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Castle Lux IP

Castle Lux optimized for Lux DLX!

For ages Ipodia was quiet and peaceful. A secluded corner of Luxdom reserved for the wealthy and powerful nobility. Kings, Queens, and Mods from all across Luxdom would rest amongst the luscious gardens, sparkling lakes, and rolling hills, free from the daily grind of conquering and pillaging RAW. Now, all of that has come to an abrupt end! The population of Luxdom is growing rapidly, and with it, the covetous desire for expansive empires. The four RAW richest Luxtopians have built state-of-the-art, easily defendable Castles and are now working on plans to conquer the whole of Ipodia!

Created by Sillysoft Games. Version 1.0 released December 12, 2008.

Castle Lux IP is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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