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Equatorial Guinea

Brimming with unadulterated tyranny, Equatorial Guinea is a state of which has been plagued by genocide, corruption, and greed since it was established in 1968 as the independent successor to the former Spanish colony of Spanish Guinea. Having managed to escape single-party rule from the Spanish State under Franco, this oil-rich yet discernibly petite nation would endure a reign of dictatorial leadership in the years to come that would make Francoist Spain's authoritarianism pale in comparison. The notorious, albeit hardly renowned Francisco Macías Nguema (who himself preferred the address of "Unique Miracle") was ousted from power on August 3, 1979 by the current president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who has served since rising to power. Following the coup, only one third of the pre-independence population remained in the country; the rest either fleeing to Spain, Cameroon, Gabon, or having been a victim of genocide or politically-motivated execution.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the modern president, has also encouraged his own cult of personality — insofar as to proclaiming himself to be a living god and has reaped the country's vast oil wealth to suit the interests of himself and his close family.

It is now the time of the present, and with general economic disparities interfused with a multitude of various cultural, ethnic, and power-sharing tensions, a civil war has broken out on the three fronts of Equatorial Guinea: Río Muni (the mainland), Bioko (EG's largest island and the host of its capital), and Annobón. The map is divided into the seven provinces that make up the nation.

There are five warring factions (four of which are dominated by ethnic Fangs) and the remaining being the Bubi people who have revolted to take back their homeland of Bioko and liberate themselves from Fang domination. Each faction starts out controlling one territory, distributed amongst any of the seven provincial capitals. Fight as any of the five factions in attempt to force a new national order of control in the country. Who will prevail? Will it be the Coastal Fang which operates from Bata? Perhaps instead it shall be one of the opposing Fang clans: Central Fang (Evinayong), East Fang (Mongomo), or North Border Fang (Ebebiyin). Or if they keep their back turned long enough, the state may fall into the hands of the minority Bubi group based in Luba, Bioko Sur Province. The fate of Equatoguinean history rests in your hands.

Created by JWN. Version 3.0 released September 6, 2010.

Equatorial Guinea is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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