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It is 490 BC and King Darius 1st of Persia has finally crushed the rebellion against his empire. Now his gaze falls on Greece. For six long years this rabble has aided the usurpers and even now remains defiant. A show of power is in order he thinks, both to rid his court of lingering dissent and to ensure no Greek dares question Persia again. Darius dispatches his armies - their mission: to turn Greek cites to dust, to slay all who raise sword or shield against his will and to enslave the rest. This will be Darius's subjugation of Greece.

It is September and Darius's fleet land on a beach near the city of Marathon. If the army’s size wasn't cause for alarm the trail of destruction in its wake surely was, having already turned the Aegean Sea red and raised Eritrea. Athens, aided by a small force of Plataeans march to meet the invaders on the Plain of Marathon, blocking passages to Boatia and Athens. But the Persians are in no rush and the Athenian roadblock remains unchallenged. For days these 10,000 Greeks endure a stalemate, facing an enemy well over twice their number, an imbalance they hope the arrival of Spartans will help address. But that day never comes.

Grossly outnumbered, devoid of cavalry and possessing but a fraction of the enemy’s missile troops, inexplicably the Greeks decide to attack. The invaders are surprised to say the least, not only that a Greek offensive was ordered, but that as Persian bows fill the air the Athenians break into a sprint, a move no Greek army had used until that day. Surprise turns to horror as Athenian phalanxes tear into the Persian front line, and with the clamor of that maddened impact so begins the Battle of Marathon.

-Best played with border width set to minimum -

Special thanks to SpaceAttak1.

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.1 released January 17, 2010.

MARATHON is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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