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July 1914: A great war is started over the death of Arch-duke Franz Ferdinand. The Austro-Hungarian Empire gives Serbia an ultimate that they fail to comply completly with. When they refuse 2 of the 10 demands then the gears of war grind forward unleashing the most devestating conflict mankind had seen up to that point in history. Which empires will fall & who will still be standing after "The Great War" ?

Note: These are the borders of Europe on August of 1914 when the war started in ernest. The bonuses reflect the decaying power of three empires as the other three "great powers" proceeded to destroy each other. Enjoy & remember to rate the maps you play please!

Created by Naraku. Version 1.0 released February 24, 2010.

THE GREAT WAR is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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