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Soviet Union

Note: If your screen has a resolution less than around 1280x800 I suggest scrolling for this map - it's resolution is 1920x1280 and it has some smaller countries. However, scrolling is not entirely necessary, and I have discovered that your can view country borders far more clearly if you go into card view mode. You can do this anytime except for before your first move.
This is a map based on the administrative divisions of the Soviet Union in 1981 (Including the disputed Baltic States). It has 174 countries and provides a long and complicated game. I suggest trying it in biohazard as well.
Gameplay Notes:
**Don't forget about islands and fleets, as neglecting them can cause you serious damage.
*Dotted yellow lines represent routes along which troops can be ferried between landmasses while avoiding naval fleets - or the toxic water that remains after a fleet is nuked.
*Countries that touch only on narrow corners are (or should be) unable to attack each other. Very short borders do connect.
*There are several fleets in seas around the map. These fleets can attack/be attacked by all countries along their sea's or ocean's coast.
*Bonuses are based roughly on population, political power, and resources.
*Each island or archipelago connects to the nearest mainland country or is part of it, and some islands also have ferry routes leading to them
*There are insets for the Caucasus and Central Asia for the areas where the administrative divisions are small. The on-map countries are still functional, however the labels for continents and army labels for countries are shown on the inset if the country/continent is more than half in the inset zone.
The year is 1981, and the Cold War just got renamed the Not-So-Cold War - right after the nukes started flying. As a result, Moscow has lost all control over it's vast empire and several remaining factions must fight over the worlds largest communist state, to save it or destroy it.
Scenario #1 (Use biohazard 0-3)
The United States were annihilated by the Soviet warheads. However, while most or all of the American nukes were stopped, one American plan succeeded - the assasination of all major Soviet leaders. With Brezhnev and all potential leadership candidates dead, the Soviet Union is left leaderless, and with no powerful outside force pushing for unity the union crumbles into Civil War.
Scenario #2 (Use biohazard 4-6)
The Soviet missile defence systems aren't fast or effective enough, and nuclear warheads rain down accross the USSR. The entire high command was incapacitated by the attack, and now several factions will fight desperately to gain enough land to survive in the molten slag that was once the Soviet Union.
(Note: I tested this scenario with all the players as the Chimera AI, and they all won with approximately equal frequency except for player 4, the Russian Jews, which only won about 15% of the time)
1: You are what remains of the the RSFSR (Russia). With Moscow revolted, you are left with your capital at Leningrad in your fight to regain what is rightfully yours.
2: You are Eastern Europe's Union members, with a capital at Kiev. You've had enough of the Soviet occupation, and see no other choice but to finish off the invader enemy, and take the rest of the USSR as a result.
3: You are the the Soviet Turks. During the 19th century the Russians invaded your lands with their superior techonology. Now they have brought nuclear war down on the world, and it's you chance to fight back. Your capital is at Tashkent.
4: You are the Russian Jews, centered in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. For centuries anti-semitism has decimated your culture, and Soviet events such as the Great Purge have now served to only deepen your anger. Now is the time to strike back against you oppressors, and form a truly independent Jewish state.
5: (Empty) This player represents the cities of the Soviet Union who have put together a local militia to protect from looters and invaders in this time of uncertainty. It also represents military encampments which continue to adhere to the last commands from Moscow. Some cities and military bases have a large army (especially large cities and Soviet Hero Cities), but they never increase their defenses or attack any other regions, so they are merely obstacles.
Version 1.1: MapLAB: Fixed some broken connections
Also made minor changes to insets.
Version 1.2: MapLAB: Fixed several more broken connections. Major update to fleets: renaming and addition of the Northern Fleet to better display the actual USSR navy, and a better aesthetic appeal (to me at least). Also changed army pictures, though I might change them back later.
Version 1.3: Minor modifications to continent bonuses after further research (I hadn't taken into account the population drain in some areas after the Soviet Era)
Version 1.4: MapLAB: Fleets are now marked by anchors, through which the colour of the occupying force can be more easily seen.
Version 2.0 (Major Update): Added labels for surrounding seas, islands, and regions in the background & overground. Changed some 'country' names. Modified country connections to be more consistant, updated the description, and completely redid the starting scenario. Also fixed an issue in which ugly parts of the background could show though in biohazard.
Possible future updates: Including more of the autonomous okrugs (sub-provinces) in the Caucasus for more balance of this region. If you have any suggestions,concerns, or comments just contact me at

Created by Zephyr. Version 2.0 released July 8, 2011.

Soviet Union is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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