shallmention that for the most sportsmanlike player award somebody voted for: "Pssh Lux is not a game for sportsmen"
Eice: rofl
Mach: lol
Black Pope: lol
hoodie: lol
SunTzu: lol
preacherman: lol nice para
General K: lol
Soca Warrior: lol
Eice: did they win???
Darth Rellek: hahaha
Muskie: lol
*Manimal: lol
▉ dustin: they did not win
Eice: did "Pssh Lux is not a game for sportsment" win?
Black Pope: NO DON'T
Eice: awww
Muskie: hi M
MissChaos: lol m
Black Pope: I CAN'T HELP IT
▉ dustin: Now.... the TRIVIA
*Manimal: OK
∞ Black Pope commits ritual sepuku ∞
michelle: hi M Chaos
▉ dustin: get ready to type fast
Eice: door door door
SnyperEye: WHAT IS 3 MEN AND A BABY! Did I get it?
Black Pope: brb
sasquatch: everyone goes to hell. why do u think popey is so happy?
Eice: fast
laney6969: buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i know
Mach: OK, go.
Muskie: Jr to the lead
Black Pope: me is afk
General K: .
Eice: lol
▉ dustin: we start with a simple one....
▉ dustin: what city do I live in?
*Manimal: lol
Drifter: JAPAN!!!!!!!!
hoodie: vancouver
paranoiarodeo: Vancouver
Mach: Montreal.
RichardW: van
smedz: Vancouver
sasquatch: vancouver
preacherman: Vancouver
SunTzu: Vancouver
Eice: california
Sidhe: vancouver
Soca Warrior: Vancover
Darth Rellek: canada
Muskie: montreal
Dang: vancouver
AquaRegia: Vancouver
the tide: vancouvewr
▉ dustin: hoodie wins
Eice: oh wait
hoodie: :D
Eice: oops
laney6969: lux city
*Manimal: lol hoodie
Eice: ><
hoodie: 80 wpm beeeyotches
Killercatfish: mars
Baden: THE PANDER AWARD FOR DUSTIN, since he brought smedz and sidhe together!
SnyperEye: mexico city
AquaRegia: no fair
▉ dustin: most of you got it right
∞ paranoiarodeo slaps hoodie with a turtle ∞
AquaRegia: slow typers lose
▉ dustin: but not everyone
Eice: I didn't
Eice: :P
Mach: Bah.
paranoiarodeo: Slow down ... yeesh ...
Muskie: gotta carve pumkins,,, l8r all n congrads
Eice: cali isn't a city
Eice: xD
▉ dustin: next question is a little harder.....
Eice: :O
preacherman: Canda
sasquatch: some guy from vancouver
▉ dustin: what was the first website (other then sillysoft) that Lux was available from?
hoodie: montreal
∞ *Manimal shrugs ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: I
SunTzu: Quasar
el toro: mac
Darth Rellek:
Eice: mac
∞ Soca Warrior whistles ∞
Dang: macstore
laney6969: real
General K: APPLE
the tide: apple
Eice: macsoft
Dr.Thorvaldt: 47387857700870
AquaRegia: randomdude?
Eice: thing
▉ dustin: no
∞ Drifter listens to crickets ∞
hoodie: aqua's got it?
General K: lol
sasquatch: macgames
laney6969: lol
General K: lol @ ian
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol smedz
el toro: versiontracker
▉ dustin: no
the tide: cnet
Darth Rellek:
▉ dustin: el toro !!!!!!
Dr.Thorvaldt: Linus
Eice: the mac download website
preacherman: randomdude
▉ dustin:
SnyperEye: random search on the tool bar
AquaRegia: hmmm
paranoiarodeo: I was going to say that ...
Eice: awww
documan: killercatfish is NASTY
∞ el toro bows ∞
smedz: wow what a guess for a real website
▉ dustin: was the right answer
Eice: that was next
Eice: :P
*Manimal: cool
AquaRegia: seemed so easy
Dr.Thorvaldt: gg Dustin
hoodie: nice
paranoiarodeo: Exactly Aqua ...
▉ dustin: next up.....
General K: nice one ian
Killercatfish: versiontracker..good shiz
▉ dustin: what month and year was Lux 1.0 released in?
General K: lol
hoodie: march 2002
Killercatfish: april
SunTzu: June 2003
Dang: oct 1999
Soca Warrior: december 2004
Mach: November 2003.
smedz: 235 BC
RichardW: december 02
Dr.Thorvaldt: 1925 october
AquaRegia: november 2003
General K: lol
paranoiarodeo: 6000 years ago ...
Dang: june 2002
candj: june 2002
▉ dustin: some of you are close....
Black Pope: Tomorow
Dr.Thorvaldt: who me /
hack6464: november 2002
smedz: a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
candj: july 2003
*Manimal: may 02
AquaRegia: oct 03
Mach: November 2001.
▉ dustin: hack6464 !!!!
hoodie: april 2002
Black Pope: lol ian
Soca Warrior: December 2003
AquaRegia: sept 03
hack6464: WOOT
AquaRegia: aug 03
Dr.Thorvaldt: gut smedz
RichardW: ahh..
Black Pope: I gotta bug, folks
Black Pope: sorry
▉ dustin: november 2002 is correct
Black Pope: thanks for all thi
Eice: january 2003
Black Pope: s
Eice: :D
▉ dustin: quite a while ago
smedz: later Joe
smedz: speak soon
the tide: the year of our lord
Eice: what was the quesiton
hoodie: you're old, dustin!
Sidhe: bye joe
hoodie: lol
Mach: November 23, 2002.
hack6464: i looked under version history, yay for version history
RichardW: dustin but it was Dec'02 in Newfoundland
Mach: Er, 25. nm
▉ dustin: good thinking hack
sasquatch: four more years
Baden: do we have award for the best avatar?
Eice: :D
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
▉ dustin: next q......
▉ dustin: what was the first map mbauer submitted?
laney6969: www.moremedalsto
General K: CASTLE
SunTzu: Japan
candj: classic
Drifter: JAPAN!
Tracker: pickle
Eice: castle :D
the tide: castle
Eice: hawaii
▉ dustin: lol
Eice: :D
Baden: deux?
smedz: Classic Dill?
el toro: no idea
Eice: pickle
sasquatch: civil war
Dang: french and indian war
*Manimal: ZVietnam war?
el toro: mushrooms!
Drifter: Fig Wras
sasquatch: some war
Dang: civil war
smedz: Gravadlax?
▉ dustin: nope
Eice: fignewtons
*Manimal: vietnam that was*
SunTzu: Scandinavia
Dang: revolutionary war
el toro: LUX HELL!
paranoiarodeo: Boas and Ladders ... ?
michelle: castle
Eice: :D
∞ pls missed the question... ∞
Soca Warrior: Japan
Mach: Classic Part Deux.
*Manimal: ww2 eu
General K: WWii
SunTzu: World War 1
Baden: mixed ice-pickels?
preacherman: I thought it was Japan
hoodie: delux world?
Eice: ww5
Dr.Thorvaldt: Europa 2384
▉ dustin: hoodie !!!!!
General K: WWII
the tide: ▉ dustin: what was the first map mbauer submitted?
hoodie: hooray!
hoodie: teehee
*Manimal: ahh
Eice: awww
▉ dustin: deLUX World is correct !!
pls: tnx
preacherman: Never heard of it
Dr.Thorvaldt: ah..
▉ dustin: mbauer as a newbie map maker
hoodie: :D
Eice: :D
Eice: happy face :D
Eice: :D
hoodie: :D
Soca Warrior: Japan was earlier
AquaRegia: NO
Mach: Yep.
AquaRegia: I objetc
Eice: :D
AquaRegia: JAPAN
Mach: Soca's right.
SnyperEye: JAPAM
*Manimal: no
∞ pls now knows how to overload his router ∞
▉ dustin: hmmm
Eice: more
*Manimal: he made a later version i think of delux
Intel_Dols: l
hoodie: version updates
Soca Warrior: 05/22/04
AquaRegia: JAPAN 5-24-04
Mach: 5-22-2004.
Eice: i wanna door prize :O
Soca Warrior: Japan
SunTzu: I think Japan was earlier as well
▉ dustin: i'm pretty sure it was deLUX world
el toro: oh this was before mb went to the preacherman school of mapmaking
▉ dustin: i remember back in the day
hoodie: version updates; it got updated later
AquaRegia: DeLux world 8-05-04
hoodie: it's at 2.5
Soca Warrior: 08/05/04
General K: WHO CARES
AquaRegia: ok
▉ dustin: yea
hoodie: lol
General K: :)
▉ dustin: next question.... another EASY one for you guys......
preacherman: Was it a semi-holy official "Crap Map"?
▉ dustin: who won the 100,000th online game of Lux?
Eice: lol
hoodie: para
SnyperEye: para
Eice: para
*Manimal: paranoiarodeo
Eice: nooo
preacherman: para
*Manimal: yea
∞ paranoiarodeo chuckles ∞
RichardW: Gerneral K
Eice: i was third :O
▉ dustin: i give it to *Manimal !!!!
Dang: para iguess
Mach: You win, para.
paranoiarodeo: Man ... I shoulda had that one ...
▉ dustin: for the full name
Mach: ;p
Eice: awww
hoodie: st00pid typing
General K: BARSTAR
hoodie: lol
*Manimal: lol
paranoiarodeo: yeah tab powered *Manimal .... !
∞ *Manimal nods ∞
AquaRegia: pa[escape] wins?
Dr.Thorvaldt: soca ?
laney6969: www.(@)(@)
AquaRegia: lol
∞ el toro claps ∞
hoodie: lol aqua
General K: lol laney
hoodie: lol laney
∞ Baden suggests a clumsy fellow-award next time ∞
laney6969: )
sasquatch: japan is the earliets mb map in the plug ins
▉ dustin: next question......
paranoiarodeo: Snype hosted that one ...
∞ Eice suggests everyone gets a door prize since everyone entered through the door ∞
laney6969: im ready
▉ dustin: if the answer is you, please do not answer ;-)
*Manimal: lol
▉ dustin: who designed the luxtoberfest 3 logo?
sasquatch: el t
hoodie: mbauer
AquaRegia: toro
Eice: :O
preacherman: el toro
Mach: El toro.
Dang: barstar
Eice: suntzu :D
SunTzu: el t
paranoiarodeo: the mad bull ...
Mattman160: barstar
paranoiarodeo: the one and only ...
laney6969: ops sorry]
Dr.Thorvaldt: Philip Starck /
▉ dustin: preacherman gets it with the full name !!!!!
sasquatch: booo
preacherman: :)))
Mach: Bah.
∞ AquaRegia rolls his eyes ∞
sasquatch: lol
el toro: LOL
∞ hoodie rolls his joints ∞
∞ Mach toasts preach. ∞
preacherman: It sucks BTW
▉ dustin: thanks for a great logo el toro
Eice: lol
preacherman: ;)
Eice: :D
∞ hoodie claps for el t ∞
∞ el toro bows ∞
▉ dustin: el toro also made last year's logo FYI
preacherman: tha sucked too
Dr.Thorvaldt: nice el tore
SnyperEye: lol
Dr.Thorvaldt: o
Dr.Thorvaldt: o
AquaRegia: he's quite a belly dancer also, i hear
∞ el toro bows again ∞
∞ dustin smacks preacherman with a duck ∞
preacherman: el t rocks like Lincoln :)
*Manimal: yer..
∞ Eice wants a duck ∞
Dang: duck... a duck
▉ dustin: OK, i have 1 last trivia question.....
∞ smedz gives Toro a commemerative lighter ∞
Eice: no 10 more
General K: HEY I CLICKED ON BONUS AND I GOT 1000!!!!!!
∞ Drifter has the belly dancer vision burned into his retinas ∞
Mattman160: i heard that somewhere too aqua... hmmmm
Eice: door prize
▉ dustin: what online luxers was (falsely) reported dead at one time?
laney6969: www.laneyoffersnewlogo..)?(
Eice: bennok
SunTzu: preacherman
General K: ???
Eice: :D
paranoiarodeo: shock-n-ya'll ...
smedz: Shock n yall
Dang: preacherman
el toro: we will be talking about that aqua
Sidhe: shocknyall
RichardW: dustin
SnyperEye: shock N 'yall
michelle: shock
sasquatch: shock-n-yall
preacherman: Shock n' yall
Baden: shock
AquaRegia: Shock-n-y'all
el toro: mbauer
Dr.Thorvaldt: Lee harvey oswald ?
paranoiarodeo: ya'll ...
Eice: shock-n-yall
SnyperEye: lol
Dang: Dang
Eice: Eice
Drifter: JFK
Mattman160: Ryan Faintlich
pls: weed
AquaRegia: Shock-n-ya'll
preacherman: shock-n-'yall
laney6969: dustin
sasquatch: shock-n-y'all
Eice: dustin!!!
SnyperEye: LOGAN!
Baden: it definately was shock
hoodie: mbauer
General K: JT???
▉ dustin: paranoiarodeo got it right off the bat
Eice: Billy
General K: JERRY T?
hoodie: lol
Eice: aww
∞ paranoiarodeo nods ∞
▉ dustin: it was shock-n-ya'll
hoodie: that's what I thought
Eice: more more more
AquaRegia: he did indeed
smedz: i was in the room at the time
Eice: door prizes :O
paranoiarodeo: I remember givin' him trouble for not spelling it y'all ...
∞ Mach nods. ∞
sasquatch: is he still dead?
∞ Sidhe remembers ∞
Mach: Well, later, all.
smedz: no we reset after he dies
∞ Mach waves. ∞
laney6969: gk you know you love jt why did you kill him
AquaRegia: no, he's not dead
smedz: died
▉ dustin: thankfully, last i heard he was still alive
General Zod: ty dustin - later all
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol smedz
General K: lol
preacherman: he posted a few days ago
AquaRegia: st00pid shock
hoodie: long live shock!
Eice: more questions :O
Mattman160: he played a week ago
Dr.Thorvaldt: Who killed robert Kennedy ?
∞ hoodie has to finish cleaning up from the party last ngiht ∞
Eice: para
el toro: what about the spiders?
hoodie: it was a doozy
Eice: :D
SnyperEye: I did
sasquatch: happy 4 years of Lux, big d
hoodie: aiiii dios mio!
▉ dustin: i almost forgot a few last things....
General K: ty Dustin
hoodie: lol
Eice: :O
∞ hoodie was ready to bolt, waits ∞
▉ dustin: Most Wins in Luxtoberfest goes to Eice !!!!
Mattman160: adios guys, i'm going to jump as well
hoodie: hooray!
Eice: HURRAY :d
Eice: :D
sasquatch: the next update costs $10?
Soca Warrior: nice
preacherman: congrats Eice
laney6969: ok whts green six inches long and hangs out of gk's nose?
∞ SunTzu applauds ∞
Dang: yeah eice
Eice: I get a win :D
General K: nice Eice
Dr.Thorvaldt: JA !
Drifter: YEAH EICE
hoodie: laneys rabbit?
Soca Warrior: hi fattabatta
Eice: :D
▉ dustin: with a whopping 339 wins in the month
Dr.Thorvaldt: GG Eice
General K: lol laney
preacherman: wow
Eice: RAWR!!!
*Manimal: lol
*Manimal: nice
sasquatch: whoa
pls: cool, Eice
laney6969: hahahahoodie
∞ Drifter gives his lil buddy a noogie ∞
▉ dustin: Most 6 Human Wins in Luxtoberfest goes to Killercatfish !!!
Dang: hawaii
Dr.Thorvaldt: haha 339
hoodie: :D
∞ paranoiarodeo can't wait to see his blueberry muffin medal ∞
Drifter: KC
hoodie: hooray fish!
▉ dustin: with 129 6 human wins
preacherman: well done Killercatfish
∞ *Manimal nods ∞
laney6969: yeah
el toro: lol
∞ el toro claps ∞
▉ dustin: almost double the next person
Eice: :O
Sidhe: gg Killercatfish
paranoiarodeo: Well done 'fish ...
Eice: :D
∞ General K applauds ∞
▉ dustin: Most 6 Human Non-Classic Wins in Luxtober goes to pcristov !!!
Killercatfish: yyoo
preacherman: congrats pc
hoodie: yay pc!
Eice: PC!!!!!
∞ *Manimal licks pcristov ∞
Soca Warrior: congrats pcristov
sasquatch: Dustin, where is the lux convention next year?
▉ dustin: with more then double the next player
pls: nice, pc
Dang: wtg pc
Killercatfish: yay!
∞ smedz is still cursing his botched kill at 8.59 pm ∞
laney6969: booooooooo pc ops yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
General K: lol
Eice: hurray :D
∞ RichardW KC has not gone to classes all month ∞
Soca Warrior: lol
▉ dustin: and the high ranking in Luxtober award goes to Killercatfish !!
Eice: :D
General K: he is taking his 67 shower
Eice: nice
∞ Drifter wonders what trollibomber was thinking he walked into ∞
hoodie: nice fihs!
Killercatfish: Yay!
Eice: very nice :D
∞ RichardW well done KC ∞
Killercatfish: hehe
▉ dustin: with a closing raw of 1769
Soca Warrior: congrats
Mattman160: weeee
sasquatch: nice work, killer!
General K: nice killer
Eice: weeeee
laney6969: wellplayed you asswipe
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol nice
▉ dustin: not as high as it's ever been
∞ el toro claps ∞
AquaRegia: st00pid raw whore∞
AquaRegia: ;-)
Eice: lol
laney6969: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahj
▉ dustin: still very nice
laney6969: )
Dr.Thorvaldt: still a raw whore
smedz: congrats everyone
AquaRegia: more competition now
documan: Dustin why dont you hit the "10" with your "100" and see what happens?
Drifter: So when do you go to classs Killer?
Killercatfish: wanted to make a good first impression ;-)
hoodie: hey I gotta roll
hoodie: ty dustin
General K: stupid cheech reached + 1800 and continued to play
Killercatfish: lol night school :-)
hoodie: congrats all!
hoodie: happy luxtober!
Dang: any award for 2nd in most wins?
AquaRegia: later hoods
Baden: Hey Dustin, do I get a prize for being the best elderly player?
Killercatfish: lol
General K: ty Dustin
smedz: im offski guys
General K: was a nice month
Killercatfish: TY Dustin
∞ RichardW KC at school of Lux ∞
sasquatch: best older german player
smedz: have fun all
Dr.Thorvaldt: Senior Baden
▉ dustin: yea, 2nd and 3rd place most wins get something also
Killercatfish: lol
Eice: :D
General K: later all
Dang: great luxtober fest
preacherman: Well done Dustin, congrats on another year of Lu
Drifter: any awards for most 6th start? I know I'm a shoein for that one
preacherman: +x
pls: if Baden wins, that, I get a medal for WORST old-fart player
Dang: what a way to get into the game
laney6969: will try harder this year now she knows all this black slapping is going on
Sidhe: well done everyone
Baden: lol, pls
∞ RichardW thanks dustin for lux ∞
documan: any award for the most wining ?
sasquatch: best older player from kansas....
Sidhe: happy luxtober
Killercatfish: wins got an award?
∞ el toro claps ∞
▉ dustin: that would be pcristov, obiwan, pcristov, upeng2005, Dang, and General K
▉ dustin: for 2nd and 3rd most wins in the diff categories
Eice: hurray :D
∞ Drifter thanks dustin for the game itself, and everyone gor the good games ∞
▉ dustin: thanks to everyone for coming out
SnyperEye: <>0-0<>H A P P Y L U X T O B E R F E S T<>0-0<> After hour party at Preachermans house! BRING YOUR OWN BREW!
∞ Soca Warrior is AFK ∞
pls: <-- only older player from Kansas
Mattman160: hey dustin, who won the 5,5,5?
MissChaos: lol Snyper
preacherman: Have a good evening all...congrats all winners and participants...
Eice: YAY :D
Killercatfish: Party in MY room
Killercatfish: lol
sasquatch: lol pls
General K: bye all
Packman: Thanks dustin for all your effort!
Killercatfish: tata
el toro: well done all
el toro: gg
∞ laney6969 gives sid a peck and hopes she finds all she is looking for with her lux boyfriend] ∞
∞ Packman applauds dustin ∞
documan: kill the catfish party
Baden: my coming out has not taken place yet
Killercatfish: lol
Killercatfish: dammit
Eice: :D
sasquatch: such a happy month
∞ Drifter watches the crowd leave ∞
Killercatfish: lets play this map!!!!
SunTzu: when's the masquerade ball?
MissChaos: Goodnight all, and thanks Dustin, this was fun...:)
SnyperEye: RS!
pls: Thanks for everything you do, Dustin
Eice: RS!
sasquatch: cya'll next year
▉ dustin: the halloween ball is happening on Tuesday
*Manimal: cool
Eice: oh what's that?
laney6969: no im not comming
Baden: bye all
Eice: do you make an alias or something to dress up?
laney6969: bye bye
∞ documan will dress up like DUSTIN ∞
SunTzu: bye all
Eice: :D
Baden: all players have orange
documan: ... ans scare everyone to death
RichardW: cya Sun Tzu
∞ paranoiarodeo bows with a hand twirl and wanders off ∞
∞ Eice doesn't wanna leave :'( ∞
▉ dustin: hehe
Eice: lol
Eice: dustin...
Drifter: how does the halloween ball work anyways
▉ dustin: show up with a funny name
Eice: can I save this board and modify it to play by myself as long as I don't host it?
▉ dustin: and act in character
Drifter: what I thought
Eice: cool
Eice: :D
Eice: I wanna do that
Eice: :D
Eice: :D
Eice: :d
Packman: thanks again dustin
Eice: *:D
*Manimal: u gunna open a forum thread
Drifter: Just wanted to make sure before I fouled up
*Manimal: for posting who was who?
▉ dustin: yea
*Manimal: k
▉ dustin: no
Packman: see ya all later
*Manimal: oh ok
Eice: yea no?
*Manimal: lol
Baden: bxe
▉ dustin: lol
Eice: rofl
Baden: bye I meant
AquaRegia: later everyone!
∞ *Manimal slaps dustbin ∞
*Manimal: l8r
Eice: well since others got a door prize... can I have the door dustin?
Eice: :D
Baden: thx for the show, Dustin
▉ dustin: more info on prizes will be in the forums
Eice: :O
▉ dustin: thx for coming
Eice: thanks dustin
∞ RichardW thanks for everything dusin... ∞
documan: now hit the to plz
hack6464: c ya everyone
Tracker: thanks dustin!!!!
documan: hit the 10 dustin
Eice: okay, I'mma go now
Eice: cya all :D
Eice: thanks for everything :D
pls: I'm outtie
▉ dustin: later all
documan: yeee ha
[Shutting down network]

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Post by mbauer » Mon Oct 30, 2006 1:00 pm

Wow! Aren't you guys sick of Castle yet? :lol:

Thank you so much everyone, I truly am honoured. Looks like I missed a grand 'ol time. Congrats to all the winners, all very well deserved.

To clear things up a bit, deLUX world did come first and was then updated after Japan was released. However, both of them really really stink and I wish they were stricken from the record. :)


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Post by Kurtz » Mon Oct 30, 2006 1:11 pm


Love those Bonus Awards, Dusty...Wherever did you get them?
:smt064 :smt047

But, you forgot one:

Most Likely to demand that the name of the "boot" function be changed to "excommunicate": BLACK POPE

(perhaps he should be a quadruple threat, no?)

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Post by Kurtz » Mon Oct 30, 2006 1:21 pm


and thanks for all the votes dudes and dudettes :smt023

here I thought I was just f'ing around for my own amusement...


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Post by GregM » Mon Oct 30, 2006 2:59 pm

Wish I could have been there, but I had to be somewhere else. Thanks to everyone who voted for BotOMatic, BotOfDoom, and the Infinity generators. :D

I noticed there was some trouble spelling "hono(u)rable" again

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Re: Luxtoberfest III Award Ceremony Chat Log

Post by Dominator » Mon Oct 30, 2006 6:09 pm

dustin wrote: Black Pope: Let's talk about him. He's not here.
smedz: in that case
smedz: hes a loser
smedz: didnt deserve it
Black Pope: A big fat loser
smedz: ;-)
Black Pope: And he calls people names when they are not around
smedz: RECOUNT
:smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044

Thanks Pope, should hear what i say when you arn't around....heheheheh :)

Im sorry I couldnt be there, it was a real busy weekend for me.... thanks to everyone for picking me and also for a real awsome luxtoberfest and overall lux experience...couldnt have a better group of luxers

Look forward to playing everyone soon :D


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Post by Bertrand » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:27 pm

Thanks again everyone for nominating Reaper for the best AI award.

I was there at the ceremonies, sitting there silently dumbstruck, trying in vain to keep up with the furious avalanche of messages. I am French speaking, and while I can read English pretty well, there is no way I could respond intelligently in real-time.

Anyway, Reaper is proud of his new robot thingy decoration.

The latest versions of Reaper are a product your numerous suggestions, bug reports, and encouragement. Keep them coming!

I also have to acknowledge the other user-made AIs: nefarious and BotOfDoom, and Dustin's best: Killbot, EvilPixie and Trotsky. I think I must have pitted Reaper against them many tens of thousands of times, trying to squeeze a few more wins out of him.

I am still not finished with him. In classic he is close to being the best I can make him, surprising me often and killing his own creator! On large maps however, he only provides a so-so challenge and can be consistently beaten. I'll try to do something about that.

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Post by GregM » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:37 pm

Congratulations on the Best AI award for Reaper, Bertrand. Reaper definitely deserves it. :)

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Post by danmax » Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:21 pm

GregM wrote:Congratulations on the Best AI award for Reaper, Bertrand. Reaper definitely deserves it. :)
Now that is a class act Greg.