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You are a GIGANTIC MONSTER hell-bent on the senseless annihilation of every city in the world. Problem is there are five other monsters loose with exactly the same agenda. What are the odds...

To make matters worse the pesky humans have responded to the monster threat with a barrage of biological and nuclear weapons. Seems your plan of leveling all civilization has really pissed them off. Silly little ants, they'll be nothing left to crush if they keep it up.

So, what's the plan?





The 400 TONNE BABE - Ironically this former women’s pro baseball player and aspiring model turned gargantuan after eating out-of-date weight loss pills. 400 is best known for uprooting and 'pitching' the Playboy mansion when Hefner declined to run her pre-400 photo shoot. The mansion and guests are reportedly still in orbit.

The BIG APE - An exceptionally large primate.

The SUPERSIZED SKINK - A skyscraper high reptile with chronic gingivitis.

The JELLY-LIKE MONSTROSITY - Despite having consumed whole cities the MONSTROSITY still tastes just like jelly.

The TIN CAN FROM OUTER SPACE - It's advanced alien robotics and sheer mass makes it the toughest of the six. Weak point: a single cell organism could out smart it's AI.

The HOMICIDAL MEGA-MASCOT – Fun Fudge confectionary company’s mascot Fun Bear was adored by customers almost as much as he was by Fun Fudge shareholders. So no questions were asked when it’s marketing department invested half a billion dollars on a top-secret Fun Bear ‘makeover’ to be unveiled at Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Super Sunday. Spectators at the venue sure got a surprise when the 1500 foot high, walking, talking, robotic Fun Bear MEGA-MASCOT tore the stadium down. Fun Fudge is suing rival company Fudgetastic for tampering with MEGA-MASCOT’S programming.

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.01 released October 9, 2009.

BIG TROUBLE is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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