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The Rise of Islam

Map of the Middle East with focus on the Arabian Peninsula. 55 provinces in 21 regions (including 4 single-province regions), with each region worth 2 income. Best viewed with minimal border width.

Scenario info:

632 C.E. (11 A.H.): The death of Muhammad throws the Arabian continent into turmoil. The MUSLIM CALIPHATE (1) is faced with enemies on all sides. The immediate threat is the MUSLIM REBELS (2) who have refused to recognize Abu Bakr as the first Caliph (according to the Sunnis, they were following the false prophet Musaylima; according to the Shiites, their main objective was to place Ali on the throne). Additionally, a number of unconverted ARAB TRIBES (3) have taken this opportunity to declare their independence.

Even if the Arabs can unify, they will still face a serious threat from outside powers. Tensions are steadily rising with the KINGDOM OF AKSUM (4), which sees itself as the defender of Arabia's Christian communities. Meanwhile, although the BYZANTINE EMPIRE (5) and the SASSANID EMPIRE (6) are largely preoccupied with fighting each other, they are beginning to notice the events on the peninsula; neither is prepared to tolerate a new rival.

In actual history, the Caliphate conquered the map. Can you do likewise?

Created by Evan Williams. Version 1.0 released December 18, 2006.

The Rise of Islam is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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