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WWII Battles-Guadalcanal

It is late 1942, the Japanese have carved out an extensive empire in the Pacific. Their recent encroachments on the Solomon island chain in the South Pacific, indicate that they plan on moving on Australia and New Zealand. The US is determined to finally get in the war and put a stop to the Japanese war machine, their first target...Guadalcanal! Will the Americans finally put an end to Japanese agression, or will the Tokyo Express prove to be more than the crippled American force can deal with? You decide!

The diamonds and planes represent airfields.

The dotted red circles represent the attack radius for their respective airfields. The airfields can attack all countries within these circles.

The Tokyo Express is represented by the 2 Japanese flags in the upper left corner. These 2 countries can attack the three cities indicated by the solid black lines and arrows.

Sea zones can attack any adjacent land territory and land territories can attack any adjacent sea zone.

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.3 released April 30, 2007.

WWII Battles-Guadalcanal is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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