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BattlePlanets - Hegemony of Sirax


The death of Lord Eruyk in 2791 EY marked the beginning of what historians call the Hegemony of Sirax. Since Lord Eruyk had no heirs, the six regional viceroys began to consolidate their power, hoping to exert their political will and become the next Imperator.

Within 2 years the political maneuverings gave way to outright bloodshed, marking the bloodiest 20 years in the history of the Endar Empire.

By 2796 EY, the Viceory of Sirax had established herself as the strongest contender by forging an alliance with the Viceory of Gaus. Shortly thereafter, the other Viceroys formed alliances of their own: Alderst/Frestern and Vispar/Rubius.

One by one, Sirax was able to slowly expand her control over the others. Finally, in 2813 EY the Viceroy of Sirax forced Vispar to submit to her rule, enabling her to claim the title of Imperator.

Gameplay is different than most maps since there are no continents, just planets.

Planets come in two sizes: large and small. The large planets (Seats of the Viceroys) are worth three times as much as the small planets.

42 Planets

Large: 6
Small: 36

Created by SunTzu. Version 1.2 released June 23, 2007.

BattlePlanets - Hegemony of Sirax is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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