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It Came From Outer Space

1. Gameplay
2. Background
3. Notes
4. Revisions

1. Gameplay
The starting scenerio is four player with 364 countries and 36 continents. The board is a 3-Level board with the top level largest and bottom level smallest. The board size is 1151x780 and can be resized if needed.
Levels breakdown: Top level contains 180 countries, 18 continents. Middle Level contains 102 countries and 12 continents. Bottom Level contains 42 countries and 6 continents. All continents are 7 countries in size.

2. December 21, 2012, excerpts taken From General Tremount's Journal. As the top ring of the object decended into earth's atmosphere the two bottom rings rose from beneath the ocean within the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. The objects are huge. Each object contains rings and within the rings hexagonal hubs. Each of the hubs are twice the size of a modern US aircraft carrier. The rings came together and connected to form a triangular object. This makes the entire size of the object equal to 80 times the size of a modern aircraft carrier. The top ring seems to contain six docking locations around the outermost ring. At this time only the top ring is above water and the two lower rings are submerged. Several minutes after the object connected all of Earth received a message from and unknown source. The message stated that Earth was to form a military force amongst our nations ninety six hours to fight for the right to control Earth. We are to combat three unknown alien races in close quarter combat. Only limited weapons would function on the object. No vehicles would function on the object nor would large weapons of mass destruction. It appears that most of this combat will be face to face combat.
We have been given coordinates to land at one of the open docking hubs. As commanding officer of earth's forces I have been given a device similar to a tablet which shows where my forces are at all times as well as my adversaries. I can contact my ground forces and deploy them through the device as well. The tablet shows a top down view of the object. It is now three hours before deployment and for the first time in my life I am frightened. All of Earth and all of humanity is at stake. And for what? So some alien race can be amused? Since all attempts at contacting the unknown original sender of the message has gone unanswered we until the time allowed us to begin this battle.

3. To get to release, 1.0 I had to make many adjustments to starting armies and bonuses given for continents. I wanted a nice balance where any starting position would not have a disadvantage or advantage over any other player. if you feel there is an imbalance and have a suggestion to correct this please fell free to email me a
If you like the board please give a good rating. Thanks.

4. Revisions:
1.0 Original Release
1.1 Changed some continent background colors so center red hed is easier to see.

Created by Joseph M Nigro. Version 1.1 released January 30, 2011.

It Came From Outer Space is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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