Map Making Traditions

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Map Making Traditions

Post by Naraku » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:06 am

This post is to remember a great tradition that my old lux cartographer Lupus Ferox would do every year.

As each year ended LF would take the time to make some fun "player" themed maps about once a year. Usually it was the top 50 or so seeded players that he tried to include in the map. LF has been absent from the cartographer's guild for many seasons so in light of that I have decided to continue on the tradition in a new way. This past year's castles tournament was enjoyable despite the bumpy road and choppy seas we're all still here and trying to have fun with old and new lux friends.

IF you do not want to be included on the map then please send me a pm or post here with a simple "please take me off the map" that's all. No need to get all itchy about anything. Otherwise all Castle's tournament players past and present prepare to be imortalized in my next map to be released in the coming month: Lux Empires. Just a small preview of some of the themed tiles I've worked in so far...

TSK's Grapevine, -NN-Grim's Roma, Lantern's Lighthouse, Rich Girl's Vault, Hoodie's Volcano, GK's Capital and so on... (don't want to spoil all the surprises ;) )

In the event that I can not fit your tile or presence on this years player map do not be offended or have hurt feelings please. I will try my best to include you in the next years "player" map :D It is in no way a reflection of anything if you are not able to be coraled into the map. As it is I worry with all the unique icons that I might over clutter the map. So far I think I'm striking a nice balance and still included the 6 Castle's as well :D WIsh me luck because probably have another 2-3 weeks worth of work left on the map and that's just for the theme so far ;) hehe

:panic: I don't think it will drive me to the mountains of madness and over a cliff but you never know... :panic:

Anyways that time frame will also allow me to make any necessary alterations if any past or current castle's luxer would like to "quit" or wants out of this shinny bling blingy map I'm slaving away on over here! :D

May :scooter and :llama watch over all of :globe :!:

Happy Luxin everyone! :P

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