HOF 2015 - Hugo

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HOF 2015 - Hugo

Post by GFips » Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:54 am

Congratulations on being inducted into the 2015 Lux Hall of Fame! :smt023
Hugo's rankingpage

▉ dustin: next up we honor another fierce competitor
▉ dustin: with an amaxing 3303 full-house wins
▉ dustin: 5th highest of all-time
▉ dustin: a #1 seed
▉ dustin: 5 weekly wins
▉ dustin: 61 gold MOTW badges
▉ dustin: and 10 gold MOTW monkeys
▉ dustin: .... Hugo !!!!

Another HOF award to Bavaria :-) Be welcomed in the HOF Lounge, Hugo!
Congratulation! I hope you will find the time to play some MOTM next year after you have won so many MOTW.

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