I want to commission an AI first bot

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I want to commission an AI first bot

Post by BlueTiger2 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:48 pm

I want to comission you to build a bot--named VONIBOT--who will only target other bots. Once it killed off the other bots, I would want VONIBOT to go communist--iso that human players would have the greatest advantage to destroy my namesake.

Of course, there would be a bunch of noobs who would unwittingly consider VONIBOT a threat--and I imagine some veterans would pine over the golden days, and yet others who would disagree with the concept if only for mentioning my name--but I could careless. I want a bot, VONIBOT, that lives and dies for the AI FIRST doctrine and insults other players while it helps them. I think you can do it. I have also come to the conclusion that AI First will only be accepted by example--clearly, my passion and writings on the topic have inspired some yet I find myself unable to play as often as I had once before.

So, here's the deal:
I am a pretty fucking smart guy when it comes to a lot of things--but code--I can't fucking handle code to save my life.
Name your price and I will seriously consider it. Please, Preach, mull it over.

I have 5 invitations to give for Netflix accounts. If you want you can send me PM :)

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Re: I want to commission an AI first bot

Post by dustin » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:53 pm

The AI SDK is public here btw:

If anyone wants to take up this offer

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