Castle Vox Maps Castle Vox Maps All items Copyright by their Owners. en-us War of the Spanish Succession

The year is 1700, and the King of Spain, Charles II is dead. Since Charles failed to produce an heir, there is huge debate over who will take his place. The French Bourbons argue that Philip V should be king, hoping to merge France and Spain, while the Austrian Habsburgs claim that Charles III should be king, and that merging France and Spain would ruin Europe's balance of power. Since both candidates are distant relatives of Charles II, they both have equal standing. War soon breaks out, as the House of Bourbon forms the Party of the Two Crowns, and seeks to unify the crowns of Spain and France. The House of Habsburg forms the Grand Alliance, to prevent that from happening at all costs.

Party of the Two Crowns:
- France
- Bavaria

Grand Alliance:
- Austria & Savoy
- Britain & Dutch Republic
- Portugal]]> Matt Ferro 2018-07-01T20:33:37-04:00 Arteanea

in the world of artteanea, three powerfull empires are fighting for the supremacy..all of them have powerfull cristals in their power that give their armies power enough to destroy their enemies.

update 1.1:
-the tirolian empire's bonus is 10 now.
-the units of the tirolian empire are now 4 pawns and 5 knights in each country that has units.
-new HQ (castle) image]]> santavader 2018-05-08T10:13:34-04:00 Civil War-Fredericksburg

The union army is in dire need of a major victory to bolster norther public opinion. After relieving General McClellan of command, President Lincoln is searching for a commander who will take the fight to the Rebels. He finally settles on General Burnside who has devised a plan to overwhelm the confederates with massive numbers and then make a quick run on Richmond. However, Confederate General Lee is well situated in the heights behind Fredericksburg on the banks of the Rappahanock River.]]> Mark Bauer 2018-04-20T16:23:19-04:00 Ancient World-Platea

In response to the massive Persian invasion, many Greek city-states form a tenuous alliance to fight their common enemy. After a series of early defeats the Greek allies are desperate to turn the tides of war. Mardonius, the Persian general, has captured Athens and is now moving on the strategic city of Platea. In response to this new threat, the Spartans agree to join the fight and march out to meet the Persians on the field of battle.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-12-22T19:45:32-05:00 Ancient World-Trebia

Hannibal Barca has miraculously crossed the Alps and invaded the mighty Roman empire. However, his army is emaciated and tired from the long, treacherous journey. They make camp on the banks of the Trebia River to rest and wait for Gallic reinforcements. To confront the threat Rome has dispatched Tiberius Sempronius Longus and his army to repel the Carthaginian invaders.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-11-17T16:00:46-05:00 Ancient World-Leuctra

The newly established democracy of Thebes proclaimed their intention to re-establish the Boeotian League, an alliance of sovereign cities and townships. The mighty Spartans had previously disbanded the League and viewed this as a threat to their dominance over central Greece. The Spartan King, Agesilaus, refused to recognize the Boeotian League and immediately dispatched an army to put down this new insurrection. While initially caught by surprise, the Boeotian's regrouped and awaited the Spartan army near the town of Leuctra.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-09-23T20:15:12-04:00 Medieval Battles-Grunwald

For years the Teutonic Knights have been raiding the lands of Lithuania and Poland, taking control of strategic trade routes and ports in the name of Christianity. As a result, Lithuania and Poland form an alliance and unite their forces in an attempt to repel the raiders and reclaim their lost lands. In secret, King Vytautus and Supreme Commander Jagiello meet at Czerwinsk and begin crossing the Vistula River. It isn't long before Grandmaster Ulrich von Jungingen of the Teutonic Order is alerted to the invasion and quickly moves to intercept. The stage is set for the largest battle in Medieval Europe, the outcome of which will change the course of history!]]> Mark Bauer 2017-08-15T14:03:20-04:00 Empires

The 19th century was an era of invention and discovery, remarkable in the widespread formation of new settlement foundations which were particularly prevalent across North America, Africa and Australasia, with a significant proportion of these continents' largest cities being founded at some point in the century.]]> Odanan 2017-06-21T08:22:14-04:00 太平天国运动 Taiping Rebellion

The ruling Qing Dynasty is in great turmoil. After the humiliating defeat in the Opium war, Emperor Ziangfeng, is seen as ineffectual and corrupt. The Western powers are gaining more and more influence in China. Siezing on the chaos, Hong Xiuquan, claims to be the brother of Jesus and establishes the "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" with aims of overthrowing the government and adopting Christianity as China's main religion. Amassing a giant peasant army eager for reform, the "long hairs" begin marching on Shanghai. In the Hunan province, General Tso stops eating his chicken in order to lead an army in defence of China's honor and to restore the Qing Dynasty to peace and prosperity.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-06-08T04:41:00-04:00 гражданская Russian Civil War

Team 1: Communist Red Army (Bolsheviks & Mongolians)
Team 2: White Guard (Allied Powers, Don Cossacks & Siberian Army)
Team 3: Anarchist Black Army

Tsar Nicholas II has abdicated the throne! The Bolsheviks have succesfully secured Petrograd and Moscow and signed a peace treaty with Germany and the central powers, thus infuriating the America, UK and the allied powers who immediatley intervene and invade northern and southern Russia. The White movement, a loose alliance of various anti-Bolshevik parties mobolizes around the country and moves against the communist Red Army. The anarchist Black Army is courted by both sides, as Russia descends into chaos and civil war!]]> Mark Bauer 2017-06-08T04:40:29-04:00 Civil War-Chickamauga

Union General William Rosecrans has captured the vital rail hub of Chattanooga and forced the Confederate army out of Tennessee. Desperate to retake the strategic city, the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Braxton Bragg begins sending all available forces to Northern Georgia. In order to keep the Confederates on the run, Rosecrans immediately renews his offensive and moves southward. The two gigantic armies meet on the banks of the winding Chickamauga creek.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-06-08T04:39:36-04:00 World War I

It's 1916 and the Great War is raging on Europe for long two years. The catalyst of the war is long forgotten, but the countries need to keep fighting in order to demand war compensations from the defeated. Now they are gathering all their strength for an all-or-nothing push. Who will win and draw the lines of the new Europe?

Entente - France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy
Centrals - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottomans, Bulgaria]]> Odanan 2017-05-26T08:23:10-04:00 Civil War-Pea Ridge

Union Brigadier General Samuel Curtis has pushed confederate forces out of Missouri and is now keen to invade Arkansas. Unorganzied rebels in the area have been raiding towns and cutting supply lines. With an outnumbered army, Curtis aims to take advantage of the lack of confedereate leadership and infighting among their ranks. However, the Confederate army of the West under Major General Earl Van Dorn has been dispatched from Bentonville to secure the area and stop the Union advance.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-05-19T15:30:35-04:00 Hex Lords

Team Zees - Zoidberg and Zonlor (Central)
Team Elles - Lore and Lace (West)
Team Sato - Sitca and Satrus (South)
Nomads are not on any team.

It is a time of great unease in Voxdom. Lord Zed embarked on a pilgrimage several fort nights ago, many thought he must of drowned in the great Pickle Lake, or succumbed to the dreaded Brinë Woods. This left his evil twin brother, Sato, in control of the kingdom. Sato is a particularly brutal and corrupt King and has now lost control of the kingdom. Queen Elles of the western marshes has raised an army of her own and is challenging Sato for control of Voxdom. Two generals, loyal to Lord Zed, confident that he will return, have joined forces to try and return Voxdom to it's formal glory. Can Voxdom survive? Will Lord Zed ever return?]]> Mark Bauer 2017-05-09T12:03:04-04:00 Medieval Battles-Hastings

King Edward of England has died childless and with no clear heir to the throne. Harold Godwinson is hastily installed as the new king in a desperate attempt to avoid a succession struggle. However, William of Normandy, 1st cousin to the recently deceased King, claims the thrown for himself. Amassing a huge army, William lands on English shores intent on conquering the entire isle and securing the throne of Enlgand. Harold and his brother rush south from London to stop the invasion.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-04-22T18:34:46-04:00 Cuban Missile Crisis

Tensions have been boiling as the Soviet Union has attempted to place ICBMs on missile launch sites in Cuba. The U.S. freaks out, and attempts to invade Cuba to forcibly remove the missiles! However, the Soviet Union interferes, and attempts to break through the U.S blockade to relieve Cuba. A huge clash occurs, and the story continues!
1.1 Small Changes
2.0 Added one-way connections, and balanced game out
3.0 Slightly moved a few spaces, and added arrows to connections.
4.0 Added in a few more neutral troops]]> Wiley Feiger 2017-03-31T14:57:34-04:00 Conquistadores

Spain and Portugal versus Incas and Aztecs.

Conquistadores were the soldiers, explorers and adventurers who brought much of the Americas under the control of Spain and Portugal in the 15th to 19th centuries.

When the Europeans arrived to the Americas, they found several groups of indigenous people, most of them living in disorganized and primitive tribes. But there were also powerful and advanced nations: the Inca and the Aztec empires.

The New World is a place of great wealth. Are the proud Incas and Aztecs capable of holding the white people out of their lands?]]> Odanan 2017-03-24T03:13:03-04:00 Medieval Battles-Agincourt

Henry the V of England has invaded France and claimed the title "King of France." In an attempt to broker a peace, the French offered a sizable land and monetary payoff. Henry rebuffed the offer and quickly organized a massive army. The weakened and disorganized French shadowed and delayed the English assault for many weeks. Finally, on Saint Crispin's Day, the time had come to fight the inevitable battle. In a small valley nestled between the towns of Agincourt and Tramecourt the armies squared off in an epic dual.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-03-22T19:56:31-04:00 Medieval Battles-Agincourt - CTF

Capture the Flag version! First team to control all flags, wins!

Henry the V of England has invaded France and claimed the title "King of France." In an attempt to broker a peace, the French offered a sizable land and monetary payoff. Henry rebuffed the offer and quickly organized a massive army. The weakened and disorganized French shadowed and delayed the English assault for many weeks. Finally, on Saint Crispin's Day, the time had come to fight the inevitable battle. In a small valley nestled between the towns of Agincourt and Tramecourt the armies squared off in an epic dual.]]> Mark Bauer 2017-03-22T19:56:31-04:00 World War II - CTF

Capture the Flag version! First team to control all 5 flags, wins!

Axis - Germany and Japan
Allies - United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union

It is late November 1941 and the world is at war! Every corner of the globe is fighting for survival. Nazi Germany has conquered most of Europe and has launched a devastating invasion of the Soviet Union. German's ally, Japan, is expanding her own empire at an unprecedented rate. China is on the brink of collapse, and the Japanese Navy is moving steadily east, towards America. Britain's Far Eastern forces are trying desperately to hold off the Japanese juggernaut. England itself, in the grips of the Battle for Britain, comes to terms with possible German occupation. The United States is tragically unprepared for battle, but their seemingly limitless resources could turn the tide of war. The fate of the world is in your hands!]]> Mark Bauer 2017-02-18T18:08:26-05:00 American Civil War - CTF

Capture the Flag mode! First team to control all flags, wins!

Team Map
Team 1: The Confederate States of America (Lee, Johnston & Bragg)
Team 2: The United States of America (McClellan, Sherman & Grant)

The population of the United States is steadily spreading westward into new frontier, searching for prosperity. By 1854, the territory of Kansas is ready to enter the union, and the country is once again thrown into the slavery debate.

The South wants to allow for the extension of slavery into the West. The North wants to contain slavery to where it exists. The abolitionists wanted to end slavery altogether. In an attempt to find a compromise, Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas pushes an act through Congress that says, in Kansas, the issue will be decided by a vote. The act is met with outrage in the North, where the abolitionist wing is growing stronger. Immediately, activists from each wing flood into Kansas to influence the vote; it isn't long before violence erupts. Pushing the country ever closer to all-out Civil War just before the Presidential election of 1860. The country is badly divided. Due to the split in the Democratic Party, the newly formed Republican Party wins the White House with their leader, Abraham Lincoln. In protest, the southern states secede from the Union and form the Confederate States of America.

It is April 1861, Confederate forces have surrounded the Union outpost, Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor and demanded it's surrender. Lincoln has called for troops. The four bloodiest years in American History have begun! Will government of the people, by the people, for the people, perish from this earth?]]> Mark Bauer 2017-02-18T18:08:26-05:00 WW2 Europe - CTF

Capture the Flag version! First team to control all flags, wins!

Allied Powers - U.S.S.R. U.K. and U.S.A.
Axis Powers - Germany, Italy, and Romania

It is late May, 1940. Europe is in flames. The Axis powers have unleashed war upon the continent and have conquered most of Northeastern Europe. Now Germany and Italy are positioned to invade France. The British are scrambling desperately to stop the Axis onslaught. And Russia is tragically unprepared as Romania and Germany amass a huge army on their border. Meanwhile, the United States industrial comlex is just now starting to mobilize to geet into the fight. Will they arrive in time?]]> Mark Bauer 2017-02-18T18:08:26-05:00 Hex Joust

SPECIAL GAME NOTE: Capture the Lux Alliance Logo in the center of the map and win the game immediately!

King Quixinn of Hexaland has decided to arrange a tournament in honor of his four most noble and courageous Knights. The first knight to reach the center, kneel before the king and kiss the royal emblem, will receive riches and glory for all eternity!]]> Mark Bauer 2017-02-16T14:10:32-05:00 Civil War-Wilderness

General U.S. Grant, hero of the Western Theater, has taken command of all Union forces after a series of ineffective commanders. Grant immeditately assembles a large army with the sole goal of finally destroying the battle hardened Army of Northern Virginia. General Lee, commader of the Confederate forces, once again leads his army into battle as he sets out to stop Grant and repel the Union invaders. They will clash in the dense forested terrain known as, The Wilderness.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-05-22T13:27:07-04:00 Balkan Wars

Team 1 - Balkan League (Serbia & Montenegro, Greece, Romania)
Team 2 - Ottoman Empire
Team 3 - Kingdom of Bulgaria

As the Ottoman Empire declined during the late 1800s, more and more of their territories began to break away. After the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro all became independent states, while the Austro-Hungarian Empire absorbed Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Ottoman Empire is in desperate need of reforms, but as it is left to its own devices by the Great Powers of Europe, it is beginning to show signs of gradual collapse. The Balkan League is planning to take matters into its own hands and end Ottoman hegemony in the Balkans forever. But will the League be able to survive the selfish ambitions of Bulgaria? Or will the Ottomans be able to take advantage of the League's quarrels to reunite the Balkans under their control once more?]]> PerseusSpartacus 2016-05-08T15:01:48-04:00 6 Day War

Tensions in the Sinai are dangerously high. Egyptians forces have begun to mobilize all along the Peninsula. In order to avoid being completly encircled, Israel must act quickly!

The numbered circles correspond to connecting borders in the Golan Heights inset.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-05-08T15:01:36-04:00 Italian Unification

After Napoleon's defeat, the Congress of Vienna returned Italy to a patchwork of kingdoms ruled over by the prevailing European powers. Nationalism begins to rise across the countryside as cries for a Risorgimento intensify. Revolutionary movements take hold and soon the entire peninsula is at war, each faction with their own visions of a new unifed Italy.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-04-22T08:48:10-04:00 Franco-Prussian War

After defeating their rival of Austria in 1866, the Kingdom of Prussia, effectively led by the supreme diplomat Otto von Bismarck, is now the dominant power in central Europe and the clear leader of the collection of states known as Germany.

However, this dominance has drawn the attention of the Second French Empire, ruled by Napoleon III, which seeks to undermine Prussian hegemony and return Europe to the balance of power that was first instituted at the Treaty of Vienna in 1815. Napoleon and Bismarck begin a cat-and-mouse game of diplomacy, with each trying to secure an upper hand for their own country.

Napoleon hopes to end the threat of a unified Germany once and for all, while Bismarck hopes that by humiliating France, he can guarantee German, and vicariously, Prussian, dominance on the continent of Europe. Each leads his country closer to the brink of outright war.

Things finally come to blows when Bismarck manipulates the diplomatic discourse between the two countries to provoke the French into declaring war.

The fate of Europe hangs in the balance. Will the superiority of the French Chassepot rifle be enough to overcome the devastating Krupp guns and aggressive tactics of the German armies? Or will 1870 be the year that the German Empire is born, setting the stage for the Great War four decades later?]]> PerseusSpartacus 2016-04-10T14:15:22-04:00 WWII Battles - Battle of the Atlantic HD

Nazi Germany has conquered most of Europe and appears unstoppable. The only thing that stands between Hitler and Great Britain is the mighty Royal Navy. In an attempt to strangle Germany of resources the English impose a blockade. In response the Nazis unleash the devastating U-boat wolf packs with the singular goal of sinking as many Allied ships as possible. The longest, largest and most complex naval battle in history has begun! Can America's relatively small and unprepared navy break the deadlock or will Germany control the Atlantic Ocean?]]> Mark Bauer 2016-04-02T13:47:13-04:00 Austro-Prussian War

Germany was not a united country until the late 19th century. For around a thousand years, the region of Europe known collectively as Germany consisted of a mass of quarreling states, duchies, kingdoms, and electorates.

The two most powerful states in Germany were the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. Austria had developed as a country during the late Middle Ages, absorbing its neighbors and becoming an empire under a branch of the Habsburgs, the same family that ruled the Spanish Empire. While initially it had suffered the greatest losses to the armies of Napoleon, Austria emerged from the Napoleonic Wars more powerful than ever.

Prussia had risen to prominence under the rulership of Frederick the Great during the 1700s. After the Seven Years' War, Prussia became the second most powerful nation in Central Europe, and this position was reaffirmed after the Napoleonic Wars.

The question of German unification had always been a tense issue. It had helped spur revolution in 1848, and in the international politics of the 1800s, which were based on a tight balance of power that meant no one nation in Europe could be allowed to achieve sole dominance over the continent, there were a lot of forces working to prevent such a thing from happening.

However, that did not stop some people from dreaming of such a thing. The sly and calculating Prussian diplomat, Otto von Bismarck, hopes that he will be the one to achieve this great goal. He engineers a war with Denmark in 1864, and Austria and Prussia unite to assert their dominance over Germany. But just two years later, he manipulates a dispute over the conquered territories of Schleswig and Holstein to create a war between Prussia and Austria.

The time has come for Germany to unite under one banner. Whose will it be? The Iron Cross of Prussia, or the black and gold of the Austrian Empire? Will the state-of-the-art Prussian needle rifles guarantee victory, or will the forces of Bismarck and Moltke be overpowered by the superior numbers and devastating artillery of the Austrians and their German allies?]]> PerseusSpartacus 2016-03-27T10:22:24-04:00 Thirty Years War

Protestant Alliance (3 players):
Sweden & Allies
Anglo-Dutch Allies
Kingdom of France

Habsburg Dynasty (2 players):
Spanish Empire
Austrian Habsburgs

It has been a hundred years since Martin Luther declared his opposition to the official doctrines of the Catholic Church. In that time, the Protestant Reformation has spread all across northern Europe. This has been a point of contention from the start for the Catholic south, but violence has largely been confined to internal disputes within a given country.

Now, in 1618, Protestant unrest in Bohemia, a province of the Austrian Habsburg Empire, ignites one of the largest wars in European history. Protestant Germany sides with the 'heretics' in Bohemia, while Habsburg Spain sends forces to assist their Austrian allies. Denmark and the new Dutch Republic, assisted by England, join the Protestants in response.

At first, the Habsburg forces of Spain and Austria are dominant, as they push deeper and deeper into northern Germany. The entrance of Sweden, led by Gustavus Adolphus, into the war on the side of the Protestants revitalizes hope for the Anti-Habsburg Alliance, but soon a bloody stalemate ensues.

The Kingdom of France, while largely a Catholic country, is determined to prevent a Habsburg domination of Europe. As such, they join the Protestants of northern Europe to defeat the Spanish and Austrians. Europe is about to undergo one of the most traumatic wars in its history, one which will rage for exactly thirty years and, due to atrocities on both sides, will leave 8 million dead, soldiers and civilians alike.

Will you lead the forces of Gustavus Adolphus and their French allies to victory, or will you crush the serpent of Protestant heresy forever and pave the way for Spanish domination?]]> PerseusSpartacus 2016-03-13T14:16:20-04:00 Taiping Rebellion

The ruling Qing Dynasty is in great turmoil. After the humiliating defeat in the Opium war, Emperor Ziangfeng, is seen as ineffectual and corrupt. The Western powers are gaining more and more influence in China. Siezing on the chaos, Hong Xiuquan, claims to be the brother of Jesus and establishes the "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" with aims of overthrowing the government and adopting Christianity as China's main religion. Amassing a giant peasant army eager for reform, the "long hairs" begin marching on Shanghai. In the Hunan province, General Tso stops eating his chicken in order to lead an army in defence of China's honor and to restore the Qing Dynasty to peace and prosperity.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-03-06T11:44:39-05:00 Battle of Thermopylae

One of the most famous battles of European History.
Fight to control Macedonia, Thrace, Empirus, and Thessaly!

Can you change history?

Greek City States: Sparta, Phocis, and Aracadia


The Persian Empire]]> Matt Ferro 2016-01-06T11:34:22-05:00 House of France

It is the year of our Lord 1180. Philip Augustus, a Capetian, has ascended to the throne of France. Philip, sees himself as "the God-given" leader and is determined to conquer all of France under one banner. However, the tiny Royal holdings are surrounded by foes and covetous "allies." Conquering France will take a cunning political will and a resolve of steel!]]> Mark Bauer 2015-09-26T14:25:48-04:00 Korean War

On June 25, 1950 the communist North Korean army, supplied by China and the Soviet Union, crossed the 38th parallel and invaded South Korea. The UN, led by the U.S., rushed to the aid of South Korea as civil strife quickly erupted into a cold war hot spot and threatened to become another world war.]]> Mark Bauer 2015-08-16T17:53:10-04:00 Crisis in the Congo

On June 30 1960, Belgium gave the Congo it’s independence. Unfortunately, minimal preparations had been made for the States transition to sovereignty. As a result, chaos spread across the country as several factions and leaders emerged in a bid for supreme control. Joseph-Désiré Mobutu has a weak hold on power, but is backed by the United Nations. His rival, Antoine Gizenga, has received support from the Soviet Union to set up his own government in Stanleyville. Suddenly, the entire region has become a Cold War hotspot. To make matters worse, the resource rich areas of Katanga and South Kasai have seceded in an attempt to protect the valuable mining operations in the region. With forces spread thin and chaos running rampant, ruthless mercenaries are hired by each leader in an attempt to turn the tide of war! The Congo is in Crisis!


To hire mercenaries, use spaces with a gun icon to access the "hire mercenaries" panel.

Each gun space can make a one-way attack to any mercenary space.]]> Mark Bauer 2015-08-10T18:40:23-04:00 EXTREME ROMAN BRITAIN

Londinum has been sacked…and the Emperor is not pleased.

Various Celtic tribes in Briton have rebelled and the Roman Legions stationed there have been forced back to the mainland licking their wounds.

In response to this indignity, the Emperor has dispatched three of his best Legions to quell the insurrection of the Celtic tribes once and for all.

The priority is to win back Londinum and then to destroy all the Celtic tribes.

The pride and prestige of Rome must be reinstated, and the barbarians dealt with, without mercy.

The Celtic tribes now liberated face Roman reprisal; but they are even now quibbling amongst themselves for power and land.

Will the Celtic tribes unite and defeat Roman domination forever or will the might of Roman supremacy be their destiny?

Please Note:

Blue Lines – Connect to various land masses over sea areas for crossing over.]]> Peter Karsten 2015-05-08T17:37:35-04:00 WARS OF THE ROSES

The Wars of the Roses, (1455-87) haunts the English history books as one of the most arguable forms of the ‘Game of Thrones’ within its pages; and even today, one is impressed to its controversy of ‘passing the crown’ to would-be Kings vying for control. So much so, that now you too can experience this power struggle in a small way via this game presented here. Your choice is simple, are you going to represent York or Lancaster, or better still, try your luck as the ‘Kingmaker’ Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick.

Optional Game Rules for Players:
1] Choosing a side is one thing, but which ever side wins as a team, the individual who has the most land within that team is declared King of England.
2] If you are playing the ‘Kingmaker’ Earl of Warwick, you can go it alone and try to defeat the teams of York and Lancaster; or choose sides. If you are on the winning team, and there is a tie for King within that team, you make the decision of who you support as King.
3] Please also note that there are three teams: York with five players, Lancaster with five players, and Earl of Warwick with just one player; so if one team loses and the Earl of Warwick is still alive, the surviving team must defeat Warwick to win the game outright if Warwick sided with the losing team. If not then the game ends by agreed vote as stated above.

Special Note:
1] Blue Lines over sea areas connect to land areas for easy crossing.
2] The single blue doted line links the islands of Arran and Bute of Buteshire as a single land mass.
3] Mini biographies come from the Webster’s Biographical Dictionary 1965 Edition.

1.2 - Added houses and trees.
1.4 - Added biographies of Kings and Warwick.
1.6 - Made slight adjustments to individual land/hexes.]]> Peter Karsten 2015-05-08T17:37:35-04:00 EXTREME AMERICAN CIVIL WAR

When it comes to Civil Wars, there is one that comes to everyone’s lips – The American Civil War.

The emotions and beliefs that forged a nation, even a divided one are just as relevant then as they are today.

Both sides fought and died for their beliefs and what was right within the minds of men, in one of the bloodiest periods in American history.

To honour the gallant and the fallen on the 150th anniversary (2015) of the end of this great and epic war (1865), that was the turning point in American history developing into a united nation and a model for future generations to follow; this map is my small contribution to the event.

Please Note:
Blue lines - Connect to various land areas.
Canada and Mexico - These counties are up for grabs, but they are heavily guarded and fortified.

Special Note:
Various cities on the map are connected to each other by a railway system for faster movement on the map. Remember though not all cities are connected to each other, so you will need to capture one city to connect/capture others; cities are worth some extra points, so guard them well.

Edit Notes:
1.0 - Fixed the overall railway system, which included re-adjusting artwork and country connections.
1.2 - Added ship names as well as ocean and lake names.
1.4 - Added city names for easy identification.
1.6 - Touched up Jefferson Davis photo, getting rid of defects and scratch marks.
1.8 - Added extra non-player units to Canada and Mexico; making it harder for players to conquer them.
2.0 - After some play testing, re-positioned generals for a slightly more balanced look. Some opposing generals are closer than usual-but will add some tension to the game.
2.2 - Double-checked country connections and fixed some I missed while playing the game; especially city connections via rail.]]> Peter Karsten 2014-07-18T07:12:32-04:00 EXTREME PUNIC WARS

The gods in their infinite wisdom have decreed that a rematch between Carthage and the Roman Republic be fought again. Thus a Fourth Punic War has been granted, that encompasses the three Punic Wars previously; and by resurrecting fallen heroes and leaders from both sides this will determine once and for all who will become the supreme power of the Mediterranean world.

The gods are watching, the fate of history is watching.

Who will win this final battle?

The choice is yours, choose wisely for the pride of place in the arena of victory that will be yours to savour.

Please Note:
Blue Lines – Are for crossing the ocean/sea areas to other land areas.
Mini Map – Remember to access the city of Carthage (Minor) and its territories, you must go through the city of Carthage (Main), this is the only link to the small map.]]> Peter Karsten 2014-06-09T17:35:35-04:00 Texas Time wars

Romans have invaded texas! after a time traveling experiement gone wrong, the enitre roman population has been transported to Texas. Will they survive this new world? or will they end up fighting to the death?
Only the most brilliant will survive.]]> Villain 2014-03-25T18:24:58-04:00 Extreme Peloponnesian War

"It's War!"

After years of uneasy peace between the city states of Athens and Sparta; conflict has finally arisen.

Athens has prospered due to tribute from its allies, while Sparta adhearing to the call of the oppressed within Athenian yoke, declared war to save itself and those wanting to be free.

Whoever wins this conflict will change the face of Greece for the next 100 years.

But wait... it's not all that simple as another player has entered the arena - Persia... she has decided once and for all to invade, and conquer these so-called barbarians who humiliated the Persian forces decades before...and to finally put them in their place.

It's a three-way tug-of-war for domination...who will carry the banner of victory and reign supreme?

Special Note:
Blue Lines: Connect to various islands and land masses across sea areas.
Blue Lines (Doted): Denote that islands are connected as one island group, and thus are considered one land mass.

Edit Notes:
2.2 - Made slight adjustments to country shapes.
2.4 - Made slight position adjustments to Vox Units.]]> Peter Karsten 2013-10-14T17:35:02-04:00 EXTREME WORLD

So you want to conquer the world…well?…now here’s your chance to see how good you are. As an aspiring General you have the opportunity to do just that. In this winner take all battle, you must prove your worth. But let’s be fair, you can’t have it all your own way, especially since there are other Generals who think the same way as you do.

They say the number thirteen is unlucky…will you be one of the thirteen Generals to die in a blood soaked battle to the death competing for world domination?...or will you be the last General standing, the proud victor gazing proudly over your newly won conquest?

Please Note: Light and dark Blue lines are for crossing sea areas to other land areas; and the red arrows (and dark blue lines) indicate passage to the other side of the map.

2.0 - Redid/added new background.
2.2 - Redid/added new foreground.
2.4 - Retouched island areas by separating them with light blue background colour.
2.6 - Re-adjusted some country shapes.
2.8 - Redid connection lines in a different blue.
3.0 - Added new graphics.
3.2 - Redid/recolour/reposition 'Extreme World' Title.]]> Peter Karsten 2013-10-01T14:59:34-04:00 Extreme Roman Empire

Extreme Roman Empire: Battle of the Emperors - Civil war again has broken out across the Roman Empire; and various would-be emperors within and beyond the roman influence have only one thing on their minds - power & glory - to be the Emperor of Rome.

Will you lead your legions to victory or death?

The die is cast - only the gods can guide you now.

Brick Walls: Can not be crossed, so you'll need to go around them.

Blue Lines: Are for crossing seas & oceans to other parts of the known world; this includes the double blue lines as well.

Blue Columns: Denote various capital cities worth extra points.

Double Yellow Columns: Denotes the capital of Atlantis and is worth extra points.

Golden Triumph: Denotes the Capital of Rome and is worth extra points.

Edit Notes:
2.6 - Redid blue sea lines, and made them a different colour and thinner to compliment map as a whole.
2.8 - Edited various country shapes by making slight adjustments.]]> Peter Karsten 2013-08-29T14:18:47-04:00 Extreme Persian Empire

The Persian Empire under the Achaemenids is in a state of civil war, as various members of the family fight amongst themselves for power. It is a time of great unrest as intrigue, deception and conspiracy are infecting every corner of the empire-no one can be trusted-no one is safe; power struggles abound as the factions attempt control over the richest empire the world has ever seen.

And through this moment of confusion the Scythian Empire-Persia’s constant enemy has taken this opportunity to attack its borders with renewed vigour.

Can Persia unite once more to shake off the Scythian threat or will it fall?

Only the strongest, the bravest, the courageous will succeed in the conquest of the East.

Will it be you?

Special Note:
Blue Lines - are for crossing sea and ocean areas to other land connecting regions.
Golden Triumph - represents the capital of Persia, Persepolis and is worth extra points.
Blue Columns - represent various important cities and are worth extra points.

Edit Notes:
2.6 - Redid blue sea lines, and made them a different colour and thinner to compliment map as a whole.
2.8 - Edited various country shapes by making slight adjustments.]]> Peter Karsten 2013-08-15T14:16:31-04:00 Extreme Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire is under threat from all sides, and the Justinian Dynasty must hold off all opposition to invasion to keep the empire intact and perhaps expand into new areas for the glory of the Neo-Roman Empire.

From the East comes the Persian and Scythian Empires with the Arabs threatening not only the Byzantines but the Persians as well; from the South, the Moors, the Gaetulians, the Austoriani and the Laguntans are pushing northwards to conquer new territories from their desert strongholds; from the west the Visigothic and Frankish kingdoms demand new areas of conquest for themselves; and from the north, barbarian tribes like the Germani, the Sklaveni, the Aestii and the Acatiri, see renewed opportunities to attack any land and make it theirs.

It’s war on a grand scale, with the Byzantine Empire stuck in the middle to hold off the heathen hordes and uncivilized kingdoms to bring peace and stability to a troubled Europe.

The Justinian Dynasty must survive for the Byzantine Empire to flourish, and put all before her to the sword.

Can it be done?

Please Note:
Blue Lines are for crossing sea and ocean areas to other land areas.
The Golden Triumph represents Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
The Blue Columns represent various important cities around Europe.

Edit Notes:

2.6 - Redid blue sea lines, and made them a different colour and thinner to compliment map as a whole.
2.8 - Edited various country shapes by making slight adjustments.]]> Peter Karsten 2013-08-08T14:26:29-04:00 WWII Battles - Iwo Jima

Empire of Japan - General Kuribayashi
United States of America (General Holland Smith and Admiral Chester Nimitz)

February 1945. The US has fought the Japanese across the Pacific and is now preparing to invade their sovereign territory. The tiny island of Iwo Jima is vastly important for it's strategic air bases. If captured, the US will have an enormous advantage, and be willing to use the airfields to support an invasion of the Japanese home islands. General Kuribayashi knows the situation is hopeless, his men are outnumbered and out gunned, but he is determined to make the US fight for every grain of black volcanic sand!]]> Mark Bauer 2013-06-16T04:03:28-04:00 Grocery Wars USA

This is a ruthless battleground of low prices and customer service.
Featuring these grocery stores who fight for US domination:
-Food Lion
-Wal Mart
-Whole Foods]]> Matt Ferro 2013-05-20T17:34:04-04:00 Chadian-Libyan War

The Aozou Strip—a mere 44,000 square miles of desert—would seem to be of little consequence. However, as the territory is believed to be plenteous in uranium and various minerals, Libya had been endeavoring to “reclaim” the Aozou Strip on account of an unratified Franco-Italian treaty (1935) that would have ceded the narrow belt of land to the Italians. The government of Libya has represented that as the aforementioned area—with its predominantly Teda population—bears a greater resemblance to Libya than to Chad, foreign states cannot gainsay the fact that the Aozou is an integral part of the “Libyan nation.”

Libya, which successfully occupied the Aozou Strip in 1973, extended its dominion over the territory in 1975. Henceforward, whereas Chad has been striving to reassert its authority in the area, Libya has been concerning itself with the establishment of a pro-Libyan régime in Chad that, in addition to recognizing Libya’s control of the strip, will facilitate the extension of Libyan influence into the countries of Central Africa.

Fight to protect your control of the Aozou Strip and buttress your satellite government in Chad as it expands southward; avail yourself of the assistance of Libya to oust the pro-French government in the south; or battle to defend your motherland from Libyan aggression and retake all that is yours!]]> JWN 2013-05-11T14:06:38-04:00 Extreme Egyptian Empire

The Egyptian Empire is in turmoil as Civil War takes hold between the Dynasties of Rameses, who controls Lower Egypt and Ptolemy who, controls Upper Egypt; but not to be outdone the Dynasty of Amenhotep, who controls Arabia wants Egypt for herself as well.

It is a three-way struggle for power, to gain glory, gold and influence, and to rule one of the greatest empires in the ancient world.

To gain control of Egypt, one must occupy key cities and the Gold Mines; but whoever wins this Civil War must replenish their expenses regardless as the northern lands hold more Gold Mines to refill the treasury and to continue Dynastic conquest of the East.

But wait, there’s more…with Egypt’s Civil War, there is a price; the Empires of Elam, Hittite, Kassite and Parthia have decided the time is right to conquer Egypt once and for all and get her out of the way for good, her influence and military might have been a burden-to put it lightly-to these developing Kingdoms, but in reality, they too, have to also contend with themselves as well as Egypt’s leading Dynasties to dominate the East.

The battle lines are drawn, as the world awaits a victor in this blood bath to control Egypt’s rich lands and beyond.

Special Note:
Blue Lines – Are for crossing sea areas to other land areas.
Gold Mines – Are worth extra points.
Pyramids/Obelisks – Are worth extra points.

Version History:
1.06 - Designed new overground to decrease png size.
1.07 - Designed new background to decrease jpg size.
1.08 - Slight country border adjustments.]]> Peter Karsten 2013-04-30T15:14:34-04:00