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Franco-Prussian War

After defeating their rival of Austria in 1866, the Kingdom of Prussia, effectively led by the supreme diplomat Otto von Bismarck, is now the dominant power in central Europe and the clear leader of the collection of states known as Germany.

However, this dominance has drawn the attention of the Second French Empire, ruled by Napoleon III, which seeks to undermine Prussian hegemony and return Europe to the balance of power that was first instituted at the Treaty of Vienna in 1815. Napoleon and Bismarck begin a cat-and-mouse game of diplomacy, with each trying to secure an upper hand for their own country.

Napoleon hopes to end the threat of a unified Germany once and for all, while Bismarck hopes that by humiliating France, he can guarantee German, and vicariously, Prussian, dominance on the continent of Europe. Each leads his country closer to the brink of outright war.

Things finally come to blows when Bismarck manipulates the diplomatic discourse between the two countries to provoke the French into declaring war.

The fate of Europe hangs in the balance. Will the superiority of the French Chassepot rifle be enough to overcome the devastating Krupp guns and aggressive tactics of the German armies? Or will 1870 be the year that the German Empire is born, setting the stage for the Great War four decades later?

Created by PerseusSpartacus. Version 1.1 released April 10, 2016.

Franco-Prussian War is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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