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It is 480 BC when the armies of Persia descend on Greece. A comparatively small force of Greeks march to meet the invaders at Thermopylae and The Hot Gates where the only road into Greece narrows sharply between cliffs, choking an armies advance. It is Ideal terrain for the Greek’s phalanx, and for three days they use the advantage of the gates to repel wave after wave of Persian assault. Hope is dashed though when the Greek traitor Ephialtes leads the Persians to ‘The Anopaia Path’, a tiny goat trail granting access to Greece around the gates. Undone, the bulk of the Greek army retreat, leaving only a handful of soldiers behind, chiefly Spartans - their King, Leonidas and his tiny regiment of career soldiers thought to number as little as 300. These men fight on, not for victory in battle but that their defiance will send a message. Indeed, even as Persian swords cut them down the story of the battle and the bravery at The Hot Gates spreads throughout the land, and with it, hope.

Version 1.4
A re-thinking of the original design - Three countries smaller - Minor changes to bonuses, connections and place names.

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.4 released May 10, 2010.

THE HOT GATES is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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